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Remote not working

I purchased 2017 hyundai elantra that has a Fortin remote starter installed, but the remote is dead.

Remote model

Model FTX64

IC: 12084A-R2W01FM

Fortin 04G

How do I purchase a new replacement remote and get it programmed? 




Remote auto engine start for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2011 years

I would like to know if Fortin EVO-ALL is suitable for remote engine starting (By pressing the car lock button 3 times) for a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2011y ignition system push to talk


Honda jenom (280Pts.)


Bypass options list and Remote Start list

I am looking for a list showing ALL the Bypass options and Remote Starter options for EVO-ONE. Thank You !


How to reprogram Fortin RF 411 to new EVO-ALL

Hello, I started having an issue 2 year after installing the evo-all unit where it would not respond using the oem remote or the Fortin 411 remote. The unit work perfectly for 2 years before this and what i noticed is that i could remove the fuse in the T-Harness and put it back in and the unit would work fine for a few days and then would stop responding again. I had a spare EVO-ALL unit laying around, so i flashed it to the vehicle, programmed it to the vehicle and then tried reprograming the previously installed Fortin 411 RF KIT to the new EVO-ALL unit and i can get the module into program mode and the light on the antenna will flash rapidly but the remotes will not re-pair to the antenna. The light on the remotes flash as normal, the lights on the antenna continue to flash and the lights on the module continue to flash waiting for the remotes to be paired. Is there any way around this or am i stuck having to get new remotes and/or RF kit? Vehicle: 2014 Chrysler 200 Fortin EVO-All SN: 001A07 471052 Fortin 411 RF KIT Using T-Harness


EVO-One for 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 - Remote start starts the vehicle but immediately shutsdown after 1 second.

After I put my vehicle in ready-mode for my manual, push-to-start vehicle, my car will remote start properly, however, it immediately shuts off after about 2 seconds. Parking lights don't show any indication on why it shutdowns either. What could be the issue? I also noticed that the wiring diagram for installation have flipped wiring colors for 7A (Back Clutch Switch 2) and 7B (Front clutch switch 1). It says the Back clutch switch should have 2 cables, a WHITE and a BLACK cable, however, in reality it has a GREY and BLACK cable. Same thing with the Front clutch switch; diagram says it should have a GREY and BLACK cable but it they're WHITE and BLACK in my car... I have tried both of these wirings actually, and the problem still persists. Even if this is not the cause of the problem, which one is correct?


My Remote Start Stopped Working in my G37 Sedan for the RF Controller and OEM controller

My Remote Start has been working just fine since 2017. Lost Remote Start on my oem controller and rf controller. Lock and unlock work fine. Do I need to do an update? Refresh?


2014 Audi Q7 Starting Sequence using

HI there,

I've recently purchased a 2014 Audi Q7 that came with the Fortin remote starter, I believe its a legacy version that you used to sell. Board Front: FAR 2006 XH29926. Is it possible to find a manual for this? I'm having a hard time figuring out what the remote starting sequence is?


Can one of the two remotes in a RFK912 kit be used for a second vehicle (ie: change frequency or channel)?

I bought a RFK912 kit, inside are two remotes. Can I use one on my second car, a Hyundai Accent 2015 which has an EVO ONE installed and the antenna ... just needs a remote. Do I have to purchase a whole new set/kit or can we change (somehow) the frequency or channel of one of the two remotes to that when either button on either one is pushed it does NOT start both cars?


2018 Acura MDX EVO-ONE + T-Harness w/ take over

Have such problem’s: 1) Almost always (7/10 remote starts) after successful remote start have keyless access system indicator after press and release the Push-to-Start button once 2) and I think as a continuation’s of the 1st problem do not work multi-view rear camera (also 360 view) and blind spot system. When I turn on reverse gear I dot alarm on display: rear view camera do not work when engine do not start. So only stop and start engine again fix it. Please advise


Idle mode take over no longer working? 2019 Subaru Ascent PTS

I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent push to start. I installed the Evo One with the plug and play harness. everything was working fine... I could activate idle mode by: While vehicle is running, Activate Remote Start...Lights flash...Push the PTS Button once, orange light on PTS button would come on then off... get out and lock the doors... Then Idle mode take over: I would come back to the vehicle... unlock the doors... push the PTS button once, orange light would come on then off... press the brake pedal and then be able to go without shutdown) I don't know what happened, but out of no where I can no longer do the take over after initiating idle mode.... when i press the PTS button nothing happens... no light comes on then off.... and when I press the brake the car shuts down.... I have tried reprogramming the module.... ive tried re adding the key to the module... same outcome. I am able to take over after a normal remote start... but not when I activate idle mode....


Mobile Remote Control and Telematic System ring

Hello everyone, I installed it evo all with the 441 long-range remote, but unfortunately the distance is half the original remote, and I would like to install operation through the Mobile app, but I would like to know how it works in order to confirm the distance it covers before purchasing it. Does it work via the Internet or via Bluetooth because the vehicle is 150 meters away from my residence? I am from the Middle East, as I read. It works in Canada via the network from long distances. I do not know how it supports the Middle East. My car is a 2020 Camry and the engine stops when the door is opened, but there are some vehicles that do not turn off just the Push to Start button! They call it the Canadian developed device! I don't know if it is from Fortin or another company


Can Different Remotes Be Synced With System

I am currently running a Fortin EVO RM441 system on my 2012 Silverado. Have been using it for about 2 years now. My issue is that the standard remotes that came with the kit are built in a way that over time, they crack in the top right corner on the back. I am on my second remote and this one has only lasted for about 2 months now and it is cracking in the same spot and falling apart. My question is... Can different remotes be linked with this system? Or does it have to be the exact remotes that come with the kit? I would like to find a more durable option if possible. If it has to be the same remote, is there anywhere i can buy these spare remotes without having to purchase the whole kit? Thank you,


Evo one no longer recognizes antenna after bypass programming

Was having an issue where the car would not lock after remote start was performed. After trying to reset some of the settings and reinstalling the rf kit no longer worked. Tried master reset and it started working again but then bypass was unprogrammed so had to reprogram decryptor. After that it stopped working and no longer gives horn honk or light on antenna when trying to go intoprogramming. Lights show it is in programming on the evoone. Rf kit is OL-RF-15-SST. Remote start software is .44 per install guide.