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2011 Lincoln MKT key bypass programming will not show red led when pressing brake pedal.

I am trying to do the key bypass steps as described in the stand alone Evo All Lincoln MKT 2010-2014 installation instructions, but getting stuck after being told to insert the oem remote (without battery) into the keyport and press and release the brake pedal to get the unit to display the red LED. The unit only continues to disply the yellow LED despite me pressing and releasing the brake pedal (waiting 5 seconds between each push) up to 50 times. I am using firmware .57, as instructed in the instructions, and have flashed the unit mutiple times. I have also reset the unit and reflashed all to no avail.


Evo All w/ Evo Start no RF kit programming

2018 Ford Edge, Standalone Evo All install, and adding Evo Start. Can not get the Evo Start to program or "mate" to the Evo all. I do have temp, GPS, and bluetooth telemetry to cell via Evo Start but can not get any functions to work via cell app. Programming, I have tried hold program button, plug in black data, release on RED AND BLUE, push till RED AND BLUE, release while constant RED AND BLUE, ignition ON...but do not get the quick flash of RED AND BLUE w/ YELLOW ignition led on. Can you please guide me to what my issue is PLEASE? Remote start via factory lock unlock lock works along with door lock/ unlock like it should. Located in the eastern states. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FORTIN BRAND AND PRODUCTS.


money return for not recieving my keys

On sat nov 25th i order a key and never recieved a key then i ordered another 1 and never got it either, i have sent an email this morning and still no reponse. sales order number 67606 and 67608 i would like my refund along with the extra charges that were also incured against my account.


evo-gmt1 no red light no start

2011 buick regal evo-gmt1 sn001A07v253955 . Blue light flashes with door lock / unlock . oem remotes. no red light , no start. thar-gm1 rev2 harness. what is the correct wiring diagram ? at the moment brown wire to can sw pin 1. brown with white stripe to green /gray parking lights . cannot get ahold of tech


impossible de faire la programmation

quand je branche module pour la programation je tien le bouon jusqua lumiere bleu et rouge ,je brancge mes connecteur ensuite jappuie 2 fois sur bouton pushstart . aucune lumiere allume


2006 nissan xterra evo all with prostart ct3371- starts but doesnt stop until you press the remote starter again

so i installed an evo all with a prostart remote starter ct3371from canadian tire. lock and unlock works and it also starts and stops with the remote. but we noticed that when we start it, it doesnt stop running after 15-30mins. it will only stop running after we press the remote start on the remote fob again. i installed all the evo all and the pro start using guide 78161 which is for 2006 nissan xterra. i installed all the solid lines from the starter. and the evo all. i also installed the broken line connections lock and unlock from the starter to the car and the broken line driver door pin connection from the evo all to the car. i also connection the GWR from starter to evo all. only thing i skipped is the security LED connection which require cutting a wire thats why i skipped it. am i missing something? do i have to connect all the broken line connection from starter to evo all? thanks in advance for the help. i really appreciate you guys responding so quickly to questions. you guys are awesome. thanks again.


I bought an evo one, it worked perfectly with the original wear

Hello, I installed my evo one and it worked perfectly, but I know a lot of distance I didn't turn on so I bought the RFK441 kit. I installed it now. My car doesn't turn on either with the control of the kit or with my original key. I disconnected it and set it up again with only the key but it doesn't do anything to


Evo one only responds when its in valet mode

Evo one s/n 002B04108567 programs correctly with 2010 dodge challenger standard key wire to wire oem key fob and blue light flashes after when pressing lock or unlock , yellow light turns on when starting the car. The problem is minutes later the unit appears to end in in valet mode , red light on the side near yellow cut wire is on. When I take the unit out of valet mode , red light turns off but I no longer receive the blue light when locking or unlocking the car with the oem fob. When I attempt to remote start the car 3x lock the eed light turns on then the yellow light turns on but the car doesn't crank at all and only attempts to try 1x even though programming is set for 2x attempts. Then I get 4 clicks or flashes from the module. I followed guide #94481 for installation and have tried the basic bear options with my flash link 2 updater on 59.02 and 74 38 and 1 25 firmwares. I notice to anytime I try to run the module on the FL updater the FL updater has to be updated each and every time with 4 05 ? Any help appreciated , no oem alarm


2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Turns on but no crank, no start.

Installing Evo All, stand alone with Thar-CHR5 harness. Ignition and MUX wires are connected, module is programmed, key is programmed. Dash lights up, fuel pump buzzes but not start. 

With the harness, I connected the yellow-yellow (ignition), green/red-purple (MUX), and white/red-pink/orange (starter) wires. is there something I'm missing?


Key Fob and Cluster

2007 A4. The key fob and instrument cluster was not original. So the immo cause the vehicle not start (cranks only). Can anyone recommend which one to purchase to defeat or bypass the immobilizer to get the vehicle to start?


2010 Ford Taurus standalone no tach signal

|nstalled EVO-ALL and THAR FOR4 into 2010 Ford Taurus standard key, standalone. Car will start and die after 5 seconds with evo red light flashing 3x for no tach detected. Used latest firmware and have tried backdating as well. Have also tried 2 other EVO-ALL modules with no success. Using Decryptor one key method. Serial # 001A07 153393.


Evo One not recognizing brake signal or key take over

I have an Evo One starts and stop from FTX64- 2W, tried it in two different vehicles same result. It's not recognizing key take over or 12v to black wire in 20pin connector to shut down. I read in a post, Derek mentioned wiring in a relay from the brakes that would send ground signal to the hood pin wire. Sounds like it will work. Will it have any adverse effect while driving, sending ground signal to the hood pin while driving if the key is not being recognized as being switched on?


Car attempts to start but does not crank

2015 Honda Accord coupe ex. It has been programmed correctly. Using a T-harness the Thar-one-hon3. It's a manual transmission with push to start and I put the car in ready mode using foot brake and E-brake. Both red and yellow led on module come on when there are supposed to but after pressing my OEM remote 3 times it appears to start but will not crank. I'm about to return this and seek another option. Any help is appreciated.