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After following procedure for bypass on Evo-all correctly decryptor says empty key data?

Tried multiple times and every time after getting the rapidly flashing blue light and after the alternating red and yellow when I go to decrypt it says key data is empty?


Mazda Mmk005 (130Pts.)


Evo Start 2 not working with Evo one with T Harness Thar one Maz3


I recently bought Evo start 2 for my Evo one which I have been using for more than 2 years on my Mazda cx 3 2019 with T harness. At that time I did not choose the app start option while programming the Evo one. Can some please help me where should i be connecting the Yellow wire. Does it goes into the A1. Also none of the other options like door unlock are not working. Do I have to reprogram the Evo one again. I know that the firmware should be atleast 1.21. When i push start from the app the green light on the evo start 2 is turning on but nothing is happening.

I have followed the following steps and it was not working.

Ignition ON - OFF - ON (While holding the brake?)

Press and release brake 4 times

Press and hold the Evo start button until green

Turn OFF Ignition

Thank you for reading any kind of help or suggestions is much appreciated 


T harness for 2015 Toyota Prius

I look through the Toyota t harness and non of them seems to support 2015 Toyota Prius for Evo One


rfk442 program on a 2015 ford escape with evo one and t harness

what options need to be turned on in evo one to install a rfk442 long range antenna ,i can not get the blue light on antenna to flash properly am using a t harness on the 2015 ford escape


2001 Toyota Highlander tach signal problem

I just installed an evo one in a 2001 Highlander. Vehicle runs for about 8 seconds then shuts down and flashes the parking lights four times which means no tach signal. I have programmed the module to tachless. I set tachless sensitivity -3 because starter did grind with default setting. I have reflashed the module a couple of times and double triple checked all my wiring what am i missing. Why would it flash no tach signal if I have it set to tachless mode option 20 selection 2. Please help I have no idea where to go from here Toyota Highlander MFG date: 01/01 Evo one SN: 002B04 321003


Evo one not sensing impact sensor

I have evo one 22 civic with alarm enabled everything is working correctly including door and hood and trunk does set off the evo alarm properly oem key and with evo start lte with siren 

except impact sensor alarm is enabled reflashed decrypted a few times

impact sensor has power it flashes properly when it detects shock even tried directly quickly tapping the blue wire on impact sensor plug directly to ground nothing happens I'm pretty sure

evo One is faulty ?

sn is 002B07275028


Kia n h (230Pts.)


cant get can bus communication nor get the module to program without can bus signal

I cant get communication on can bus so I tried to go engine monitorless and still can not get passed programming.


Evo one won’t remote start but will let the car continue to run after starting the car manually..

2017 Subaru WRX. Won't Remote start. Manual Trans. The yellow wire on the main harness (T-Harness) that goes to the clutch wire does nothing when trying to remote start. But the car will continue to run after I turn the key off.


brake wire causing no start?

Having issue with starting it lights up, brake lights come on like its going to start but stops without cranking says "brake" on LCD On dash, and evo stays lit with orange light or lights , if i put a stick on the pedal and hold brake pedal down as i try to remote start, it works fine

2014 VW Jetta
DATE 12/2021
s/n 002b04248922
firmware remote start = 1.[26]  hardware 7.0
BYPASS = 75.[41]
hardware 4.0
using spare key
loaded suggested options on both with diesel option checked

I talked to 1 of your techs today on the phone about it not starting at brake and he said there may be another black & red wire for the brake but after looking at the factory wire schematic & taking the plug down again and physically looking at it,  there is only 1 red & black but there is a {black& violet} & {black & yellow} after the brake switch on the schematic, so im thinking going to one of those? at this point ive tried everything else i know to do.
i watch the lights on the evo as i hit the remote start it goes through all 3 lights then after stays on 2 orange lights or 1 glowing over to look like 2? and still says "brake" on the dash as its trying 

brake lights come on as its going through the process of trying to start also

so it looks and acts like its going to but fails, checked every connection with my fluke meter also, everything is wired correctly only wire in question i suppose is the brake
and i dont care about having to press on the brake pedal so if there are wires to connect or cut to just do away with this feature im all for it to get this project done
P.S. I never did get a blue flash after plugging in all the plugs and turning on ignition, just lights turned off so dont know if thats normal and not mentioned in the guide? or if something is still wrong?

thank you!


Unable to update Firmware

When trying to update the EVO-ONE Software, several messages appear at the top right of the screen    -- Please update your FLASH-LINK UPDATER firmware -- Please disconnect the EVO-ONE from the FLASH-LINK UPDATER before proceeding with the FLASH-LINK        UPDATER firmware update. -- Please select a Firmware Version   And the screen does not change status and does not update the firmware   Video


12 relay clicks in the engine bay?

Hi, I installed the EVO ONE on my Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012 (standard key). Everything is working, but when interacting with the remote start via the RFK411, there is a rapid 12 or so relay clicks coming from the engine bay. Is this normal? Everything is working, starting the car, lock and unlock doors. Please advise. Thanks


Evo one only responds when its in valet mode

Evo one s/n 002B04108567 programs correctly with 2010 dodge challenger standard key wire to wire oem key fob and blue light flashes after when pressing lock or unlock , yellow light turns on when starting the car. The problem is minutes later the unit appears to end in in valet mode , red light on the side near yellow cut wire is on. When I take the unit out of valet mode , red light turns off but I no longer receive the blue light when locking or unlocking the car with the oem fob. When I attempt to remote start the car 3x lock the eed light turns on then the yellow light turns on but the car doesn't crank at all and only attempts to try 1x even though programming is set for 2x attempts. Then I get 4 clicks or flashes from the module. I followed guide #94481 for installation and have tried the basic bear options with my flash link 2 updater on 59.02 and 74 38 and 1 25 firmwares. I notice to anytime I try to run the module on the FL updater the FL updater has to be updated each and every time with 4 05 ? Any help appreciated , no oem alarm


Can I get my Evo One Reset ?

Flash Limit Reached on Evo One. Please Reset. S/N 002B04108567 And should I do the recommended update that is suggested by the flask link update tool or do I stick with the version on the instruction. 2010 dodge challenger standard key standard installation , no T harness. Bypass* Recommended version 74.39 OR instruction version 59.01 Remote start* version 1.25 Flash link 2 unit version 4.05 has to be re updated everytime I use it for reason. (windows 11)