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Evo Start LTE with Fortin Evo All & 2022 RAM 1500!

Dear all, Can someone please share with me what are the 2022 or newers RAM 1500 Evo Start LTE functions are operational? For me I cannot get the Gas guage, roll windows, open trunk or use panic options and I wonder if that is a firmaware update or some other programming issues! Please advise.


Compatibility with 2016 Volkswagen GTI

I'm confused with compatibility regarding the 2016 VW GTI. I see options listed for the standard MK7 Golf and Golf R, as well as the MK6-generation GTI. Would the systems for the MK7 Golf or Golf R work with my GTI?


What do I need to do to make the EVO-START app work with a previously EVO-TOY6 installed on a Lexus ES350 2016?

The already installed EVO-TOY6 is currently used with the OEM fog.


EvoStart iSO App

Can I change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit? How do I get the gas to show the correct percentage? It always says 0%.


Lexus NX300 - Fortin EVO one with EVO start LTE cannot remote start with app

My EVO Start LTE can only see the status of the car but cannot control it. The remote control works for the EVO ONE with 3x lock, but using the app for EVO start cannot remote control my car. One thing I notice is when flashing the firmware, there is no option to select EVO start LTE but only EVO start 2. Could this be the problem?


Toyota akm (850Pts.)


Evo Start 2 app New Account message email already in use

Installing new Evo Start 2 app with new account on iphone and message saying email already in use. We never used that email for fortin. Please help why is this causing. App installed but account setup is stuck without accepting any email. Thanks for help.



Salut, je vais installer un des nouveaux Evo-Start avec GPS, il n'y a pas beaucoup d'info encore disponible pour se produit. Je trouve pas de guide pour l'installer, on m'a dit qu'il se programme automatiquement en le branchant. Est-ce qu'il y a des settings a choisir dans le Evo-All ou Evo-one pour que ça fonctionne? Si je link le Evo-Start a mon cellulaire, est-ce que je peux l'effacer après pour mettre le cellulaire du client? Et j'ai lu que l'abonnement est gratuit pour 3 ans, comment ça fonctionne après 3 ans? Merci


Evo start with analog install on Evo one?

I was looking to install Evo one starter with alarm with Evo start on my 98 4runner I know my vehicle is not listed but with analog installation of Evo one this should work no problem I just wanted to know if the Evo start is able to work with a analog system and if I can still add an aftermarket RF kit like the compustar G15 RF kit?


Coverage Area Evo Start

I see the coverage area for the EVO Start is rather small. is there any plans in the future to grow the network? I am currently in Edmonton AB, and I see there is no coverage. Also, is there a plan in the future to allow google assistant to control it?


Evo-one, Evo-start, cx5 2019

Le véhicule démarre parfaitement avec lock-unlock-lock, et via app a chaque fois. Ca fonctionne tres bien quelque heures. Ensuite, il n'y a plus de come back du démarreur a l'antenne, donc aucune confirmation. Je reprogramme l'antenne au démarreur, bingo, ca fonctionne. le lendemain, start mais sans confirmation de l'app. Pareil pour lock ou unlock, ou start, ca fonctionne, sans confirmation. Evo-one et evo-start ont été remplacé, ainsi que le fil de l'antenne. J'ai un peu l'air d'un clown :) C'est la premiere fois que je vois ca! cx5 2019, automatique, wire to wire. Merci


Evo start 2 aux1/aux 2 defroster

hello i bought one of evo start2 and installed in my car. worked out as expected. but my concern is the aux 1 and aux 2 setting. since i am in a cold country (canada) i wanted to make use of the defroster option in the aux setting and it didn't mention in the installation guide for the wires for aux 1/aux 2. which wires are for the aux 1 or aux 2?


Evo start 2 + evo all + viper 5706

Hi i purchased a 2006 F250 with a viper 5706 installed i would like to purchase the the evo start 2 because of the no monthly fees, and i would like to know if the following combination would work. Evostart 2 -> Evo all -> viper 5706. So basically i would like to be able to lock/unlock start/stop arm/disarm and monitor my viper alarm via the evo all / evo start 2 . is this possible ? Please advise of the possibilities Thank you.


evo start 2

does prostart two way brain work with evo start without stand alone ther is allready installed in honda civic 2009 prostart two way with key all override . thanks