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Hood pin wire 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Where would I need to tap the pink/black wire from the Evo one for the hood pin switch on the interior? I believe it's on the body control module but I'm not sure which connector or wire. I would rather use the factory hood switch if possible rather than installing the aftermarket one and not have to run a wire through the firewall. Thanks


EVO-ONE: Lost my valet/antenna switch

Lost my valet/antenna switch and I need to master reset the module. Can I simulate the valet switch signal by jumping two wires?


i installed but the light all flashed ؟

i installed but the light all flashed ؟


Hood switch necessary in 2015 RAV4 LE?

Dealer far far away installed the Fortin TX something. Changed my battery recently and now the starter error reads hood-open. Lights flash 5 times. I can't see anything that looks like a hood switch. Where could it possibly be located, or is it possible there isn't one at all and the grounding wire came off? Does the module need to be repogrammed? Any details help


Can the hood switch be reversed?

On my 2018 Mazda CX-9 the OEM hood switch connects to ground when the hood is closed and is an open circuit when the hood is open. If I connect this (using the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 harness) to the Fortin EVO-ONE, I will only be able to remote start with the hood open, as the Fortin is expecting a ground with the hood open and an open circuit with the hood closed. Is there a way to flash the Fortin EVO-ONE such that it will work with my stock hood switch? I do not want to drill a hole and run a new wire for a second hood switch.


What does the hood pin connect to on the vehicle?

I have an '07 Accord and see that the hood pin is listed to be connected to pin A15 on the Evo One. My kit did not come with a hood pin but I would like to install a manual switch inside the cabin to toggle off when performing maintenance on the vehicle. My question is this: If I connect pin A15 to one pole on the switch where does the other lead go? To a ground point in the vehicle or is there another pin that it needs to go back in to?


Valet Button

Have bought EVO-ONE without fortin remote. Plan to use OEM FOB. How do we add Valet remote start disable support ? Can OEM Key FOB can be used ? Also; if we want to add Valet switch - what will be the part number do we need?


What wire to use evo one to connect to clutch bypass. 2019 veloster n push to start

Clutch switch has a white, red and 2 black wires on it.


How to install the valet switch Evo All Standalone installation.

Please do my a favour. Talk to me like I'm 7 and give me the step by step process of installing the valet switch.


1. connect which side of the wire to A13 (I'm thinking the black wire with grey checks (positive side). 

2. find a metal piece and attach wire that is black to a screw and fasten it.

3. Mount switch (where most people mount this). 

I'm having some recall work done with the air bag inflators on Nov 12th from the dealer. Also curious how to install this thing properly,



i was buy reciently 2 new evo one units , and this time both order recieve without valet button switch , i has been bought in past unites and it was inclueded , is there change in inclueded items from the old units "EVO ONE", and how i can get valet switch button !


I can switch off while driving



Is it normal to be able to turn off the car while im driving? becaus I can now !!!!!

another issue :

when I start x3, the yallo and red light goes on for 7 min, then if i drive for 5 min and stopped, the car will shut off but wont if im driving. is this normal?


Service No: 001A06 754622  


I have a factory hood switch on 2016 Ford F250 it has 2 wires on it which wire do I hook up

The 2 wires on the factory hood switch colors are black and Blue/Red which one do I hook up on the 20 pin harness?


Installed EVO- ALL, now I can switch off the car while driving !!!

Hi After installing evo- all, I am able to switch off the car by PTS while driving. This is a security issue. the car never switches off while driving but now, I can. How to fix this please? nissan maxima 2014


Guide says that a hood switch and valet switch are necessary, is it really?

I've looked online and haven't seen anyone installing these on 08 VW's