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Pathfinder '22 EvoALL wont start,lock,unlock

Hi, I installed Evo ALL on Pathfinder 2022 using TNIS7 harness and Crimestopper rf kit. Installation was straight forward, programming was easy as well. When I try to start car it will not. Using factory fob, car receives CAN signals (blue led blinks) and dashboard lights up. Using rfkit remote, lock unlock dont work (only lights flash, door will not lock unlock). When try to start car using rf kit remote, first it locks door, dash turns on and thats all. Evo sends CAN signals(blue) and recognize Ignition (yellow). When I programed module I turned bypass hood switch on in options and picked Crimestopper rfkit (but this should not matter because 3xLock doesnt work either). I used firmware 92.05 (instructions states to use 92.04) s/n: 001A07019830 Any advice, what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.


Will not lock driver side door

When using auto start or just locking doors. The vehicle will not lock or unlock the driver side door. 2016l5 Toyota rav4.


Door locks

Installed an evoall and tbvw in 2016 Golf. door locks don't lock or unlock while car is running. Factory remote will shut off the car via lock unlock lock. Can evoall unlock the doors without adding a complete starter unit? Or can a relay be added and hardwire unlock? Thanx in advance Michael


locks do not work

having issue with door locks have all wires hooked up as per diagram and they do not work at all checked for pulse front starter and it is sending one. am i missing something or is there another way to wire door locks. can bus would not program either had to set tach to wirless there is no bypass in car. thanks


Door lock and unlock does not work on RF942

Jetta 2016 standard key With the RF942 remote: Remote Start & Stop works fine Door lock, module clicking once but nothing happens Door unlock, module clicking twice but nothing happens Also tried trigger wires, purple a2, purple/white a3 with same results as the rf remote, clicking but nothing. A5 is turned off and Green/Red wire(A18) is connected to Mux Lock/Unlock Blue/Red wire at BCM connector A (black) pin 24. Evo-vwt3 (evo-all, t-harness, vw-tb)


2015 Nissan Sentra Pts unlock does not work on autostart remote

I have installed evo-all and autostart 2386 unit. Install guide 74271. Unlock button on autostart remote will not unlock doors. Parking light flashing indicating unlock command sent by autostart remote and received by car.but car doesnt unlock. I triple checked all wirings. I changed autostart module for another same one but no change as far as unlocking doors. All other function and features work as advertised by all means..except unlocking doors on autostart remote. ?


08 Lincoln MKX Thar For4 w2w viper 4806 alarm does not disarm with RS door unlock

Guide 89121 wire to wire firmware 71.49 sn 001a07 150161 Alarm goes off when using RS unlock button when opening door trunk only opens with car remote started. Does not open with car resting Viper alarm doesn't have option to pulse ignition and gwr when unlocking door it has a wire used to disarm alarm what options do I have


EVO-ONE-TOY9, Remote open sliding doors when vehicle is running

I recently installed the EVO-ONE-TOY9 in my 2015 Toyota Sienna and it is working great! I have just one question: is it possible to enable the use of the open sliding door buttons on my factory keyfob when the vehicle is running?


2015 Toyota Sienna remote unlock not working

I installed EVO one with T-harness with H-key. The module was programmed to work with OEM key (3 lock start). Everything worked as designed for over a year but lately when the minivan is started using OEM remote, the car does not unlock the doors. When the car is running on the remote start and the unlock key is pressed, the parking lights dim or flickr indicating that the signal is received but the doors stay locked. It used to work fine and no rewiring or other work was performed to the car. Also, one time when remote start cycle was complete the parking lights stayed on even after the car was shut off after completing 10 or 15 minutes remote start cycle.


Which wire is the negative pulse from door lock module for kia soul 2014 in kick plate harness.

Hello. I cant seem to find where the negative door lock wire is in the wire harness to get a negative pulse in my 2014 kia soul. please help. Thank you!



2020 Kia FORTE with EVO ONE and T-Harness. Once the car is started, the keys do not respond. Could you give us a solution? After checking the possible solutions that you offer us on your website, none have worked for us. Thanks in advance.


Can’t open the doors once vehicle remote started

Hi there, can you please confirm the correct installation and programming sheets for my set up please. 2006 Nissan Pathfinder (Thai made) evo one t harnes 2 stand alone RF 64 2W I have eventually been able to program it, i can remote start with the Orem key and the RF 64,s. However once running I can't operate the doors until I turn off the vehicle.


2012 Kia Soul standard key rf641w not unlocking and locking vehicle

2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. I am using the tachless mode. I have programmed 2 rf641w keys successfully, however they do not unlock and lock the vehicle properly. I even tested the wires to ground to verify ground control and that was better than the module was doing. So here's the behavior:

    Lock: will not work unless I lock the car with the oem remote period. making me think the evo module is storing status incorrectly or is unaware. Unlock. Works if I press the unlock button 3 times
      I have also tried adjusting option 8 for this with no luck. (unlock pulse adjustment)
    Kill start - I am unaware, but is there no feature to kill the remote start and turn the vehicle off via the remotes?

Thanks in advance.


2010 CC Sport factory alarm triggers when unlocking from viper