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Toyota G M (13640Pts.)


2014 4runner (key)

Hello. With evo-one, can I start a 2014 4Runner with an OEM key fob? 3x lock



My evo one dcryptor limit reached error is showing .please help reset

sn 002B04 237806


RF912 Remote on existing RFK942

Hi I have an Evo One with a RFK942 kit and remote in the 2019 VW Golf, can I pair a spare RF912 remote to this kit as it is smaller, as it doesn’t currently seem to pair.


Evo one 05 jeep liberty

I have a evo one, and an 05 jeep liberty but i dont see it as compatible. Is that for all functions or i can i use it for the remote starter? Other than software issues i dont see why i couldnt use the remote start as long as the remotes are programmed


Linkr-lt2 and Fortin rf kit?

Has this combo ever been fixed to work again? Or is capitalism still keeping the fix from ever happening?


Subaru Jim (850Pts.)


2015 Subaru Legacy STD key alarms when opening door after unlock with key fob but not with smart-phone module unlock.

I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy that I have install an EVO-ONE (002B07172969) on with the T-Harness and have an issue with the car alarming when the door is opened after unlocking it with the key fob. If I use the smart-phone module to unlock the car, no alarm sounds when the door is opened. If I disable the alarm feature (change from option 14.2 to 14.1) everything works fine. Any ideas? On another note, the troubleshooting app for android does not exist on the Google Play Store.


TPMS Light after EVO-ONE install; lots of Communication Lost codes

Hi, so after my remote install, the TPMS light is on all the time. I understand during remote start this is normal, but this is all the time. I have checked all my tires, they are within normal range. So I ran a code pull on all CANBUS systems, and the result was CURRENT/HISTORY lost communications codes on several modules, one being the TPMS system. It is system code B1247, Main Body ECU Lost Communication... however there are several others too, a dozen or so, to other systems. I thought perhaps they were historical from when I disconnected everything to connect the T harness, but I cleared them and all came back, after I tried clearing just the TPMS code unsuccessfully. I attempted clearing the current/history lost communication code. The light went out for about half a second, and it came back quickly. Checked codes again, it was back. Not sure if that screen shot is visible, all I can see is a placeholder symbol. I will place a share link in my google drive to the code list. VIN removed, but it is a 2018 Toyota Corolla H-Key using THAR-T18 (think the kit i bought was EVO-ONE-T18?, I'll reference and update, but it was the EVO-ONE kit containing the T18 harness) I am presuming this is possibly a programming issue with the EVO-ONE module since the OBD2 port passes thru, but not sure. This is my first experience with Fortin products and do not want to start messing randomly with settings I do not fully understand yet. I've done remote starts before but this is my first Fortin system, switched because of the quality level; I do have a EVO-FLASH unit and have the ability to flash/reprogram everything myself, I have all tools and interfaces needed to make it work, thanks in advance. Details are below: 2018 Toyota Corolla H-key, EVO-ONE, THAR-3 / THAR-18, RF442 installed, TPMS-hijack installed to allow OEM remote start (working OK since installed)


2013 Audi A7 Wont Start, key not recognised

I'm currently using an evo one SN: 002B04 079929 I'm trying to program this for an audi a7 2013. I've upgraded the correct firmware as per the manual however i'm getting an issue when attempting to remote start. It shows on the dash key not detected every time. I've done this 3 times now and the 3rd time the Decryptor limit has been reached. Can you advise and then reset please? The programming went fine, all the lights appeared as shown. If i leave the key in the car and remote start it, its fine. but if i do it outside the vehicle it displays key not recognised. Thanks


Start air conditioning on remote start mazda 3 2021

Hi, exist some option to start the air conditioned on the car with the remote start o the mazda 3 2021?


Outlander 2022 with Fortin EVO One - remote start does not always work when using RFK942


When pressing the remote start button on the RFK942 key fob, the remote start does not always activate. When this does not happen, the car behaves differently: the marker lights come on along with the low beam headlights for a couple of seconds, then everything goes off. However, when the remote start command is successful, the low beams do not activate, the turn signals come on for half a second, followed by the marker lights. Additionally, there seems to be a door lock click, then the engine starts, which can be seen in the video.

Remote start with the factory key, activated by three presses on the lock button, does not cause any issues with the remote start.

The flash-link 4 has version 5 firmware, vr. 4.08. An additional impact sensor and siren are installed.

There is also an issue where if the car is armed or started with remote start, if the trunk door is opened with a sweeping motion from below (via the sensor), the siren starts making noise. If opened with the button on the door, everything is okay.

Thank you for your help!


Mazda 3 2018 - Evo One - Rear Defrost

I installed a Evo one in a Mazda 3 2018 push to start automatic with the Thar-One-Maz3 Harness with OEM remote (3x lock). I want to activate the rear defrost on remote start. I have activated the option 39. On wirecolor, it says that the rear defrost is "Positive". Two questions : - What option should I take for 25 ? (there are 6). - How I set the A13 wire to send positive signal ? - How do I wire the A13 ? Do I simply tap on the vehicule wire ? Thanks ! How can I activate the rear defrost ? On wirecolor, it says that the rear defrost is "Positive". I have activated the option 39. What


FAQ Stack316 (290Pts.)


Does the viper DSM550 work with EVO ONE in the USA

is the viper dsm550 still working with the evo one in the United States?

Is there a link to the FD Data cable that is needed to connect the evo one to the viper dsm550?



Configure EVO-ONE to NOT allow driving off without keyfob in the car.

I've installed an EVO-ONE/THAR MAZ5 in my 2023 Mazda CX-50. It all works fine so far, EXCEPT there is no 'interlock' to stop you driving off without the keys once remote started! I can start the car from inside the house and unlock the car, but then forget the keyfob in the house and still drive off... thus leaving me stranded when I turn the car off at the other end! I also installed an EVO-ONE in our 2019 Mazda CX-5. In that car, the Fortin forces you to press the Start button before pressing the brake and shifting into gear. Not so in my CX-50 install. Is there a configuration option I can set to make the CX-50 behave the same way as our CX-5? (Please note, I do NOT want to have the engine shut off when I unlock/open the door!)


FAQ Stack316 (290Pts.)


RFK442 evo one only able to connect 1 of the 2 remotes

I have been able to setup one RFk442 remote but when I try to program the 2nd one it does not work and get red flashing lights. Anything special to get both programmed?