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After following procedure for bypass on Evo-all correctly decryptor says empty key data?

Tried multiple times and every time after getting the rapidly flashing blue light and after the alternating red and yellow when I go to decrypt it says key data is empty?


I purchased a single use token. It was never emailed to me

Hello, i purchased a single use token this morning and still have not received a email with the code? I would like to know how many days to expect before I receive the code?


Audi 2013 S4 DSG - Fortin ALL getting stuck on step 7 with 3 x red flashing lights

Just installed a Fortin ALL with the Audi T Harness on a 2013 Audi S4 DSG. UK right hand drive car. When I go to try and get the unit to read the key data I am just getting 3 red light flashes on step 7, everything is fine up until that point and the car operates as normal. When I then put the flashlink back onto the PC software it says invalid key data. Any ideas? I have checked all wiring, also checked status of CANBUS with zero issues showing so I know that wiring is good. Serial no for module is : 001A07445150


money return for not recieving my keys

On sat nov 25th i order a key and never recieved a key then i ordered another 1 and never got it either, i have sent an email this morning and still no reponse. sales order number 67606 and 67608 i would like my refund along with the extra charges that were also incured against my account.


Subaru hofs1 (350Pts.)


Key will NOT turn off fully nor remove from key tumbler

2023 Subaru Forester Standard Key Base model have Evo-One installed using Sub1 and Sub3 T-Harness etc .... everything works as far as remote start 3x start doors lock unlock etc Issue is key will NOT turn fully off to be removed Both remote started, insert key turn to run OR start car with key like normal can only turn key to accessory position {radio on}.....Need to pull battery terminal to allow key removal.......Remove all Fortin items and car back to normal. Please advise


f150 2016 just start once

hello i installed a evo all for3 for f150 2015. the firmware 4.01 i done the program and everything good but the car just start once when i start it again the car doesnt start just the car alarm start once.

i checked the hood every thing good the car came with hood pin. 

the SN: 001A07 390594


this my customer car i need help please 



Once evo-all is programed (successfully), nothing else happens. No lights or attempts to start. What would cause this?

Key version w/o tb-vw or r-link, thar-vw6, evo-all 001a07 239027


2018 atlas with key, invalid key data. How do I get past this step?

Tried reseting module, and reprogramming 3 times. Appears to program correctly. It has the t harness, and looks like vw6 and vw2 combined.


EVO-All do I need to order the harness and also do i need flash updater or the existing firmware will support my car.

X-Trail 2014 (Euro) Intelligent Key Push Start EVO-All T-Harness Flash Updater


EVO-KEY Toyota Matrix 2006


Try to use evo-key on toyota matrix 2006.  I used the latest FORTIN manual "Guide # 84651". All wires connected, double checked, reconnected. 

Several times after re-insert 4-pin connector Red and yellow led flashing and I stopped on step 4, red led not flashing 10 times after key inserted. But now after re-insert power - red led lit and no other reaction, yellow not flash.


Jeep G M (14080Pts.)


2015 jeep cherockee Take Over

I have now installed evo-all (standalone) on 2015 cherokee (key). After remote start, when I open the door with the remote control, the engine stalls. Why? 001A07294438 I do not remember whether or not I turned off the A11. And how is A5 better? Turn it on or off?


Invalid key data

When I am trying to do dcryptor it's saying invalid key data for Audi A4 2013 i tried so many times by resetting evo all but same result


Cx5 key handoff - shuts off on door being opened

Engine shuts off on door being opened. What setting needs to be changed to allow key handoff? 2016 Mazda CX5 I'm using evo-all with maz1 t harness. Thanx