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Compatibility with 2016 Volkswagen GTI

I'm confused with compatibility regarding the 2016 VW GTI. I see options listed for the standard MK7 Golf and Golf R, as well as the MK6-generation GTI. Would the systems for the MK7 Golf or Golf R work with my GTI?


2007 City Golf evo one 411 install

I am going to be installing an evo one 441 into a 2007 City Golf manual, for the handbrake reading another question I am on my own for the clutch bypass which is easy enough, however the guide says that lock/unlock/arm/disarm/foot brake are not supported, I was under the impression this car is electrically identical to a 2002-04 mk4 Golf which has those features supported. I don't mind making the extra connections if need be however obviously rather have it all done via CAN So does the City Golf support lock/unlock/arm/disarm via CAN like the earlier 02-04 Golf or no? Thanks


Firmware for VW with Virtual Cluster

Hello. Tell me, are there plans to release firmware for WT Tiguan or Atlas with keyless installation and with a virtual cluster installed? maybe it already exists? thanks in advance for your answer


brake wire causing no start?

Having issue with starting it lights up, brake lights come on like its going to start but stops without cranking says "brake" on LCD On dash, and evo stays lit with orange light or lights , if i put a stick on the pedal and hold brake pedal down as i try to remote start, it works fine

2014 VW Jetta
DATE 12/2021
s/n 002b04248922
firmware remote start = 1.[26]  hardware 7.0
BYPASS = 75.[41]
hardware 4.0
using spare key
loaded suggested options on both with diesel option checked

I talked to 1 of your techs today on the phone about it not starting at brake and he said there may be another black & red wire for the brake but after looking at the factory wire schematic & taking the plug down again and physically looking at it,  there is only 1 red & black but there is a {black& violet} & {black & yellow} after the brake switch on the schematic, so im thinking going to one of those? at this point ive tried everything else i know to do.
i watch the lights on the evo as i hit the remote start it goes through all 3 lights then after stays on 2 orange lights or 1 glowing over to look like 2? and still says "brake" on the dash as its trying 

brake lights come on as its going through the process of trying to start also

so it looks and acts like its going to but fails, checked every connection with my fluke meter also, everything is wired correctly only wire in question i suppose is the brake
and i dont care about having to press on the brake pedal so if there are wires to connect or cut to just do away with this feature im all for it to get this project done
P.S. I never did get a blue flash after plugging in all the plugs and turning on ignition, just lights turned off so dont know if thats normal and not mentioned in the guide? or if something is still wrong?

thank you!


Re-wrapped extra fob, now neither works

Original VW starter installed by an installer into a Tiguan after I purchased it. Someone borrowed the car, forgot to take my fob, and decided to pull out the hidden fob from under the dash. The wire coil and black tape are gone; only two bare leads coming out from under the dash remain. I took the battery-less fob he pulled out and wrapped it 12 times with 24 gauge insulated wire, then crimped the two ends of that wire to the leads sticking out from under the dash. It does not do anything. I tried wrapping different numbers of turns up to 16, same. Worse, my main fob stopped working. It does not do anything. Tried replacing battery, same. Tried reset procedure (using physical key, unlock/lock), same. Anybody know what might be going on?


2010 Volkswagen Tiguan no heating with remote starter.

2010 Volkswagen Tiguan Evo-all stand alone wire by wire Remote starter work but no heating or climate control


Evo Start 2 says running for a few seconds then says off but car is running

Installed Evo all with twvw1 harness and Evo start 2 yellow wire from Evo start 2 connected to purple/yelllow wire from Evo All (ign + out) Evo start will say "Engine On" but the tach needle doesn't change, and then it says that the engine is off the next status request I send. But the car is running. It will show that the voltage is 14+ and the temp rising in the car. But shows the engine off.


2015 VW Golf Evo-One Manual Trans, TB-VW THAR-VW6, No Start, Ready Mode Error

I have a 2015 VW Golf. Installed and programmed Evo-One with TB-VW, and THAR-VW6. I run the car, and am able to enter ready mode by pressing brake, pulling handbrake, then releasing brake, and pressing start on the fob. The car responds, and I am able to remove they key. I get out and close the door, and the car seems to go into ready mode giving one flash of the parking lights. When I send the remote start command with the fob, the car starts the procedure and then gives me 3 flashes before even trying to crank. Is it possible there are any settings in the evo-one that may be causing the vehicle to lose ready mode before it starts. Thanks


Different between Horn and Siren

I use EVO ONE for my Volkswagen Golf 2012 PtS Now i connect the Orange Wire from A6 to relais from Horn. Its running, but Loud and Long. When i set short or long no different. Can i on Flashlink Manager use siren? Is the time shorter? btw. horn are running when 3x unlock for one time. Use when i press the button? (3x unlock, 3xhorn)


2010 Volkswagen tiguan evo all stand alone

I have a issue with a vw Tiguan 2010, It came with a evo all with 3 x lock works fine but when I installed a evo start to it the evo all starts to glitch when i press unlock/lock on the app, it doesn't work the blue light on the evo all flashes very dim. I also tried a regular rf kit that works but every time I press lock/unlock the igntion comes on and off on the dash I'm not sure if that's normal? I checked the wires everything looks right so I'm not sure what it could be. I also tried a new evo all but for some reason I can't get it to work it programs fine but every time I try to start the car it starts and turns off right away twice.


FAQ (Pts.)


Volkswagen & Audi programming diagnostics

Trouble programming an Audi or Volkswagen?


VW/Audi that use 75.XX and 67.XX firmware (non-RLink programmer)


    2x Red LED Flash = CAN2 not connected properly 3x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle , cluster unknown, check CAN2 4x Red LED Flash = TB-VW not connected, or not connected properly 5x Red LED Flash = Dcryptor 1 did not work (for vehicles that require 2 Dcryptors') 6x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle, cluster unknown, check CAN2. If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap.   

VW/Audi using 64.XX / 65.XX (with R-Link programmer)
    Red LED toggle 1sec On/Off = no communication with RLink or it's connection or key placement. If the vehicle is PTS, DO NOT leave the key tapped on the ring. Also if PTS, take battery out of the remote. On all vehicles, be sure to use PIN 2 of the transponder connector, do not go by color. 2x red LED flash = Connection problem with CAN2 3x red LED flash = Not able to access cluster information. Call tech support. 5x red LED flash = Cluster is on protection function, Reconnect TB-VW , keep ING ON and wait 15 minutes



Locks will not work when remote started with oem fob

Installed evo all with vw2 in 2016 vw golf key start with vw-tb car starts with lock unlock lock but locks will not work when remote started with oem fob when running Stand-alone with lock unlock lock running 64.09 11/15 build date for car S/n 001A07 270807


2013 Touareg no crank 3x lock Thar-AUD1/Evo all

2013 Touareg 3.0 TDI, unit programs fine however when 3x lock the vehicle dash lights up but no crank. I triple checked PIN2 of the BCM connector for the brake lights as directly across in PIN18 is the same color wire, also with a test light at the module it lights up with ign on and pressing the brake pedal. I assume its an option in the module that needs changing. Module S/N is 001A07217040 Thanks