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Dcryptor limit has been reached for this car


The car does not start

I connected the wires yesterday But I did not connect the device because it needs to be updated and the Fortin FLASHLINK4 has not arrived yet. I tried to start the car today but it won't start. ?for the car to start Should the EVO-ONE be connected after connecting the wires


2016 Chevrolet Malibu standard key Evo One

Hi guys. Do you know if there is any solution for the 2016 chevy malibu limited flip standard key? It happens that all the connectors match the 2015 connections but the colors do not. I would like to install an Evo one with RF kit. I've been looking on the website but I don't see anything for this car specifically. Any recommendation? Thanks.


2016 Audi A6 FlashLink Manager says it needs a key

When I go to flash the Evo-One to firmware 60.10 as requested, the Module Flash page (summary) says Key Sacrificed = 1. According to your website the Evo-One doesn't need to use a key. Is the FlashLink Manager just not showing the correct Installation Method?


Lights not coming on on evo one

No power to evo one on a 2016 4Runner. I already check all the wiring and there's power coming from the ignition harness. But when I try to program it there is no lights coming on at all on the evo one.


2016 outlander

I want to install evo-all on 2016 outlander(PTS...standalone). On the car, the module can not be programmed. After opening the ignition, the blue LED goes out and a lot of errors are written in the devices. The module I reflashed several times (001A07311845). I also tried another module ... Some kind of Japanese autorun PZ 113-04221 was installed on this car earlier P.S. When trying to program, the ignition does not turn off unless we disconnect the CAN connector When I turn on the ignition and wait for the blue LED to start flashing, then it writes errors ... and the ignition does not turn off with the start button if I do not remove the CAN connector from the module. And the blue LED is not visible (when I remove the CAN connector and turn off the ignition, the blue LED lights up ---


16 Tundra, Evo Key, no start

Used connection 5, programing 3 in manual. Wires were easy to find, did not use key sense. Believe truck does have a factory alarm (If that matters), it does have a factory keyfob. Programming does what it says it will do. Remote start is a Viper. Everything remote starts fine if I leave the key in the ignition. If I don't, security light blinks and remote start doesnt work. I have the flash link and everything was already updated, and it didn't give me any options to change or adjust anything. Just update. GWR is connected to the Viper. Only the red light comes on the EVO Key if I remote start it. Is this normal? I'm sure im forgetting something.


Fob doesn’t open car after remote start

I installed an EVO ALL on my Passat 2016 automatic transmission with OEM fob, it remote starts with no problem, i select 15 minutes option, but when I try to unlock the car with my fob it doesn’t respond, I have to wait until car stops then unlock it, also I did try opening the car with the key lock and the car stops when I open the door. Is any especial configuration to make the fob works while the car is running on remote start?


2016 A6 60.06 firmware loaded but module requires 60.10 for Dcryptor

When i plug in the EVO-ONE and load for a 2016 A6 it is recommending firmware 10.06 and shows that it requires a key to remain in the vehicle but looking at your web site using the EVO-ONE with firware 10.10 you can do it with the DCryptor. I want to confirm what way is required for this vehical and if the 10.06 version is capable to "learn " the key?


THAR-ONE-SUB2 & EVO ONE on 2020 Subaru WRX PTS

I have installed the THAR-ONE-SUB2 in my US WRX per the instruction guide, page page 7/11 T-Harness - Automatic & Manual Transmission

1.) Why is the car not starting with the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green separeted per the installation guide
2.) Does my US WRX have to follow the Canadian Vehicle steps, if yes why and if no what is the difference

Installation was simple as mainly 2 connectors and areplug N play. I master reset my Evo One, flashed the 2020 WRX firmware and follow the programming steps on page 8/11. When I get to step 5 to start the car, the car starts and shuts off immidiately, eventually not even turning the starter. The lights on the Evo One stay solid for Red and Blue and programming does not complete to follow up on the Dcryptor part. After a little troubleshooting I found that I can get the car to start if I reconnect the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green wires I cut eariler making the car at least drivable again.



2016 Kia Soul. Remote start isn't engaging. Fortin Evo One

Having problems with the Evo One not kicking the remote starter on. Programming was did right Im assuming, the can connections are correct assuming becuase i was getting the flashing blue led and such when programming. I do not have the EMS wire so i did use option 2 in the installation diagram. Hit the oem remote 3 times but nothing. Not sure what needs to be checked in the firmware updater though. Kinda stumped and help would be appreciated.


EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE for a 2016 Kia Soul Standard Key?

From doing a little research it seems that the EVO-ALL does not have the remote start? Thanks for any help.


Which System setup do I choose when flashing my EVO-ALL

I have a 2016 Mazda 6 Automatic Push-to-start. My products I'm installing are EVO-ALL remote start, THAR-MAZ1 harness and 2 Fortin RF642W keys. Which system setup do I choose? 1. Standalone remote starter only 2. Standalone remote starter and EVO-alarm system 3. EVO-alarm system only 4. aftermarket remote starter only 5. aftermarket remote starter and aftermarket system 6. aftermarket alarm system only