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How to fix RFK 942 to only unlock drivers door?

I recently installed an evo one thar one maz3 harness with the rfk 942 on a 2017 CX-5 push to start. Flashed it with the latest firmware available and recommended settings. Everything works except when I press the unlock button once on the rfk 942 it unlocks all doors. On the bypass side I have B1 turned on for drivers door unlock priority but it still unlock all doors. Any suggestions?


'10 MDX EVO-ONE w/ RFK942 remote not working, no green led lock/unlock/start

I've installed the EVO-ONE & harness w/ RFK942 remote kit on my wifes 2010 Acura MDX and it has been working fine for about 3 years till now. My wifes tried to remote start and car was not on when she walked to it, and she tried to unlock using the 942 remote and it didn't unlock for her nor any other buttons did not work. Used her oem remote to unlock and locks fine but alarm goes off when opening door due to how it's programmed but eventually she got it to disarm. To troubleshoot, I've tried pressing all buttons and all lights the blue led for button press confirmation but did not light a green led for confirmation of communication to main brain like it usually do. Checked if remote buttons is disabled (trunk>lock+trunk) but remote with just blink rapidly for a second and no leds on. Check if in valet mode and it was not as the led was not constant lit on antenna. Then I've reprogrammed the remotes (2nd remote probabaly just need new battery but if i press 2 buttons a second apart the 2nd press will not confirm blue led press and remote will not light any leds when any buttons are press for about 5-10 seconds and will not program). None of the above did not fix issues. I am seeking solutions before I dig into the dash to reprogram the brain. Thoughts?


RM 942 buttons have wrong functions

Hi, I flashed my evo-all to match my vehicle: * Toyota Sienna 2020 * Standalone installation * Standard connection * push to start * No alarm Flashed the evo-all to 78.70, and the antenna to 1.05 already. The rm 942 fob could connect to the car, but the lock button opens/closes the driver side sliding door, the unlock button opens/closes the passenger side sliding door, with just one press. And the remote start button doesn't work at all. Did I miss anything? Thanks, Gerry


RFK 942 antenna not recognized by Flashlink 4 and Intermittent key fob operation

I've just installed a Evo All and RFK 942 on my 2015 GMC Sierra. No issues at all during install or programming and the system is working (sort of). The problem I'm having is this: intermittently the unit does not seem to receive commands from the remotes and/or no confirmation is sent back to the remotes. About 1/2 the time when pressing a button on the remote, I get the multiple blue LED flashes followed by the red LED and the beep indicating out of range. Or the vehicle responds but the key fob does not confirm it (no beeps or LED flashes on the key fob). It happens with both key fobs and distance from the vehicle does not matter. I can be 6 feet from the truck or 200 feet - same result (I haven't tried from any further away yet). I was thinking maybe there's an issue with the antenna and then I realized that the antenna firmware can be updated. I connected the antenna to the Flashlink 4 and it does not detect it. Does this confirm that the antenna is bad? Or am I doing something wrong? Just for context, I'm a professional Automotive Technician at a GM dealership and have some experience installing remote start systems. This is the first Fortin system that I've worked with. Edit: I tried again and managed to connect the Flashlink to the antenna. The antenna firmware is already up to date.


False confirmation from RFK942 remote

Recently installed an evo all and the RFK 942 in my 2021 Corolla. The OEM key fob works fine when remote starting (lock, unlock, lock), but its not the same for the RF kit. When I press and hold the start button it beeps and flashes green indicating a successful start, however the car doesn’t actually start. When I try it for the second or third time that's when it starts. I am just at my window about 10 meters away from the vehicle. Anyone else have this problem?


Rfk942 confirm start

I know the rfk942 will "confirm" a remote start. But it does so before the vehicle actually starts. Is there a way to change it so that the green light doesn't come on until the vehicle is actually running?


RFK942 Remote LED

When I start my G37S which uses the RF642W remote, the RF642W remote's green LED flashes once every six seconds when the car has been started remotely. On my Q50, which has the RFK942, when the car has been started remotely the LED of the RFK942 remote flashes once every 10 seconds. My question is, is there is a way to change how often the LED on the RFK942 remote flashes? This trivial and certainly no "deal breaker" since I do preferrer the RFK942. I was just wondering.


Add ASCL6 with RFK942

I've installed the EVO ALL with T-Harness (EVO NIST4) and the RFK942 RF kit to my 2016 Infiniti Q50 (3.0T). All works well. I am considering adding the Car Link ASCL6 system to my car. My question is can I use the RFK942 together with the Car Link or will I have to choose between one or the other If I can use both, will I need something added to the existing T-Harness (EVO NIST4) in order to connect them both (such as RFA2A)? Thank you in advance for your help.


RFK942 not working?

I have a Corolla 2020 Hybrid with EVO-ALL installed, till now this worked perfectly, but since the range of the factory remote is not that great and has no feedback, I decided to buy the RF kit RFK942. I just used the flashlink manager to enable the RF kit, connected the antenna, and then followed the steps according to the manual, after pressing the buttons on the remotes (first + then lock) the red and blue lights blink to confirm, when I switch off the car all 3 leds start blinking for a while, I don't know if this is correct, it doesn't say anything like that in the manual Whatever I do after that, nothing works anymore, it won't even start anymore with the factory remote. Lock unlock on the RF kit doesn't work either, it beeps and turns green if I press a button, but nothing happens. I have reset the complete unit and start from scratch, same thing happens again, everything works, as soon as I learn the remotes, nothing works anymore. Any ideas what to do?? EDIT: when I sit inside the car and I try the remote start from the RF kit or the lock, I do hear relays clicking in the EVO. The car just doesn't react to it. Am I doing the order wrong maybe? Should I learn the remotes first, and then do the procedure before the decryptor? Whatever I do, as soon as I have learned the remotes, nothing works anymore.


RFK942 not working after disconnecting and reconnecting the car battery

After getting the RFK942 working I did some maintenance on the car. I disconnected the battery to perform the maintenance required and after reconnecting the battery I attempted to lock the doors with the RFK942 remote. The remote sent the signal but doors did not lock (LED turned red). I thought that perhaps the antenna needed to be reprogrammed so I attempted to perform the programming procedure again. The antenna would not program (no blue LED) so I connected it to the Flashlink Manager to see if something had been turned off. The Flashlink Manager did not recognized that the antenna was connected. From this I am gathering that the antenna was damaged when I reconnected the car battery. Is this possible? If so, what can I do to prevent this from happening again? Would a different RF kit work better (for example the RF642W)?


RFK942 Distance confusion

I'm confused. In the literature such as the manual, it states that the range is 6500ft / 2km and on the web site it says 5000 ft /1.5 km. In the youtube video add it says 6000ft? How realistic is it? Example in a building about 900 ft away? On a street how many blocks? Any expert advice appreciated! Thank-you! Mario


Key fob cover

This is just a general (and perhaps silly) question concerning the RFK942 and RF642W key fobs. I am looking for a means to protect my key fobs. I have my vehicle key fobs protected with silicone covers. Is there something available for the RFK942 and/or the RF642W?


Some quick post-install questions ...

I have just installed the EVO-ONE-942 with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 on my 2016 Mazda CX5 Automatic Push Start. Everything seems to work just fine, but I had a couple of questions ... When I did the programming with Flashlink manger I went throigh the "wizard" step by step, and picked that my car already has an OEM Alarm system (I verified by rolling window down, locking, then unlocking, and it sounded the alarm). I chose not to use the OEM remote for starting, just the Fortin RF one ... I also did not install the Valet switch, or the Hood pin. Question, since it seems to work I am assuming that I didn't need to enter manual options to fine tune anything? Also, when I went through the programming, would I automatically get a firmware update or did I have to do that step manually and I missed it? My unit was made at the end of 2020 so I assume it's fairly up to date? Thanks in advance!