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"Adding Mobile Phone Connectivity to the Evo-All Device"

You've purchased an Evo-All device for a 2013 Toyota Prado that operates with a push-start button. Currently, the device is connected to the car, and you can start the car using the car's remote. Yes, you can add additional features (accessories) to the device to make it work via mobile or update the device so that if the car is started using the remote and the car door is opened, the engine won't stop.


hyundai door lock

Good afternoon. On Hyundai cars, after turning off the engine, the doors will unlock after a couple of seconds... What can be done to ensure that they remain closed at the end?


2023 chevorlet 3500 using evo all the doors lock after shutdown with key in ignition? any work around?

doors lock with keys in vehicle automatically when exiting?


2014 Hyundai Sante Fe Evo One Lte. factory remote

Hello, I installed Evo One Lte in my 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport PTS. The Evo start works great via the Cell app but i cant get the factory remote to start the car. Also, the cell app WILL NOT operate the door lock/ unlock. The list says 3 locks will start and stop remote start, but i cant get it to work. Not sure if its my fault or If factory fobs will not work on this vehicle Any help is greatly welcome !!!! THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH


2014 Silverado unlocks twice & locks 3 times

2014 Silverado 1500. Standard key, with Onstar. Programmed properly. Starts, runs, confirmation from remote on lock & unlock. The issue I'm having is with single press of lock button, truck locks 3 times and single press of unlock button, truck unlocks twice.


Lock/Unlock doesnt work when ignition is on but works fine with ignition off.

Just installed an Evo one and T harness on my 06 Tacoma V6 auto. The lock/unlock functions work fine when the ignition is off from the Fortin remote. Remote start works fine as well but won't lock/unlock once the ignition is on. I verified lock/unlock also doesn't work when the ignition is on with just the key. The door lock switch still works fine with the ignition on. I can hear the Evo pulse the locks and the marker lights flash, but the locks do nothing when using the Fortin remote. I got the unit as a kit online with RF 642w remotes preprogrammed. The bypass was below the recommended firmware, so I updated it with my Flash link to 79.70. Remote start was at recommended level. I tried lengthening the lock pulse with no change.


Evo One LTE will not remote start, unlock and lock doors from phone.

Hello, I recently installed the Evo One LTE USA. The oem remote works fine to remote start the vehicle but anything to do with the evo start module won't work. It shows the doors being unlocked and opened, battery voltage, and temperature. I configured the RF kit as the Evo Start 2 when flashing my Evo One, could that be the issue? I also could not find a wiring diagram anywhere on either of your websites which would probably help me. I could only find the wiring diagram for the canadian version with the antenna. Vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Using Gm7 T-harness.


Vehicle locks itself after couple of seconds, when I exit.

I installed Evo-one with RFK411 on my 2012 Subaru Impreza Standard key manual transmission. Everything works fine but When I exit the vehicle after parking following the ready mode sequence:

     Vehicle keeps running even when I take the key off of the ignition barrel and it shuts off only when I shut the door after exiting.

            Is it possible to turn off the vehicle with the key without exiting the door?

     The door locks itself after couple of seconds.

           Is it possible to keep the vehicle unlocked when I exit even after the ready mode is activated. and I should have to lock it manually form the remote? Incase I forget the keys in                 the car.

P.S. : I've read Active and Passive Alarm and starter kill function. Is there anything to do with that?

Thanks in advance.


EVO-ALL ,CHRT5, 06 Dodge Ram with RM-441 Lock , key FOB unlock feature not working. Remote start works fine.

Installed EVO-ALL on 2006 RAM 2500 Diesel using CHRT5 in standalone mode. OEM key works with 3-lock remote start. Added RM-441 remote kit and updated settings with flash updater. OEM key still works. RM-441 will start the truck but not lock or unlock. Lights flash red or blue on EVO when pushing the buttons. Do I have some setting wrong or is it required to hardwire the purple and pur/wht wires to something and if so to what?


Escape 2014 push-start EVO ALL BYpass Options

Who could explain to me ? Frimware 71.[52] A13 Ignition Lock ? D4 Hybrid Mode ? E4 Feature 1 ? E5 Feature 2 ? standart options of Wizard of problems have been fixed by other options changed. When remote start working time , keyless works but Why does not work unlock button of on the remote and does not open mirrors? Then Why Evo All is waiting active until to press 3X lock button ? ( is draining to battery) Thank for supports


Can Not Lock\Unlock in App

Got almost everything working.  Remote start via OEM fob and remote start via My Car app.  In the my car app I can not lock or unlock. I have tried the pairing process several time but I'm not sure the MyCar is paired.  I press ingition on off on then the brake 4 times.


2018 Mazda 6 with harness.

S/N 002B04310327


Doors unlock immediately after locking.

2010 Subaru Impreza, Compustar CM7000 alarm and remote start, EVO-ALL in data mode. Each time I use the Compustar remotes the vehicle locks/arms then immediately unlocks the doors leaving alarm on. Tried different CM7000 and EVO-All. Both of the Compustar remotes acting same way. The vehicle locks and unlocks doors,flashes lights and beeps OE beeper multiple times with each press. Ser#001a07-250179. Guide #57421


where is door lock data wire? It said blue at driver boot. 2008 GX470

Can someone tell me exactly where is the door lock data wire is? It said blue at driver boot, but there are too many :)


Lock door with not working

Hi, Can you please check this video link below: I have GMC Yukon 2006, I installed EVO all and excalibur X70-b, when start a vehicle by OEM remote or OMEGA remote all doors not locked when I shift a gear however when I start a vehicle by key as a normal starting all doors locked normally. Can you help me please.