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Pathfinder '22 EvoALL wont start,lock,unlock

Hi, I installed Evo ALL on Pathfinder 2022 using TNIS7 harness and Crimestopper rf kit. Installation was straight forward, programming was easy as well. When I try to start car it will not. Using factory fob, car receives CAN signals (blue led blinks) and dashboard lights up. Using rfkit remote, lock unlock dont work (only lights flash, door will not lock unlock). When try to start car using rf kit remote, first it locks door, dash turns on and thats all. Evo sends CAN signals(blue) and recognize Ignition (yellow). When I programed module I turned bypass hood switch on in options and picked Crimestopper rfkit (but this should not matter because 3xLock doesnt work either). I used firmware 92.05 (instructions states to use 92.04) s/n: 001A07019830 Any advice, what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.


08 Nissan Pathfinder - RF642W Lock Button Locks, Unlock Button Locks, Programming Settings or Wrong Wire?

2008 Nissan Pathfinder S - Standard Key - OEM Alarm Fortin EVO-ONE With NIS2 Harness Guide Followed: 75611 Unit was flashed to recommended/newest firmware prior to install. Service No: 002B07 200206 Everything is installed and working (As far as the Remote Starter Goes). When using the OEM Remotes the vehicle will lock and unlock as it always has. However, when using the RF642W remotes, The remote start works flawlessly (Push button, parking lights on, start/Crank, Run) The lock button locks the doors, but the unlock button also locks them (and does not unlock). The OEM Remote will unlock the door as normal with the remote starter running, but I would really like to not have to carry two remotes with me. Vehicle Running Oem Remote: Only Solid Yellow is on, No Blue Flashes RF642W: Lock - Solid Yellow, Blue Flash - Locks Doors RF642W: Unlock - Solid Yellow, Blue Flash - Locks Doors Did I miss a step? Enable/disable a wrong option? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.


Key id incorrect 2013 Nissan pathfinder

EVO ALL module, says EVO-NIST4 on the box. Completed install using t harnesses, and programmed with flash link. 3x lock activates ignition and lights. Yellow led iluminates on module. Dash displays "key id incorrect" then "4wd fault" no crank. no brake lights. Ignigtion stays on untill module is unplugged and will not respond to the keey comand to terminate.


relais pour pathfinder, altima et murano

je voulais savoir si éventuellement, il va y avoir une solution pour ne plus installer les relais sous le capot. Idatalink on la solution. Je préférerais continuer avec vous. Merci


OEM remote does not start vehicle

I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder I bought the EVO ONE with the NIS2 harness. I hooded all the wires like it says on the t-harness install guide, the dark blue wire going to pin 63 (grey) on BCM. went through the program mode everything went fine. The car dont start with oem fob 3x lock. i aslo have the flashlink2. is there anything you can tell me what im doing wrong?

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