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After following procedure for bypass on Evo-all correctly decryptor says empty key data?

Tried multiple times and every time after getting the rapidly flashing blue light and after the alternating red and yellow when I go to decrypt it says key data is empty?


Fortin Evo Start - No fuel reading - 2012 Sonata

Installed Fortin EVO ALL + Fortin EVO Start. Everything works except for fuel gauge reading on app. 

I am able use all available app functions for remote start, door close, lock/unlock, GPS, internal temperature. On the App I am unable to get fuel level to be displayed. (see attached screenshot)


Does LTE module control turning heater/AC on/off, heated seats on/off, temperature control? 2010 Audi A4 Key-Port

I just installed the AUDT harness and Evo All module for remote start into my 2010 Audi A4 with key-port. I want to add LTE. Do I just purchase the Fortin Evo start module and program and connect it to my existing EVO All with T-harness? In addition to App control of remote start, GPS, will I be able to turn the heat and AC on and off, control the temperature, and also turn the heated seats on and off? I just want to know the additional features / controls I can have in the app. Thank you.


What to buy

Hi there I have a 2008 vw rabbit 2.5lt , automatic, no push start, would like to buy the remote start system that's plug and play but I would like to know which model should I buy, just need something on the oem remote, nothing special as long as my car starts, is fortin evo-vwt1 plug and play fit the vehicle, or is there cheaper ones that does what need, please let me know Thank you


My Remote Start Stopped Working in my G37 Sedan for the RF Controller and OEM controller

My Remote Start has been working just fine since 2017. Lost Remote Start on my oem controller and rf controller. Lock and unlock work fine. Do I need to do an update? Refresh?



T-HARNESS was used with an EVO-ALL. After 15min run time the vehicle shuts down and the factory alarm sets off. Is there a setting that can avoid the factory alarm triggering?


Mazda Mmk005 (130Pts.)


Evo Start 2 not working with Evo one with T Harness Thar one Maz3


I recently bought Evo start 2 for my Evo one which I have been using for more than 2 years on my Mazda cx 3 2019 with T harness. At that time I did not choose the app start option while programming the Evo one. Can some please help me where should i be connecting the Yellow wire. Does it goes into the A1. Also none of the other options like door unlock are not working. Do I have to reprogram the Evo one again. I know that the firmware should be atleast 1.21. When i push start from the app the green light on the evo start 2 is turning on but nothing is happening.

I have followed the following steps and it was not working.

Ignition ON - OFF - ON (While holding the brake?)

Press and release brake 4 times

Press and hold the Evo start button until green

Turn OFF Ignition

Thank you for reading any kind of help or suggestions is much appreciated 


Evo-Can remote start

I have a Evo-Can module that has never been used is it possible to use this as a standalone remote start on a 2009 Dodge Ram Sport gas engine? I have searched endlessly for information which little to no information I also have the THAR-CHR4 harness that is supposed to work with the module . When I search for wiring diagrams they all show the Evo-All or Evo-One module any assistance would be greatly appreciated if the Evo-Can module can be used,is it possible to still flash the module with required data?


Evo All w/ Evo Start no RF kit programming

2018 Ford Edge, Standalone Evo All install, and adding Evo Start. Can not get the Evo Start to program or "mate" to the Evo all. I do have temp, GPS, and bluetooth telemetry to cell via Evo Start but can not get any functions to work via cell app. Programming, I have tried hold program button, plug in black data, release on RED AND BLUE, push till RED AND BLUE, release while constant RED AND BLUE, ignition ON...but do not get the quick flash of RED AND BLUE w/ YELLOW ignition led on. Can you please guide me to what my issue is PLEASE? Remote start via factory lock unlock lock works along with door lock/ unlock like it should. Located in the eastern states. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FORTIN BRAND AND PRODUCTS.


Honda Crv 2017 EXL tailgate problems

Hello. I bought a car in the USA, it arrived to me in Ukraine, and I encountered a problem with the EVO-ONE system Serial number #002B04 051298. Honda CRV 2017 EXL, push and stop system. The car sat for a long time and was transported to Ukraine, and the battery was probably disconnected. Remote start is now working. The car has a keyless entry system. The original remote has a remote start button, I first lock the car, then hold that button for 4 seconds and the car starts. But the problem is this: 1. The motorized trunk opening does not work both when the engine is running and when the engine is stopped, and under security and without security, the trunk lid does not rise or fall, and I cannot do this either from the remote control or from the button in the cabin or from the button on the the door itself. I went to the dealer, there are no errors on the door computer and motors, all fuses and wires are in order. If you open the lock mechanically manually from the passenger compartment, then the door can then be closed using the remote control or any button. But then it won't open. It was also noticed that if you disconnect the battery from the car and connect it back, the door can be opened in any way, either remotely or with a button. But then it also locks. 2. It was also noticed that if, with the car closed, on the outside of the trunk you press and hold the trunk open button several times, the remote start system turns on and the car engine starts. In general, i can now get into the trunk only in two ways, either through the interior, or by disconnecting the battery. Unfortunately, we do not have service stations in Ukraine that have programmers for FORTIN. It turns out that I can only rely on Bypass programming. I will be very grateful for your answer and help!


T harness for 2015 Toyota Prius

I look through the Toyota t harness and non of them seems to support 2015 Toyota Prius for Evo One


2011 Toyota Camry remote starter engine cranks but won't start.

Hi guys, my again over here, almost winter and ppl locking for install remote starter in they cars. I am trying to install an EVO ONE with a k411 RF module in a 2011 Toyota Camry but it does not send the start pulse. This has happened to me on two 2011 Toyota Camrys, exactly the same problem. It is not a type G key, it is a standard key. I am using the same guide: I used the same installation wiring and the same programming on both cars, but the result was the same, the car does not receive the start pulse. I have already seen that someone on the forum had a similar problem and they did not give a concrete solution: -start Here I share the video with the problem and the data of the car and the EVO ONE module to see if you can help me: Module: EVO ONE S/N: 002B04339802 Car VIN: 4T1BF3EK6BU678116 Thank you very much for advance.


rfk442 program on a 2015 ford escape with evo one and t harness

what options need to be turned on in evo one to install a rfk442 long range antenna ,i can not get the blue light on antenna to flash properly am using a t harness on the 2015 ford escape