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2023 - 2024 Toyota Camry shutdown when door opened

Many users complained about this issue " engine shutdown when door opened ". The question: 1- did you update the firmware to resolve this issue for evo rs toy13 kit ? 2- did you add more options for engine shutdown duration (for example 10 minutes)? 3- does your device have security to protect against stealing the car without key - for example engine will shutdown when gear shifted and key not detected?


EVO-One for 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 - Remote start starts the vehicle but immediately shutsdown after 1 second.

After I put my vehicle in ready-mode for my manual, push-to-start vehicle, my car will remote start properly, however, it immediately shuts off after about 2 seconds. Parking lights don't show any indication on why it shutdowns either. What could be the issue? I also noticed that the wiring diagram for installation have flipped wiring colors for 7A (Back Clutch Switch 2) and 7B (Front clutch switch 1). It says the Back clutch switch should have 2 cables, a WHITE and a BLACK cable, however, in reality it has a GREY and BLACK cable. Same thing with the Front clutch switch; diagram says it should have a GREY and BLACK cable but it they're WHITE and BLACK in my car... I have tried both of these wirings actually, and the problem still persists. Even if this is not the cause of the problem, which one is correct?



T-HARNESS was used with an EVO-ALL. After 15min run time the vehicle shuts down and the factory alarm sets off. Is there a setting that can avoid the factory alarm triggering?


Evo-All Door Open Shutdown

I recently installed an Evo-ALL on a 2016 MAZDA 3. I haven't been able to get the engine to not shut down when I unlock and open the door. I have Parameter D3 'door open shutdown" OFF. I've tried switching D3 to ON and then OFF again, didn't work. Is there a way to get this to work?


2016 Toyota Tundra - Evo One Hood Switch don't shut down vehicle when hood is opened

I have a 2016 Toyota Tundra with the Evo One installed with the THAR-ONE-TOY7 harness. The problem I have is that the vehicle don't shutdown when it has been remote started and then the hood is opened. The vehicle will not remote start if the hood is opened, so I know the hood switch is functioning. SN: 002B04637646


Vehicle locks itself after couple of seconds, when I exit.

I installed Evo-one with RFK411 on my 2012 Subaru Impreza Standard key manual transmission. Everything works fine but When I exit the vehicle after parking following the ready mode sequence:

     Vehicle keeps running even when I take the key off of the ignition barrel and it shuts off only when I shut the door after exiting.

            Is it possible to turn off the vehicle with the key without exiting the door?

     The door locks itself after couple of seconds.

           Is it possible to keep the vehicle unlocked when I exit even after the ready mode is activated. and I should have to lock it manually form the remote? Incase I forget the keys in                 the car.

P.S. : I've read Active and Passive Alarm and starter kill function. Is there anything to do with that?

Thanks in advance.


Evo-one runs 45 seconds then shuts off

Corolla h/b 2020 push-to-start manuel. Je viens de remplacer tout le filage et le evo-one. Decryptor et programmation se passent bien. Moteur démarre et fonctionne pendant 45 secondes, s'éteint, puis redémarre et fonctionne encore 45 secondes. Problème de tach en data link? Pourtant l'ancien kit a fonctionné 3 ans avec les mêmes branchements. 70.66 les door locks ne fonctionnent plus et le evo-one devient défectueux .. 70.70 roule 45 secondes et door lock ok. 1.25 ok. 1.24 pas de door lock fonctionnels. 1.26 decryptor impossible. En tachless ne démarre pas.


2018 Toyota Tacoma wont shut off

I have installed the remote starter 2.5 years ago, but it recently stopped working. I replaced the Evo-One unit and it seemed to be working fine now. Until it was cold and rainy and then the truck would not shut off, even after I turned off the ignition and removed the key. I tried restarting the truck turning the key to on and off multiple times and nothing worked. I then removed the Evo-One and the truck shut down.


2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Evo-all with evo-start lte and rf642 kit

Hello there guys, i have a 2014 mitsubishi outlander with evo-all and rf442 kit. All works fine and well. And then i added an evo-start lte module. I was able to program it with the rf442 kit. RF kit works fine as before. Then the app for the evo-start works fine as well except for the remote stop/engine off function. Lock, unlock, and remote start/engine on function works. But when i try to do and remote stop/engine off. It doesnt work. Is this a bug on the app? Or is there a programming issue? Again. Lock, unlock, and remote start/engine on works. Its just the remote stop/engine off function that is not working. any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Btw im using it on ios device.


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)



I installed evo-one (standalone) on a 2023 Camry (euro Key). The connection diagram and programming were the same as for 2020. In the manager I indicated 2019-2023 RAV4 88/20. Everything works and the owner left happy. But 32-3(DK.Blue (GWR) Shut Down After) I think I forgot to choose. And what does 32-3 do? Can you check whether, I indicated it or not? 002B04070335


Engine won't shutdown after remote start put in Ready mode

Hi, I have a 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6 with a manual transmission and I'm trying to remote start it with the EVO-ONE I installed on it. I believe I wired everything correctly according to the instructions but the engine is not shutting down after I follow the sequence to enable Ready Mode on the remote starter. The doors lock and unlock confirming that the sequence was done correctly to enable remote starter but when i get out of the vehicle and close the door the engine doesn't turn off and I'm unable to lock the door with the OEM remote. Its as if it doesn't know the status of the doors?


2009 F150 vehicle shuts off when you open the door.

I have a 2009 Ford F150, I have installed the evo all remote start and it works perfectly. The truck shuts off when ever i open the door. I even bought the flash link to fix the settings, I havent found the correct settings. Now on the instructions I did recieve from the intial install on the 24pin there are two wires that you are supposed to use to bypass the door opening. But I do not have those wires on my 24 pin. And it was never covered on the two videos I watched for there installs(same year make and model)


2014 AUDI RS5. EVO ALL Remote start works oem fob 3X lock, but will not remote stop the vehicle with OEM FOB

Hi. I've just installed an EVO all with T-harness in standalone mode into my 2014 Audi RS5. Car has PTS and keyport. Everything went without a hitch, with decryptor programming, 3x lock oem keyfob, and works as intended, however I cannot remote shut down the vehicle with 3x lock oem FOB. FOB works to lock and unlock doors while remote started. I've checked flashlink to see if I missed selecting an option but there is nothing that mentions "remote stop" or related. Have I missed something, or is this par for the course for B8.5 Audi vehicles? Thanks. EDIT: I managed to remote shut down. I had to press the lock button on the OEM FOB about five-six times in rapid succession, but it works.