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Compatibility with 2016 Volkswagen GTI

I'm confused with compatibility regarding the 2016 VW GTI. I see options listed for the standard MK7 Golf and Golf R, as well as the MK6-generation GTI. Would the systems for the MK7 Golf or Golf R work with my GTI?


Volkswagen Jetta gli 2014 doesn’t start

Hello, I just installed an evo one on a Volkswagen gli push to start 2014, with a TB-VW. Everything went perfect from connection to programming, without any problems. only until I wanted to turn it on (lock 3 times) because it does the process and turns on the dashboard lights but never gives starter. I tried to do it with the key inside the car to see if it was the immobilizer but it didn't start either. Evo one 05/2022 Sn 002b04274931


2016 Passat Virtual Cluster equipped vehicle

Does a 2016 Passat in a Virtual Cluster equipped vehicle have to sacrifice the key?

If so, should I install it with the regular install [Regular Installation KEY REQUIRED] wiring diagram?


Evo-all thar -vw3 standard transmission 2011 jetta

Can the evo-all be installed using the thar-vw3 and tb-Vw in a manual transmission 2011 jetta as a bypass/interface module with a separate starter? If so is it the same wiring connections show on the thar-Vw3 with the exception of the brake vs the clutch bypass difference in the automatic vs manual wiring for the evo all.


2010 VW Tiguan doesn't start.

Hi guys. Dereck could you check this out for me? All the wiring was correct, the programming was perfect, but when the car tries to start, it says, key not recognized and glitch twice when I try to start. I'm not sure if I'm using the correct diode. By the way, the red black wire (starter) is orange black, I'm not sure if this is the correct one either. The transponder wires, one is blue and the other is red, am I opening the blue, or does it not matter? Might you help me? Thank you very much in advance.     Best regards.


2015 VW Golf Evo-One Manual Trans, TB-VW THAR-VW6, No Start, Ready Mode Error

I have a 2015 VW Golf. Installed and programmed Evo-One with TB-VW, and THAR-VW6. I run the car, and am able to enter ready mode by pressing brake, pulling handbrake, then releasing brake, and pressing start on the fob. The car responds, and I am able to remove they key. I get out and close the door, and the car seems to go into ready mode giving one flash of the parking lights. When I send the remote start command with the fob, the car starts the procedure and then gives me 3 flashes before even trying to crank. Is it possible there are any settings in the evo-one that may be causing the vehicle to lose ready mode before it starts. Thanks


FAQ (Pts.)


Volkswagen & Audi programming diagnostics

Trouble programming an Audi or Volkswagen?


VW/Audi that use 75.XX and 67.XX firmware (non-RLink programmer)


    2x Red LED Flash = CAN2 not connected properly 3x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle , cluster unknown, check CAN2 4x Red LED Flash = TB-VW not connected, or not connected properly 5x Red LED Flash = Dcryptor 1 did not work (for vehicles that require 2 Dcryptors') 6x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle, cluster unknown, check CAN2. If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap.   

VW/Audi using 64.XX / 65.XX (with R-Link programmer)
    Red LED toggle 1sec On/Off = no communication with RLink or it's connection or key placement. If the vehicle is PTS, DO NOT leave the key tapped on the ring. Also if PTS, take battery out of the remote. On all vehicles, be sure to use PIN 2 of the transponder connector, do not go by color. 2x red LED flash = Connection problem with CAN2 3x red LED flash = Not able to access cluster information. Call tech support. 5x red LED flash = Cluster is on protection function, Reconnect TB-VW , keep ING ON and wait 15 minutes



2014 VW Tiguan EVO-All EVO-VWT6 TB-VW Starts, and shuts down, shows no key.

2014 Tiguan, Standard Key, using EVO-All, Vwt6, and TB-VW along with THAR-TB-VW. The EVO-All programs fine and has been decrypted. Currently using the Factory FOB to 3x Lock to start. Vehicle starts and then shuts down displaying 'No Key'. No wires have been extended. Everything is connected and triple checked.


2006 VW Jetta tb-VW

i used tbVW with evo-all and it programmed properly but works sometimes and others it doesnt. I cut the green wires short as i could and even twisted the pair together. Is it more acurate to connect closer to key cylinder than down the column? and tips would be helpfull thanks


2012 Beetle No Key Detected

I am installing an evo-all, tb-vw, and thar-vw3. Programming completes as well as the decryption. Vehicle will start and stall with a no key message displayed on the cluster. The evo-all rapidly flashes red when attempting to start, then goes solid red, and sometimes followed by an amber light. I have tried both the blue wire and brown wire on the transponder wiring. I have also swapped around the green wiring on the tb-vw with no change. Swapped the evo-all and the tb-vw out with a new one but it is still having this issue. Vehicle will start if key is in the ignition and the remote start sequence is started. The vehicle will also start normally with the key. I have 12v at the red wire on the tb-vw, and ground present on the black wire. Both data wires ohm out OK and the wires are in the correct spots according to the diagram. Wiring on the red connector had to be modified following the Jetta guide as this beetle requires the brake pedal to be pressed. I have also tried rolling back the firmware to 75.38 as this is the earliest according to the guides. Original evo-all sn: 001A07-106465, TB-VW 2019 2nd evo-all sn:001A07-198285, TB-VW 11/20



2012 VW Jetta (Gas) Key Start EVO-ALL THAR-VW3 TB-VW Everything was soldered! Programmed good but it didn't remote start at the first time but the it auto tried the 2nd time, started fine this time and a few times after.. client took the car home.. all good.. 1 week later, got a call from the client saying that the remote starter is not working and also wont start normally wiith the key. The only way they got it started was they unhooked the battery and replug it again. The next day, got another call and client said that the vehicle stopped while driving.. they pulled over and waiting a few minutes and the vehicle started again but engine light came on. Took it to a shop and scanned codes: Code: B104C29 Description: Key - Implausible Signal State: Passive/abiogenesis Code: 00474 Description: Anti-Theft Immobilizer System Control Module State: No Signal/Communication I got the vehicle back into the shop.. replaced the EVO-ALL.. double checked all my connections and even used the opposite side of the transponder wire pair.. soldered it and made sure that the TB-VW wire config is going the right way.. programmed fine but now the vehicle remote starts fine on first try! Guess what.. client called back again after a few days with the same no remote and key start issue.. battery unplug and replug make it work again, Got the vehicle again and now ths time.. i actually replaced the THAR-VW3 and the TB-VW. Its been 2 weeks now and client hasn't called back yet.. Now... i have to figure out if the T-Harness will cause no start, stall and engine light codes


Audi A3 2010, EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE

Hello, For a standard-key 2010 Audi A3, what to choose between EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE? Just for remote start with the OEM key (3x lock) Is it necessary to have the TB-VW? Will an EVO-AUDT1 work?   Thank you so much :)


TB-VW how many times is it possible to use?

TB-VW how many times is it possible to use?