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Is there an instalation video or instructions?

There are no instructions or video


EVO-One for 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 - Remote start starts the vehicle but immediately shutsdown after 1 second.

After I put my vehicle in ready-mode for my manual, push-to-start vehicle, my car will remote start properly, however, it immediately shuts off after about 2 seconds. Parking lights don't show any indication on why it shutdowns either. What could be the issue? I also noticed that the wiring diagram for installation have flipped wiring colors for 7A (Back Clutch Switch 2) and 7B (Front clutch switch 1). It says the Back clutch switch should have 2 cables, a WHITE and a BLACK cable, however, in reality it has a GREY and BLACK cable. Same thing with the Front clutch switch; diagram says it should have a GREY and BLACK cable but it they're WHITE and BLACK in my car... I have tried both of these wirings actually, and the problem still persists. Even if this is not the cause of the problem, which one is correct?


Car starts and stays running on remote start, dies after 2 seconds starting with the key

2011 Subaru Impreza STI Cars starts fine with remote starter. Can also insert key after start, turn key to run and press brake. Vehicle stays running. Vehicle cranks with the key and starts running but dies after running for about 2 seconds. Won't attempt crank after it dies. Until key is cycled to off. I verified that the plug-side Immobilizer wires White/Blue and Black/Red are connected to Yellow/Red from the D connector. And that the vehicle-side wires are connected together with Blue/black from A and yellow/green from D. Everything else seems to work. (power door locks) I just discovered that when I use "Lock" on the remote, before attempting to start with the key, the vehicle stays running...


what is the diffference hon-1 and hon-5

there is a honda civic 2011 year, i cant find for modul this car


Dcryptor Process just keeps spinning

when tryign to do the dcryptor process, the circle just keeps spinning. SN#001A07 283508


Voiture demarre puis s'arrête

Evo-one installé sur tucson 2011 clé ordinaire. Evo-one commandé par evo-stat2. La voiture démarre quelques secondes puis s'arrête avec portés de arrêts.


2011 2500 gmc work truck issues

i am trying to add remote start yo my 2011 gmc sierra 2500 work truck. it does not have power locks or power windows. i curently have the evo all set to firmware 70.45 i have the rfk411 installed with the rf-a2a harness. when i press the button the headlights come on and the evo all flashes blue 2 times. is there something im missing or will this setup not work for me


2011 Mitsubishi Outlander ES (2.4L) KEY TO START - What to buy for remote start

Hello experts, please suggest what to order for remote start on my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 2.4L key-to-start vehicle. I would want to use the factory remotes key fobs.


Mazda 3 5dr (hatchback), Manual Transmission, RFID in keyfob.

Vehicle type:

2011 Mazda 3 (5 door/hatchback), manual transmission, key to start. Integrated key/keyfob (lock,unlock,panic), keyless entry w/RFID chip for factory immobilizer system.


Remote Starter, Factory Immobilizer bypass, OEM keyfob (lock-lock-lock to start), alarm functionality optional at a later date.


Ready to install Evo-One, Flash-Link and RFK442.


Few problems so far (have not started install yet or any flashing of Evo-One vehicle specific Bypass settings):

   I see a conflict between Fortin wiring guide #80431 and #29661. Same vehicle, Mazda 3 - Axela 2010-2013, but two different wiring schemes.  Which one is the more correct one, or, can you suggest a better one?


   On Fortins website, for this vehicle it states 'Automatic Transmission Vehicles Only'  In Guide #80431, pg 5, it gives Manual Transmission programming instructions as does with Guide #29661 pg6, both of which conflicts with Fortins webpage.. 


   With Flash-Link v4.51, when entering vehicle info, there is NO option for Manual Transmission.


   In Guide #94011, pg11 (Function #20) Engine Supervision: Tachless, Analog or Data-Link.

I see there is no option for a true Analog input; i.e Vacuum switch, or hardwire to coil (or even a much older method of wraping 6in of stripped wire around a spark plug wire). Is there not a true analog tach input?


   I also cannot seem to anything at all about 'clutch bypass'


So, Manual Transmission? Yes or No? 


   For the Flash-Link Manager software, the v4.51 does not reflect the instructions I found for possibly older software instructions of Flash-Link Manager User Guide v1 #68731, any updated Guide #?



Flash-Link Manager software v4.51 (when I click on Settings in the software it shows v4.51-1.1.15)

Flash-Link V4 module, Hardware V5, Firmware v4.08

Evo-One module date 07/2021, s/n (PM me for serial number), Firmware: for a moment it showed v1.25 then within a few seconds dropped down to v1.01


Thanks, Nick.



Do you have T-harness for a 2011 KIA Cee'd (EURO), for an Evo All?


2011 Acura MDX Help....

I installed two of these on my vehicles in the past and everything worked flawlessly. I love this product. However, today I installed this on my coworkers 2011 MDX (Acura) regular key, evo all, with T-Harness. I made all the connections as per the instructions. The hardest part was getting steering wheel column plastic off. HAHA I pressed the button and plugged in the 6 pin connector and it just continues to flash thru the colors. It never turns red like the instructions say. I did a trouble shooting form on the website and it says the firmware is out of date. So I just bought a flash link updater. Is there anything I missed?? Are there any hints to let me know about for the updater when I get it? THANKS


2011 f150 what wires do I have to connect

To get the parking lights to come on while running.


Is there a difference in the T-Harness or wiring of a 2011 Q5 2.0L PTS vs Keyport

I'm looking to install a Fortin T-harness and Evo-One into a 2011 Audi Q5. The dealer told me that idata has different wiring diagrams for the Push to start with the keyport (key just has to be in the vehicle, but the keyport is a great place to keep it) and the standard keyport. Fortin only has one listed. I wanted to make sure the Fortin T-harness AuDT-1was correct, but I won't get the activation key to see until I get it so I can't check for myself. For information sake it is the 2.0 litre Turbo Direct Enjec-tion - gasoline - so the TDI can get confusing! (Turbo Diesel and I know how to spell but safe search is maybe getting a bit carried away!) Thanks to anyone that can help ! Lorne