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2017 S3 - First Time Installer/User want to make sure I have the correct parts!

Hey everyone! First time user/installer here and I am doing a mini project to install the remote starter on my own. I was originally quoted over $600 to do an install and after some research, I've found that it's a relatively easy DIY install. Given it's my first time, I'd like to make sure I've got all the parts needed to get it working the way I want.

My car:
2017 Audi S3 Prestige (Push to Start) - Initial Delivery date of Feb 2017 (in case manufacture date matters)

How I'd like it to work:
Simple ~50 feet (~20 meters) distance to remote start using 3 presses of the lock button with the OEM Remote.
I do not want to install a spare-key in my vehicle or sacrifice one of the key fobs
I'd like both key fobs to be able to remote-start the car
I'd like the car to run for 15-20 minutes before turning off

To do the install, I've purchased two items so far: 
Fortin EVO-ONE  From Amazon [OR Fortin VW-T1 (from Walmart, sold w/ THAR)]
Fortin FLU-100.2 From Amazon (Crimestopper)
Fortin THAR-VW1

I read in the installation instructions that the Key Bypass - TB-VW Module is not supported with the Virtual cockpit (or virtual cluster). Are there any workarounds?
Are there are special parts that I require?
Are there any concerns with respect to my battery? (I already have a dash cam & radar detector installed directly to the fuse box)
Are there different versions for American or Canadian cars?

Thanks so much!


Audi exhango (160Pts.)


2017 SQ5 Evo-All do not run

Hi, I have install Fortin Evo-audt1 on my audi sq5 2017 but doesn't work. I have connect foot brake wire, Can H & Can L under steering column also I tried under hood clutch and harness on key port. I did the program but on the 8th step doesn't flash red and yellow light, only 3x red light. I try to remote start but nothing happen. if i put the key on key port the remote starter works. SN 001A07 481140. VIN:WA1CCAFP3HA009841. Can you help what can I do?


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)



I install fortin evo-all on LC200 (EURO) (standalone--408261). I release the programming button to blue. I connect the rest of the connectors. I turn on the ignition, the blue goes out and after a while the red starts flashing. Wire colors don't match either.


2017 Ford Focus Parking Light Diodes

Guide 72871. 2x 3 Amp Diodes and for L/R parking lights and 10 amp fuse behind glove box. I see these are optional, but what are their intended uses? or recommend use for?


2017 CX-5 Doesn't Get Yellow Light When Ignition Turned On

Installing Evo-All & THAR-MAZ1 on 2017 Mazda CX-5. Followed the guide (62391/66311... different guides if going through troubleshooter vs Flash Link guide) for firmware & options (tried firmware 85.12 & 85.11) THAR-MAZ1 only has Start/Stop 2nd connector (24 pin) & no 32 pin connector. So I am using the recommended wiring connections minus Data Key & Door Lock Data (A10 & A20) When programming I cannot get the module to recognize a key (blue LED, no yellow LED illuminated when ignition is turned on). Is the Data Key (A10) required? It is not in the THAR-MAZ1 harness nor is it populated in the OEM female connector. One of the keys to this vehicle was lost previously & only have 1. Is it possible to program with only one key? (the Flash Link Manager notes that 2 keys are required. I don't quite understand why)


Evo one won’t remote start but will let the car continue to run after starting the car manually..

2017 Subaru WRX. Won't Remote start. Manual Trans. The yellow wire on the main harness (T-Harness) that goes to the clutch wire does nothing when trying to remote start. But the car will continue to run after I turn the key off.


Hood pin wire 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Where would I need to tap the pink/black wire from the Evo one for the hood pin switch on the interior? I believe it's on the body control module but I'm not sure which connector or wire. I would rather use the factory hood switch if possible rather than installing the aftermarket one and not have to run a wire through the firewall. Thanks


17 Tiguan PTS no dcryptor option in flashlink programmer

Trying to get everything prepped before install, have evo-vwt1 with tb-vw and when trying to program the module, it auto-fills the "installation method" step with "key in a box" and says 1 sacrificed key no decryptor. I want to use the decryptor, but theres no combination of settings that enables it as an option. running newest software and firmware, do i need to start the install and try to pull key data first? i didnt want to continue because i wont use this kit if i need to burn a key for it to work


Lexus ES300h 2017 lights flash 4x and doesn't start

Using evo all and rfk942 on 2017 lexus es300h. hybrid, pts. Installed using harness and connected white/black to purple wire on start/stop switch. Programmed without issues, dcryptor ran fine. Able to lock/unlock using both OEM remote and rk942 remotes. When trying to start (with either the oem or rk942) the parking lights and the red led on the evo all flash 4x. Have tried: a11 hood switch off, reset and reflashing, tested all connections. confirmed D4, D6 enabled. Instructions say this means ignition before start. Not sure what is meant by this. The French translates to ignition key detected before starting? I have placed both OEM keys at a distance and tried the rk942 to start and got the same result.


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


2017 toyota LC200 Repetition of the question.

I installed an Evo-All and a remote start alarm on a Toyota LC 200 (2017). Remote start sets the car to factory alarm and if I open the door with the alarm installed, the factory alarm goes off.                                                          The doors are closed with a purple wire and it will arm, but when I open it with a purple-white wire, the standard(factory) alarm goes off (an alarm is triggered).        evo-all 001A07312787


Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


2017 toyota lc 200

I installed an Evo-All and a remote start alarm on a Toyota LC 200 (2017). Remote start sets the car to factory alarm and if I open the door with the alarm installed, the factory alarm goes off. The doors are closed with a purple wire and it will arm, but when I open it with a purple-white wire, the standard(factory) alarm goes off. evo-all 001A07312787


Module wont connect in FlashLink manager

When i connect my FlashLink Lite into the USB port it connects and LED becomes solid red. So that is working. When connectin the 4pin to the EVO-ALL module it is saying in FlashLink manager that the module is not connected. However, the module is slow blinking blue so it atleast has power to the unit. Im running windows 10. And i already tried reinstalling bot the manager software and the driver software.


2017 EvoOne with TharFor3 T harness, blue light won't blink on programming

Thank you in advance for any help! I am a long time using of the EVO ALL and have done a few EVO ONE. A bit stumped on my 2017 F150 though. Using EVO ONE with the THAR FOR 3 harness. All plugged in. Following wiring diagram for the A1 and A16 (put them together) on the white 20 pin connector. When I go to program it, I can't get it to "blink blue". Therefore, I can't get any further in the programming procedure. Followed the directions in the Guide. What could I be missing? Joe