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Lexus G M (14180Pts.)


Lexus LX600

Hello. Does standalone (38-2) not work on Lexus LX600?


Audi JW (160Pts.)


Reason why turned off after remote start

After installing the Lock x3 remote starter and I checked work well. also I flashed the engine to turn off after 15 minutes. But there are situations where the engine turns off when I open the driver's door after starting the remote start. Even though it hasn't been 15 minutes.

It's happens sometimes. What's the problem?


can remote start be fitted to my car

Hi I live in the UK and have a UK spec 2019 VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi DSG 4Motion with STD key entry and start.To start the car I must have my foot on the brake pedal if I don't the car wont start.Can remote start be fitted to this car?


2012 Toyota Prius V

Hi, Just installed the EvoALL, after 3X lock the car will still lock 2times then start , is that normal ?


TOYOTA PRIUSC 2012 HYBRID G-KEY and EVO-ONE factory key start?

Hello, Can EVO-ONE or EVO-ALL start "TOYOTA PRIUSC 2012 HYBRID G-KEY" using factory FOB (3x lock) ?


Ford G M (14180Pts.)


2019 fusion

I am currently installing a 2019 Fusion. 4.01 didn't work and I want to program 58.04 but it's stuck and the balls are spinning. what can I do?


Nissan G M (14180Pts.)


2010 nissan patrol

Hello. For a 2010 Nissan Patrol (Euro), which instructions will work? And the firmware? StandAlone.


ُEvo One or Evo All, I don't know if the Evo All supports remote start on my car

Hello I have 2013 Honda Accord 2013 push to start and I would like to add remote start. Do I need Evo One or Evo all is enough? I will install the system with t-harnesses THAR-ONE-HON3 regards


Just bought a VW Tiguan 2017 push to start receive only oem key but discover that fortin remote start is installed. that

An electronic gadget is installed on windshield blue and red light blink and written evo on it. Can I link my oem key to 3x lock??






I buy FORTIN EVO ONE ALL + THAR-TOY13 + FORTIN RFK441+ fortin flashlink tools

For long range remote start installation on Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 plug to plug without cutting any cable


I followed the installation instructions, but it didn't work I installed the device and made a flash, and when opening or closing the door, it flashed in blue, but when pressing 3 times to close, the remote start did not work I tried to flash the device again but it stuck in (DCRYPTOR'S LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED FOR THIS CAR)


3-locks-to-start stopped working after module flashing / added RF kit


My evo-all used to working with the OEM key 3-locks-to-start before.

Then I bought the RM 942 RF KIT.

Flashed the evo-all to 78.70, and the antenna to 1.05 already.

I flashed my evo-all to match my vehicle: * Toyota Sienna 2020 * Standalone installation * Standard connection * push to start * No alarm     Enabled the H&H2 option and paired the RF kit keys successfully, with the hlpe from

Followed the DCRYPTOR PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE. All leds are off at step 5 indicating it's already programmed.

After all these, it seems everything are connected and paired correctly. The lock/unlock buttons on the RF kit work properly.


BUT neither OEM key 3 locks nor RF kit key remote start ([+] + lock) could remote start the car. After pressing the OEM key 3 locks, I can hear the evo-all or some car electric component making the small clicking sounds, and the car turn signal lisghts had a couple of follow-up flashing, which seems to me like the evo-all is indeed carrying out the remote start procudre. But car does nothing, no cranking sound at all.


Did I miss anything again?


One weird thing to me is that I think I installed my evo-all with a T-harness, but in the Flash Manager software, after I select TOYOTA, SIENNA 2020, PUSH-TO-START, STANDALONE, there is only STANDARD CONNECT option but on T-HARNESS CONNECTION option in the connection type selector. Is this the problem?






Evo one cranks but no start

CX-5 2016, never starts on first attempt, usually 2nd one is successful but I wonder if there is anything that can fix this behaviour. Transmission is manual. Tried several solutions recommend on this site but still the same.


Ford Adam G (130Pts.)


Remote stopped working, OEM 3x Lock to remote start still works, no light on antenna

I had my car serviced and now the FTX-64-2W remotes don't work. The lock/unlock and remote start all stopped working. When you press a button the remote flashes blue for a while and then 1 red flash. The light on the antenna module also doesn't come on at all anymore. ANT-FMH-2W. The factory ford key still locks/unlocks and when you press lock 3x the remote start still works. So I think the EVO-ONE is still talking to the car and the bypass and remote start is still working. Did the antenna module get fried? They replaced the windshield, could the antenna 4-wire cae be damaged? I checked this 4-wire cable and couldn't notice any damage. The car also had a dead battery when I got it back from service. 2013 Ford Mustang GT.


Jeep Munito (1450Pts.)



Hi guys. I am having these problem with this box. Could you help me please? S/N: 001A07350177 Please and thanks you in advanced.