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Late 2023 Durango Headlight Switch Connector FYI

The later Durango (mine is 8/2023) has a different headlight switch connector than earlier models as shown in install guide. It does have a white/brown wire that does change with switch position. Will the Evo-All have any problems with this connector change?


intermittent crank no start 3 parking light flashes Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012 with oem alarm

This is driving me crazy... It works and then it does not... Need some help please.

Everything is connected per instructions (Guide # 24871), except; I had to disconnect the (A8 dk. blue) to Driver Door pin, as it left the Door ajar on constantly. 

The Yellow loop has been cut on the fortin unit.

Fortin unit SN: 002B04 251304

Crank no start and 3 parking light flashes. 

When Press lock from OEM keyfob nothing flashes in the fortin unit.

 Setup in Flash link:


Firmware 86.05

Hardware inside 4.0

A1 on

A2 off

A3 on

A4 on

A5 on

A6 on

A7 on

A8 off

A9 on

A10 off

A11 on

B1 on

C1 on

D2 on

D3 off

D4 off

D5 on

D6 off

E4 off

E5 off


Remote start

Firmware 1.26

Hardware inside 7.0

2 off

3 1
































How do I keep my parking headlights on when using EVO ONE with THAR-MAZ03

How do I keep my parking headlights on when using the factory remote starter via EVO ONE. Using THAR-MAZ03 for EVO One on Mazda CX5 2019 GS Push to start automatic? Installed remote starter: EVO ONE MAZ3 with THAR ONE MAZ3 Running on latest firmware Car model and Make: Mazda CX5 2019 GS 4DR Push to start Automatic


Tundra parking lights

I have a evo one on my tundra. Is there a way to not have the parking lights come on? It flashes the parking and tail lights after I un lock or lock the door.


Signals, headlamps, etc not working after remote start.

2019 Elantra GT manual with EVO ALL, Compustar CMX. Vehicle starts properly, but after a remote start sequence the signal, headlamps and a few other accessories related to steering wheel mounted controls do not work. Only way to regain operation of these functions in to remove cars battery for a few minutes. Happens only after 5-8 remote start sequences. Removed parking light control from EVO and hard wired directly to Compustar with appropriate resistor with no change.


How do I set my parking lights to come on after remote start? 2015 Subaru Outback

I installed the Evo One kit w/ T-harness in my 2015 Subaru Outback. Works fine but I'd like to have my parking-lights on after it's started remotely. How do I do this?


Why is my new Fortin Key W642 lock&unlock are backwards drivers door saying ajar some interior lights staying on?

I have a 2012 F150 that i installed a EVO-All with the Fort1 t harness as standalone remote start and W642 RF kit add on, also wanted to use alarm feature on it. I contacted suport and they set it for me as far as the option go that were uploaded tio the EVO-All from my computer. So truck will remote start with OEM fob and aslo Fortin W642 foib. OEM will unlock and lock like it should but the Fortin W642 whn i press lock it send a unlock comand and when i press unlock it does nothing. Parking lights do not flash but i hear the relay clicking like it has a issue. i Need some help ive been going over wire that ive connected and it looks correct. I double checked the direction the ! amp diode is istalled and it aslo seems right. I went to the store today and grabbed a few ne diodes to try that......Ok so i went out to truck to check somthing and i cut the wire for the door pin when i 1st installed as stated i wanted to use the alarm feature but when checking it with my meter. even though the wires are cut its showing 0.0 ohms like it is still connected or grounded out somwhere. Please ask me anythying i dont care how stupid you think the question is i just need to get this thing fiuxed. My wife is starting to hit me with the "I told You, You shouldn't put that on your truck!" 



Parking lights flashing even when remote start isn’t activated

Installed a evo all in a 2012 Dodge Avenger 2 years ago and it's works flawlessly until recently. Now anytime you unlock the car the parking lights flash as if the remote start has been activated. Any ideas?



i've installed the Evo-one with the factory fob on my 2009 Toyota Matrix, but when i press 3 times lock on the factory fob after that parking light flash 3 times and car not start. SN:002B04248953 i have 2008 Honda Osdysse installed the Evo-one with factory fob 3 times lock it work ok. Can you please Thank you.


How to connect D4 D6 , 2006 Nissan Altima

I'm using evo-one with niss2 harness for my 2006 Nissan Altima I am confused about the connection D4 and D6 showing guide #78211. I also don't know where to connect the pin 30 from the relay for parking lights . A picture would be great, or can I leave the parking light unconnected? The last question, do I have to have a RF module to remote start? Because when I put my key at on position, the blue lights went off.


2021 rav4 xle evo all before start parking lights flashes 3 times then 5 or 6 then starts

installed evo all with alarn enabled on 2021 rav4 .works good .why the parking light before start blinks 3 times then little pause 5 times more and then car start ok?S/N is x002ds97f7


Turn off park lights while running on remote starter - EVO-ONE

Hello. Curious if there's a configuration option in the EVO-ONE to disable park lights being turned on while running on remote starter. While I could just disconnect the trigger wire for the park lights I'd prefer to leave it connected so it can still blink out any error/issue codes down the road. Vehicle is a 2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, using the EVO-ONE on recommended firmware version. Thanks.


How do I get the parking lights to stay on when RS is activated and vehicle light switch is set to auto?

Hello Support, I completed a remote start on a 2014 Lexus LS460. The parking lights turn on when the RS is activated but only when the vehicle's light switch is set to off. If the light switch is set to auto the parking lights do not turn on with the RS active. Is there a way to leave the parking lights on auto and have them work with the RS active?


Starter has worked prefect for 2 years-suddenly Tail light /marker lights will not turn off;