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How to connect D4 D6 , 2006 Nissan Altima

I'm using evo-one with niss2 harness for my 2006 Nissan Altima I am confused about the connection D4 and D6 showing guide #78211. I also don't know where to connect the pin 30 from the relay for parking lights . A picture would be great, or can I leave the parking light unconnected? The last question, do I have to have a RF module to remote start? Because when I put my key at on position, the blue lights went off.


have to push the pts button several times for 2015 nissan altima to turn off

im installing a evo-all nisa4 t harness in my 2015 nissan altima. it will start with the remote start oem fob but after getting in the car to shut the engine off/on you have to press the pts button several times for it to do anything. what am i missing?


Altima will not start

I installed this on my 2011 Altima. Flashed and programmed fine, when I hit lock 3x the parking lights will flash and brake lights turn on but doesn't start. If I have another person sit in the car and push the start button while remote starting, vehicle will start. Not sure what to do please help.


Nissan Altima 2010 EVO Start 2, unlock/lock not working

Hi I puchased, Evo all with NIS1 and followed the instraution for Nissan Altima 2010 push to start. Car can remote start with 3X lock and also from EVOStart2 but the unlock and lock function is not working through the app. I see the car lights are flahsing when lock or unlock is sent from the app but door doesnt lock or unlock. I can only remote start through the apps or 3X lock from factory remote. Please help


2015 Nissan Altima Ignition Ignition 2 wire

Not a question so much as an update to your notes. On the installation instructions it shows Ignition 2 as Pin 9 Black 24 Pin plug as a Pink wire. Vehicle I had it is not a Pink Wire it is Brown but when tested goes + when PTS is hit for ACC or IGN.


HELP Nissan Altima 2013 Push Start

I ordered Nist4 with Evo all for a Nissan Altima 2013 Push Start. Its a plug and play on the BCM behind the cluster. Everything went fine with programming, but when I try to start the car while I am inside with press brake and push button to start gives me error i-key start error, the engine ticks no turn over.

When I am outside to remote strt 3xLock, it starts!! but inside using the normal car starting keyfob it doesn’t? I decrypted the module twice and also and sometimes it ticks no start. I programed it to car twice everything went well, all the flashing when I was programming went exactly per book, help please??

- Option D6 is on

- ignition turns on but error message i-key error refer to user manual

- car ticks when I press brake and push start, but no start and error message i-key error refer to user manual

- sometimes with remote start 3xlock the car starts sometimes it just ticks like I am inside the car

- SN: 001A07 119247 EVO-ALL


2011 Altima PTS 'No Key' on Instrument Cluster

    2011 Altima Push-To-Start Using T-harness.  Connected to OBDII, Brake Pedal, Keybox.  Tapped into Brown wire on push-to-start button. A1-A11, C1, D1, D1.2, D3 Enabled Latest firmware for flasher and EVO-ALL

Went through programming sequence (with battery out of FOB).  Sequence completed sucessfully ending with rapid-flashing yellow light.  When activated with FOB inside vehicle, it starts fine with the 3x lock press.  With FOB removed from vehicle, 3x lock press does not start vehicle.  Vehicle displays "No key" message on instrument cluster.  

I have tried to re-flash and re-program the EVO-ALL multiple times, all with identical results.  

What am I missing here?


Each remote for Axxess AX-RF2 acts differently

I installed the Axxess AX-RF2 kit with my evo all and each remote acts differently but both start the car. One makes the tones like it should but the other only beeps and flashes a red light when starting car. I tried reprogramming multiple times and doing them in different order but same result. I checked batteries in both remotes and both measure ~5.8 volts. Is this the problem or is it something else?


Can I wire my rear defrost to come on automatically with an Evo-NIST 1

Can I wire my rear defrost to come on automatically in my 2010 Nissan Altima with an Evo NIST 1?


2011 Nissan Altima Evo All with Thar-nis1, guide 12661 is correct one?

I use the guide 12661 to install the evo all with thar-nis1 on my 2011 nissan altima. Ran into trouble programming, look into troubleshoot section and there are many guides but 12661. Which guide number should I choose to troubleshoot my installtion. Some other guide shows that I need to cut some wires which I did not do on mine. Little confused. Need some help.


Altima programming stuck on step 5

I submitted a question on 2011 nissan altima stuck on step 5 of the prgramming. I missed 1 thing, the red led is on but the yellow led is off and the blue Led is not on. please advice


Programming Step 5 - wait for Blue Led to turn on

2011 Nissan Altima. installed the harness per instructions. I performed successfully through step 4 as the Yellow LED turn solid. Press and release the Push-to-start button once in step 5, the RED Led turn on, wait for the Blue Led turn On, there's 15 minutes waiting and the Blue Led is not turn on. Please advice


2008 Altima PTS

Install evo-all and all wiring complete. After remote starting with oem key 3x lock, car runs about 3 seconds and shuts off. Then it tries to restart itself, ultimately leaving the ignition in the acc position. I Was told to flash a different firmware version of 72.23, still not working. Added rf kit revostart 1.1 same results. Need help please.