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Hood switch necessary in 2015 RAV4 LE?

Dealer far far away installed the Fortin TX something. Changed my battery recently and now the starter error reads hood-open. Lights flash 5 times. I can't see anything that looks like a hood switch. Where could it possibly be located, or is it possible there isn't one at all and the grounding wire came off? Does the module need to be repogrammed? Any details help


Hood pin being ignored?

I have installed a EVO ONE in to my vehicle and everything is working great. The only issue I have is that the hoodpin safety feature is not working. When I have the hood open the car will still remote start. I have double checked the grounding of the hood pin and made sure that the hoodpin is enabled in the software. Everything is up to date and has been re-flashed. Any ideas on what might be causeing this?


2019 Camry Std Key Hood Pin Wire?

Install guide says that it's mandatory to use the provided hood pin provided with the Evo One. Can't I just use the factory hood pin? If yes, where is the factory hood pin wire located?


2017 Tundra THAR-ONE-TOY7 Hood Pin Connection/Installation

My kit came with a hood pin along with a pink/black wire. Where do i install tghe hood pin and connection?


Hood pin

Do I need hood pin wire connected in order to program a Revo 4 RF kit


Evo-All Mazda cx5 2018 Programmed but, won't start. Red and Yellow Leds, and clicking relay

I'm going nuts. I've tried everything multiple times and still struggling with this. Blue leds flash with every button. I am getting red and yellow leds when I try to start with 3x lock. The relay for the lights click several times. I keep reading that it should be the hood pin, but when I try jumping the pins under the hood, my car goes nuts and throws a ton of errors. I tried grounding the blue wire from the large connector on the evo-all, and then it wouldn't even attemt to work. (I disconnected that wire.) I've been through every connection several times with a volt meter checking continuity and I just can't seem to find anything to solve this. Is it in my options? I went back to the Flashlink and changed all the settings to default suggested settings. I'm getting 4 or 5 light flashes. I know the fobs are not in the car. So, it has to be hood.? Never mind, Got it... the wire I used under the hood to jump the pin was frayed a little at the end and must have been shorting on a nearby pin. I know I ran accross someone else's question with the same errors on the dash. I hope this helps. Cheers!


Hoodpin configurations

I have read a number of posts regarding the hood pin but it seems that they discuss which wire to connect to in order to be a kill switch for the Evo One remote start function. As I understand it, the Evo One A8 pin (dk blue wire) is the trigger for the kill function. I would also like this hood pin to trigger the alarm feature within the unit in case someone opens the hood while the system is armed. What would be the correct wire to connect the hood pin to in this case and can I use one wire from the hood pin and connect it to both the A8 wire and the alarm trigger wire within the chasis of the vehicle in order to have both the remote start kill and the opened hood while armed alarm.


Evo One Install would I still use Dk. Blue. for hood pin whrn its hooked to vehicle key sense wire?


Guide says that a hood switch and valet switch are necessary, is it really?

I've looked online and haven't seen anyone installing these on 08 VW's


Wire/wires for Valet Switch

EVO-CHART4 Stand Alone / T-Harness.. 2015 Town & Country... For the Hood/Valet Switch - is this a single wire hook up? For the switch should the hood pin wire(A8) go to one terminal on the switch and the other terminal be grounded? OR should the 2nd terminal use the external input wire(A13)? I assume grounded...


Is a hoodpin or valet switch required?

I'm installing a GMT4 into a 2013 express in standalone mode for the lock3 mode.  Is a hood pin or valet switch required for the unit to to work?  

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