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2011 Lincoln MKT key bypass programming will not show red led when pressing brake pedal.

I am trying to do the key bypass steps as described in the stand alone Evo All Lincoln MKT 2010-2014 installation instructions, but getting stuck after being told to insert the oem remote (without battery) into the keyport and press and release the brake pedal to get the unit to display the red LED. The unit only continues to disply the yellow LED despite me pressing and releasing the brake pedal (waiting 5 seconds between each push) up to 50 times. I am using firmware .57, as instructed in the instructions, and have flashed the unit mutiple times. I have also reset the unit and reflashed all to no avail.


Replay clicks when releasing brake pedal while driving.

2011 manual G37, relay in module clicks everytime brake pedal is released while driving.


Nissan XainK (130Pts.)


Brakes light up when remote starting but the 2010 Hybrid Altima does not start

This is a weird one, because the car remote starts pretty much every other remote start session. I'm not sure what's causing that as I checked the wiring and it doesnt seem like anything is wrong. So here it goes, when i try to remote start the car from far I see my brake lights turn on* (as in the brakes are being pressed) but the car does not start. the problem is mainly that the brake lights STAY ON unless I actually go to the car and start it myself, however even when i get to the car nothing pretty much works. I press the brakes myself and when I press the the push to start button it stays on lock (it goes LOCK-ACC-ON) so i pretty much freak out, unlock and lock mulitple times, press and depress the brake while keep hitting the push to start untill it goes off and then I manually start it. INFO: 2010 Hybrid Altima (Push to start) EVO-ALL using RL1 red connector in the module * passanger side brake light does not LIGHT UP, the bulb itself works only when i run the headlights but not when i press the brakes


2018 Golf Sportwagen Push-to-Start won’t remote start unless I press the brake pedal

I have verified all the wires, reflashed and reverified the software. I checked during remote start the brake lights don't come on. I've tried diesel mode. if I sit in the car and remote start it, and then press the brake pedal it will start. Evo-all with TW harness kit. also I have the Evo-Start 2, I can pair it to the Evo-all. But if I send it commands it receives it with a green flash, but then does a amber flash saying it can communicate with the Evo-all. D1 is on and H2 is on.


2016 Tiguan brake and accessories come on but does not turn over, cycles twice.

All lights check out to be correct. Car turns acessories on and applies brake then nothing, then it tries it again and stops for good after that. I have a keywrap right now. Do i the the TB-VW?


2013 vw touareg no start except with brake pedal

sn: 002b04174651 version 60.11 first install was with thar-aud1 that didnt work ignition didnt come on and it was asking to remove key from ignition second install was wire to wire installation worked fine could program the key ect. tried remote start ignition comes on but no start at first ign on if i touch the brake it would stall soon after at second ign on (on same remote start attempt) it keeps running. verified yellow/red wire to black/red wire all seems ok. i got 12v at black/red if i touch the brake. at one time while trying car start even if yellow/red was connected. car is a diesel if that matters.


Evo One not recognizing brake signal or key take over

I have an Evo One starts and stop from FTX64- 2W, tried it in two different vehicles same result. It's not recognizing key take over or 12v to black wire in 20pin connector to shut down. I read in a post, Derek mentioned wiring in a relay from the brakes that would send ground signal to the hood pin wire. Sounds like it will work. Will it have any adverse effect while driving, sending ground signal to the hood pin while driving if the key is not being recognized as being switched on?


Altima shuts off when brakes depressed

After remote starting my vehicle, when I enter the vehicle, it will shut off as soon as I step on the brake. I hit the unlock first then enter but unable to put it in gear without the vehicle shutting off. Altima does have push start. Please help


Brake pedal required

Installed the EVO-VWT3 kit in a 2012 Beetle Turbo PZEV standard key. Everything is working up until the vehicle attempts to start. The cluster is displaying that the brake pedal needs to be depressed. I cannot find any information for this specific issue. Using the guide for the PTS beetle, I installed a jump wire between the yellow/red wire to the black/red wire on the BCM connector. This allows the brake lights to come on, but now they stay on the entire time.


No remote start after install, no parking lights, brake lights light up.

Evo-ALL. 2012 Nissan Maxima I have all wires connected. Do i need to connect any of the red plugs? No other options installed. I get no parking lights or car does not start when remote is pressed 3x. The horn beeps and the brake lights light up. Car will start when im inside and press brakes but no remote start.


chevrolet aveo standard remote disabled after remote starting, starts anyway at the 5th lock not the 3th lock

i have the evo all installed with the GM1 t-harness, and i use my factory chevrolet flip key (aveo 2012 euro/sonic) the car starts at the 5th time pressing the lock button, not the 3th time, and if i try the option lock-unlock-lock then it don`t work.. if i remote start the car then de oem flip key is disabled and get no response from the car, i can unlock the car with the key, and if i push the unlock button in the car and press the brake it turns off and starts normally (automatic) license: (JV-198-N) Netherlands.


EVO one takeover delayed

Key takeover works but sometimes its delayed. Like 10 minutes. While driving it will take over. Same with brake stop, sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Connection to brake wire seems fine, any known configuration or firmware issues that can cause this?


Kia Mike M (9820Pts.)


Getting brake on error with evo all and compustar cm900.

I installed a compustar cm920 with a Evo all using datalink cable on a 2019 kia Sorrento key start vehicle and it will work fine but randomly not start using remote start and I get an error code from the parking lights saying foot brake on. This is strange because it's all thru data and it will only happen once every 10 times or so. I have a options A1-A11, C1, F2 on. The vehicle does NOT have an immobilizer. Programmed using just the blue light for CAN and programming went fine. Not sure what would cause this.