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T-HARNESS was used with an EVO-ALL. After 15min run time the vehicle shuts down and the factory alarm sets off. Is there a setting that can avoid the factory alarm triggering?


why doesn't my activation code work


RM 942 buttons have wrong functions

Hi, I flashed my evo-all to match my vehicle: * Toyota Sienna 2020 * Standalone installation * Standard connection * push to start * No alarm Flashed the evo-all to 78.70, and the antenna to 1.05 already. The rm 942 fob could connect to the car, but the lock button opens/closes the driver side sliding door, the unlock button opens/closes the passenger side sliding door, with just one press. And the remote start button doesn't work at all. Did I miss anything? Thanks, Gerry


2010 VW GTI

Hi guys. I am trying to install an evo all with rfk411. The problem is that the lock and unlock works but the car doesn't start when I let pressed the button for 3 sec, nothing happens. The serial number of my box is: 001A07468752. I didnt try use w/o key cuz the guide said: BETA TESTING! Any ideas? Thanks in advance. key wrapped over the transponder if not it doesnt works and said key not detected, like that works perfect when I press lock button x3. guide I am using.


Will not start and shuts all functions of vehicle down.

Evo All installed in a 2019 Nissan Kicks was working fine for 6 months or so. Now we push lock button one time and then everything seems to shut down key fob will not function can't unlock doors etc.. enter vehicle with physical key and try to manually start with push button and then nothing happens car wont start at all, we wait 4-6 hours and then we can get in with key fob and push button start..Curios what I can do to solve this problem. Thank You


2016 Hyundai Accent. No immobilizer. Cannot make blue light flash for can programming

I have a 2016 Hyundai accent. Have the Can wires hooked up as shown in diagram. Grey wire is reading 3.18 VDC and Grey and black is reading 2.48VDC. Plug in wires and turn ignition to on/run position and the blue light does not flash. I am using thar-khy2 T-Harness. A1 is hooked up to E5 like in diagram. Help......


Why the doorlock does'nt work on a 2014 Volkwagen tiguan

I installed an EVO-ALL with a VW-TB and a Autostart remote starter. Everything programmed fine on first attempt, The car starts fine, brake pedal kill the engine. The doorlock does'nt work with the remote starter. Blue light flash on the evo-all on lock, and blue light flash and a relay click in the module. Even if I ground purple or purple/black it does the same thing and no doorlock. What could it be?


2010 VW Tiguan doesn't start.

Hi guys. Dereck could you check this out for me? All the wiring was correct, the programming was perfect, but when the car tries to start, it says, key not recognized and glitch twice when I try to start. I'm not sure if I'm using the correct diode. By the way, the red black wire (starter) is orange black, I'm not sure if this is the correct one either. The transponder wires, one is blue and the other is red, am I opening the blue, or does it not matter? Might you help me? Thank you very much in advance.     Best regards.


Rf411 not responding

I installed an evo one and rf411 in a honda civic 2012 and it worked perfectly while i was installing it. However, while routing the antenna, I removed the cable from the antenna side to make the routing easier and re attached it after. Now the factory remote 3x start works but the rf kit remote is not accepted by the antenna. Also there is no lights coming on the antenna. I tried plugging it in to see if the light comes on, reprogrammed the evo one, tried the antenna button, tried putting the antenna in programming mode but the led doesnt come on at all.


VW Tiguan 2012 not pass key bypass programing.

2012 VW Tiguan, I installing EVO-ALL, used THAR-VW2 diagram, I start with prograning procedure, 1-6 pass, in stage 7 red light tree times flashing,I reconect wires on OBDII, now it flash twice. this problem in wiring or programing? thanks.


2014 maxima -evo all during prog. Module car starts when PTS is pressed

I am using the Evo All w/ standalone W/O T-Harness & oem remote 3x for 2014 Nissan Maxima (Push-to-Start). Once all the wires are connected I connect the 4-way link wire into Evo-All and I release the prog. Button once the LED is yellow- now it turns solid yellow- I connect the remaing connectors and press the prog. Button twice and it flashes yellow and once solid yellow again I press the PTS button for the 1st time, which should go ino Acc mode- but the vehicle starts running until I press the PTS button 1x more and fully shuts off. As soon as I disconnect the module the vehicle acts normal - Accesory - Ignition On.


2013 Hyundai Accent

Hi there! I am having the next problem. When installing the Evo one on my 2013 Hyundai Accent the blue programming light turns off when I turn the car on and the light comes back on when I turn it off  have the can wires on the right ones do I need the can wires to use the remote start? What options do I need to change the serial number of my evo one is 002B04 247461 The wiring is correct and have verified continuity.  Voltages on the CAN wires are roughly 2.35 and 2.65. Could you help me please, what going on? Thanks you


Remote Start Stop Working

I have an EVO All installed with T-Harness in a 2022 Rav4 Hybrid PTS. Everything worked fine till I installed and try to use EVO-START 2. I later noticed that I did not programm the EVO_START 2. I did it and since then it never worked and even the 3x lock remote start stop working. I also tried to Master Reset. It seems to work while doing it on the module but when I connect the EVO ALL to FLashLink the module is stil programmed. Nothing was reset. When I start the car, the middle Yellow LED turns on. SN: 001A0785010