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CX5 horn does not go off when evo one alarm is tripped 2021 THAR-ONE-MAZ3

2021 Mazda CX5 evo one, the horn does not go off when alarm is tripped I used the THAR-ONE-MAZ3. I chose car has oem alarm Use evo one Remote start and alarm I also reflashed and tried the same with car did not have oem alarm Once alarm is activate I see and hear the clicking on the dash, but the horn does not sound Ty


Mazda jenom (280Pts.)


Install Guide #68261 Thar-One-Maz3 2017 Mazda CX-5 Automatic Push Start

I am following steps in Guide #68261.

1) As per large yellow "ATTENTION" warning, disconnected - terminal from battery.

2) Removed covers

3) Made the following connections: #4,#5,#6

7) Made the other required connections: Diagram on page 4 (Connect everything else)

6) Reconnect - battery terminal

Page 7 Step 1: Connect the 6-pin Main Harness

--already connected everything to Evo-One control at #7, however diagram show Evo-One control with NOTHING connected !

Are those connectors magically disconnected by themselves ? Maybe  missing instructions ? 

....disconnect battery - terminal ?   .....disconnect all connections from Evo_One control ? ...reconnect - battery terminal ?


Evo One w/ Linkr LT2 - Transfer to New Car

The time has come to let the 2015 Honda Odyssey go, . I have the Evo One with Linkr LT2 for several years now and works flawlessly. As a matter of fact, I have the same set-up in 2 of my other vehicles. GREAT PRODUCT! Question, do I have to do a complete "hard" reset prior to installing the Evo One or can I use the flashlink to make the changes (new vehicle, key, etc) and update the Evo One. And would you know if I have to "reset" the Linkr LT2? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. FYI, I'm going from a 2015 Odyssey to a 2019 CX5 (I have the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 already on order).


2019 Mazda CX-5 (A/T & PTS) Alarm activating when remote starting (OEM keyfob/ 3xLock)

Sometimes when I try to activate remote start with my OEM key fob by pressing the lock button three times my car alarm will go off and then I press unlock and the car starts


Cx-5 without datakey failing remote starting

Hello, I have a mazda cx-5 2016 with automatic transmission push to start. but unfortunately my car doesn't have a DATAKEY pin in the CAN . I'm using evo-all with RF kit (EVO RM942). As per my understanding with DATAKEY not available I'm only left with the setup "Regular installation-1key programming" GUIDE#63601 I have made all the connectivity as per the guide and configured the module as per the guide...but never got the module to start my car...I got it only to lock and unlock my car using the RF remote or original remote. when I try to start my car the evo-all module just starts clicking multiple time but the car never starts. below is a link of a video for the behavior of EVO-ALL when I attemp to remote start the car. Any idea or suggestions please? Thanks in avance. Regards,



Hello, Installing Evo one with MAZ 3 'T' Harness in a 2016 CX-5 (push start automatic ), only get a blinking red light for first step programming, not alternating blue, red, yellow. options were set and saved ok with flash link updater. .......thinking maybe a bad 'T' harness ? Please advise if possible Thanks Ken


Cx-5 2016 alarm

After istallation of evo-one in mazda cx-5 2016, qhen remote start de vehicule the alarm oem start. Wired with thar-one-maz3


2018 Mazda CX-5 evo one Thar Maz3 windows dont automatic go up or down

I installed EVO ONE with Thar One Maz3 harness in 2018 Mazda CX-5. Before install my windows would go up and down automaticly Just hit the button and let go. Now after install I have to hold the button until they are either up or down. How do i fix this?


Software Incompatibility with Remote Function Actuation

I have installed the EVO-ONE-942 with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 on my 2016 Mazda CX5 Automatic Push Start, and when scanning the vehicle with Thinkcar I get a DTC in EPS module, code U0338:00-08 (Software incompatibility with remote function actuation).

After clearing all code, it comes back again ...

Also, I've noticed the trunk open on the remote opens it half way, meaning it still cannot be actually opened until you unlock the car. Is there a way to disable trunk open as it doesn't work right?

Another weirs "issue" I found, when the car is unlocked with Fortin remote, then locked with "OEM" remote, when you check status with Fortin remote, it will say unlocked even though it's locked. Then when you lock with Fortin remote, it will report the status correctly.



Some quick post-install questions ...

I have just installed the EVO-ONE-942 with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 on my 2016 Mazda CX5 Automatic Push Start. Everything seems to work just fine, but I had a couple of questions ... When I did the programming with Flashlink manger I went throigh the "wizard" step by step, and picked that my car already has an OEM Alarm system (I verified by rolling window down, locking, then unlocking, and it sounded the alarm). I chose not to use the OEM remote for starting, just the Fortin RF one ... I also did not install the Valet switch, or the Hood pin. Question, since it seems to work I am assuming that I didn't need to enter manual options to fine tune anything? Also, when I went through the programming, would I automatically get a firmware update or did I have to do that step manually and I missed it? My unit was made at the end of 2020 so I assume it's fairly up to date? Thanks in advance!


red flashing instead of red and yellow flashing?

Mazda cx-5 2018   Evo all guide # 66311   on step 13 I have an only red light flashing once every second and did not stop!!   I tried and read different solution founded here, but it ends with the same red flashing   all wires connected correctly 


EVO-ONE - failed MA inspection after install 19 Mazda cx-5

Went for a state inspection a few days after install failed because weak battery that was my fault a light was left on in the cabin, went back a couple hundred miles later and massachusetts state inspection lists certain systems as not ready. Anyone else seen this caused by the evo install? Could I temporarily remove the evo and the harness for the purpose of the inspection and put it back without damage?


Cannot unlock passenger doors after remote start, EVO-ONE in a 2018 CX-5

2018 Mazda CX-5 with the EVO-ONE and THAR-ONE-MAZ3. The remote start works fine, but I haven't been able to find a combination of settings where I can unlock the passenger door after a remote start (with key or button on door handle), without setting the system to just unlock all of the doors all of the time. There is a setting that specifically mentions allowing this function, and it doesnt seem to do anything expect for some reason adding a honk to confirm the start up sequence is complete. Firmware for bypass/remote start are both up to date as of today. When I don't trigger a remote start and unlock the car with the fob/door handle, the car unlocks the driver door first and passenger doors second as normal.