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Install guide

02 gs300 I am looking for a simple install guide for the evo one without the t harness.


brake wire causing no start?

Having issue with starting it lights up, brake lights come on like its going to start but stops without cranking says "brake" on LCD On dash, and evo stays lit with orange light or lights , if i put a stick on the pedal and hold brake pedal down as i try to remote start, it works fine

2014 VW Jetta
DATE 12/2021
s/n 002b04248922
firmware remote start = 1.[26]  hardware 7.0
BYPASS = 75.[41]
hardware 4.0
using spare key
loaded suggested options on both with diesel option checked

I talked to 1 of your techs today on the phone about it not starting at brake and he said there may be another black & red wire for the brake but after looking at the factory wire schematic & taking the plug down again and physically looking at it,  there is only 1 red & black but there is a {black& violet} & {black & yellow} after the brake switch on the schematic, so im thinking going to one of those? at this point ive tried everything else i know to do.
i watch the lights on the evo as i hit the remote start it goes through all 3 lights then after stays on 2 orange lights or 1 glowing over to look like 2? and still says "brake" on the dash as its trying 

brake lights come on as its going through the process of trying to start also

so it looks and acts like its going to but fails, checked every connection with my fluke meter also, everything is wired correctly only wire in question i suppose is the brake
and i dont care about having to press on the brake pedal so if there are wires to connect or cut to just do away with this feature im all for it to get this project done
P.S. I never did get a blue flash after plugging in all the plugs and turning on ignition, just lights turned off so dont know if thats normal and not mentioned in the guide? or if something is still wrong?

thank you!


Add ASCL6 with RFK942

I've installed the EVO ALL with T-Harness (EVO NIST4) and the RFK942 RF kit to my 2016 Infiniti Q50 (3.0T). All works well. I am considering adding the Car Link ASCL6 system to my car. My question is can I use the RFK942 together with the Car Link or will I have to choose between one or the other If I can use both, will I need something added to the existing T-Harness (EVO NIST4) in order to connect them both (such as RFA2A)? Thank you in advance for your help.


T harnes for evo all 2010 honda crv?

Is there a compatible T harnes for evo-all on a 2010 honda crv?


key port works but only when t harness is unplugged

2012 a4 w/push to start will not start. fortin inicated the key port has to be functional in order for it to start. but the key port does not work unless the t harness is unplugged. I was unable to get any help from fortin when i called anyone else had this issue and how can i resolve. the install thus far has been easy , simply tapped the brake signal wire and can high and can low. when the evo is connected it does attempt to start the car meaning it flashes each of the three lights but never hear the starter engadge. updated firmware as requested previously by fortin. but when i called today fortin tech was no so eager to assist. said either the evo relays are bad or the t harness is bad. can i help with anything else. I indicated i would like assistance tryin to resolve. so im trying to work through the troubleshooting he offered but now will not answer the phone. any help would be greatly appreciated.


evo one install with t harness no start

2015 mazda 3 manual no start red light flashing blue light come on when pushing remote


is there a t harness for an 2007 pontiac g5

is there a t harness for an 2007 pontiac g5


evo all will get ignition satus but will not crank theft light flashes in cluster


with or without T harness s/w

hello, i downloaded firmware for RAV4 XLE 2018 stand alone without T harness... now i am installing the T harness.. can i use the module as it is or i need to redownload the s/w for T HARNESS or it is the same with or without T ? thanks


why do I need a Flashlink just to toggle the D1 option. with an Evo-all + harness T.

Using evo all as a stand alone remote starter with oem 3x lock option. Why do I need to purchase a flashlink to make it work. D1 option should be be defaulted to on not off. 2007 Ram using install guide C.


I have a factory hood switch on 2016 Ford F250 it has 2 wires on it which wire do I hook up

The 2 wires on the factory hood switch colors are black and Blue/Red which one do I hook up on the 20 pin harness?


the plug ins on a 2017 Chev Suburban and the GMT3 harness are different on the truck

the t harness on the GMT3 is different than the ign switch harness on the 2017 Chev Suburban! is a new style coming? Thanks


What installation guide for a Ford Fusion 2012 with the Evo Fort1 with T-Harness? Back of unit says it's an Evo All.

What Installation guide would I use for a Ford Fusion 2012? I already Purchased the Evo Fort1 with T harness and have already flashed it with the latest firmware. The back of my unit says it's an Evo-All.