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Subaru ReLyt (210Pts.)


2009 Subaru Manual unable to Lock/Unlock during remote start

Good evening, I am trying to get a 2009 Subaru Forester manual transmission functioning with an EVO-ONE and an Excaliber RF kit (listed under compatible remotes). Reference: First of all, the option for RFLF remote within Unit Options does not exist on any of the remote start firmware options (tried 0.44, 1.26, 1.16 and several others to check). I did attempt to pair the remotes and had mild success with the default RF kit setting. Lock and Unlock seem to work intermittently depending on the state of the vehicle, remote start does work with reserve mode for the manual transmission as long as a lock command is accepted to turn off the engine (configured option to keep engine running until door lock). Currently running remote start firmware 1.16, but had similar results with 1.26 and 0.44 as well. Primary issues: 1) Unable to use factory or Excaliber remotes to lock or unlock the vehicle after a remote start command was sent from Excaliber remotes (regardless if the vehicle was able to successfully remote start or not). What options exist to resolve this? What firmware should be used? Are there any option settings to adjust? 2) Flash limit was reached while trying to test different remote start firmware versions. Can this please be reset? (EVO-ONE, 04/2022, SN: 002B04 271047) Secondary issue: 3) Sometimes when a door is opened after an unlock command, the alarm is triggered and can only reset when unlock is pressed twice on the factory fob (not tested with Excaliber remotes). This was not tested thoroughly so I do not have clear steps to reproduce this case. It did seem to happen more often after any action was made relative to remote-starting (either attempting to enter reserve mode with engine running or after attempting remote-start).


Manual CX-5 Crank no start

2014 Mazda CX5 ; manual push to start ; Evo-one w/MAZ THAR ; SN 002b04 638289

Cranks but doesn't start. All fob functions work, car runs normally, and it goes into ready mode and shuts down after exiting. Won't autostart after getting out of the vehicle - what am I missing? Valet mode off.

Using default settings with the plug&play harness.

Firmware 85.14

A1 through A-10 : ON

A11 OFF ; B1 OFF ; C1 ON


D3-D5 : OFF ; D6 ON

Firmware 1.26

2 through 15 : option 1 (default)

16.5 ; 18.1 ; 19.1 ; 20.8 ; 21.2 ; 24.1 ; 25 (off) ; 26.1 ; 29.1 ; 30.1 ; 31.1 ; 32.1 ; 33.2 ; 34.1 ; 35.1 36.3 ; 37.1 ; 38.1 ; 39.1


Options for 2015 MK7 TDI 6M/T

Do you support 2015 MK7 Golf TDI with 6M/T? If so, what components would you recommend. Thank you for your time.


EVO-One for 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 - Remote start starts the vehicle but immediately shutsdown after 1 second.

After I put my vehicle in ready-mode for my manual, push-to-start vehicle, my car will remote start properly, however, it immediately shuts off after about 2 seconds. Parking lights don't show any indication on why it shutdowns either. What could be the issue? I also noticed that the wiring diagram for installation have flipped wiring colors for 7A (Back Clutch Switch 2) and 7B (Front clutch switch 1). It says the Back clutch switch should have 2 cables, a WHITE and a BLACK cable, however, in reality it has a GREY and BLACK cable. Same thing with the Front clutch switch; diagram says it should have a GREY and BLACK cable but it they're WHITE and BLACK in my car... I have tried both of these wirings actually, and the problem still persists. Even if this is not the cause of the problem, which one is correct?


FAQ ReLyt (210Pts.)


Is remote compatibility changing over time?

I notice there are several guides for various compatible remotes on the website - thank you for those detailed guides! However, reading through Q&A and looking through available firmware on FlashLink Manager, I notice there are several firmware options that people have had success with other remotes - 0.44 for OmegaLink, 0.50 "test drone", 0.83 SmartStart 2.0 (for DSM550), 0.96 "Test Firstech...", and some reports of 1.24 being used for compustar/idatastart while others saying iDatastart remotes are not supported. I understand things won't be perfect and am not expecting fully backed solutions by Fortin as there is competition, but are there any general guidelines for firmware/wiring options to attempt to make Evo-One work with other remotes? Any "generally universal" firmware, maybe some pinouts that need to change on the 4pin connections, or at least what to do to prevent damage? I am really looking forward to using Evo-One for manual transmission installs, but my customers have preferences on other remotes they've had in the past. Most prominent cases: Python, Viper, and iDatastart remotes Any insight is greatly appreciated! Cheers


Manual trans ready modes

Programming the EVO-ONE for a 2018 manual Camaro. Ready mode activation has 4 different options. Activate by RF, activate by hand & foot brake. By RF shut down on lock, active by handbrake and foot brake vehicle will shut down on lock. Can someone please break these options down for me, for example what is the first option (actives by Rf) mean?


2022 Subaru WRX, Manual Transmission, Evo-One, THAR-SUB4, RFK3641, Ready-mode not activating

Car = 2022 Subaru WRX, Manual Transmission, Push-to-start I have programmed, decrypted, and installed an EVO-One using the THAR-SUB4 Harness and an RFK3641 rf kit. When I try to enable the ready mode, the car is not remote starting. I have been following the procedure to activate: Car is running, put in neutral, press foot brake, pull hand brake, release foot brake, here is where it gets weird. According to the instructions I should now press and hold the start button for 3 seconds, but before I get a chance to do that the car flashes the lights 3 times. When I press and hold the start button for 3 seconds nothing happens. I leave the car running, get out, the car automatically shuts off and locks the doors. When I go to remote start it, the lights flash 3 times and nothing happens. I have tried doing this same thing with and without holding the start button for 3 seconds before exiting. I have also tried pushing the start button on the car before exiting (similar to "removing" the key), but the car immediately shuts off. Looking for some assistance, thanks!


Ready to start

Bonjour j’ai un Honda civic si 2015 et je voudrais savoir c’est quoi la séquence pour activer le prêt à démarrer. Mon evo one est le 002B07071941. Merci bien !!


2019 Veloster PTS Manual, Bypass wont program

2019 Veloster PTS Manual. Wire to wire according to Bypass wont program when ignition is pressed twice. Any advice on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.


Issues with lock/disarm unlock 2011 jetta standard key manual transmission

When following install guide #61521 for manual transmission on 2011 jetta it shows the blue/red connection off of BCM plug A connected to the green/red of the evo-all module, this function is not working all other parts of the install are functioning except for unlock/disarm. Is there a solution to this issue?


Evo-all thar -vw3 standard transmission 2011 jetta

Can the evo-all be installed using the thar-vw3 and tb-Vw in a manual transmission 2011 jetta as a bypass/interface module with a separate starter? If so is it the same wiring connections show on the thar-Vw3 with the exception of the brake vs the clutch bypass difference in the automatic vs manual wiring for the evo all.


2021 Ford transit clutch bypass

So still need info on how to bypass the clutch on this using Evo one. I have made a joining harness for it and I have the wiring diagram from ford which has 4 wires: return, vpowr cpp1 and cpp2 which wire do I need to ground and do I need to use a relay and any resistor and or diodes? Thanks


Engine won't shutdown after remote start put in Ready mode

Hi, I have a 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6 with a manual transmission and I'm trying to remote start it with the EVO-ONE I installed on it. I believe I wired everything correctly according to the instructions but the engine is not shutting down after I follow the sequence to enable Ready Mode on the remote starter. The doors lock and unlock confirming that the sequence was done correctly to enable remote starter but when i get out of the vehicle and close the door the engine doesn't turn off and I'm unable to lock the door with the OEM remote. Its as if it doesn't know the status of the doors?