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Toyota akm (850Pts.)


Evo Start 2 app New Account message email already in use

Installing new Evo Start 2 app with new account on iphone and message saying email already in use. We never used that email for fortin. Please help why is this causing. App installed but account setup is stuck without accepting any email. Thanks for help.


Replay clicks when releasing brake pedal while driving.

2011 manual G37, relay in module clicks everytime brake pedal is released while driving.



 have the OEM remote control then I have the EVO-ONE SN: 002B07 239663, THAR-ONE-MAZ3.

CAN YOU RESET  : EVO-ONE SN: 002B07 239663 

Please help and thank you.



Hello community. Dereck here I am again needing your help, the installation was perfect, the programming was perfect but I'm getting the warning for check smart key system. I've changed battery's in the keys. It is Push to start. I am trying to install an evo all. Thank you very much in advance.


Flash limit reached

The current device cannot be flashed anymore Evo one module sn: 002B04 108567 Flash link 4 vr: 4 firm:4.05 sn:002504 080051


2015 Highlander Check Smart key System light

2015 Highlander Push to start, I'm gettting the warning for check smart key system. I've changed battery's in the keys. Anyone have this issue? Do I need to update my module?


Automatically goes into valet mode while driving

Recently i have noticed that while driving randomly at no precise intervals and regardless of moving or stationary alarm chirps. I found this was the alarm going into valet mode. And regardless if it is already in valet mode it will do it again sometimes minutes later and sometimes 20 minutes later. So far it has never happened right after starting up. The alarm i have is a compustar with the Evo All. Any info or advice is appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Why my evo all activate my check engine light on my chrysler 200 2015?

After few minutes running check engine light came on and says the codes are unknown. Codes are for Mitsubishi Mirage.


Software Incompatibility with Remote Function Actuation

I have installed the EVO-ONE-942 with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 on my 2016 Mazda CX5 Automatic Push Start, and when scanning the vehicle with Thinkcar I get a DTC in EPS module, code U0338:00-08 (Software incompatibility with remote function actuation).

After clearing all code, it comes back again ...

Also, I've noticed the trunk open on the remote opens it half way, meaning it still cannot be actually opened until you unlock the car. Is there a way to disable trunk open as it doesn't work right?

Another weirs "issue" I found, when the car is unlocked with Fortin remote, then locked with "OEM" remote, when you check status with Fortin remote, it will say unlocked even though it's locked. Then when you lock with Fortin remote, it will report the status correctly.



Dcryptor has reached it's limit - issues with EVO-ALL on Audi A3 2018

I'm troubleshooting my install on my Audi A3 and unfortunately i've reached my limit on Dcryptor for this car. C'mon. This is already frustrating and now I can't continue troubleshooting because i'm stone walled at the dcryptor step. SN: 001A07 125999 Please reset ASAP - now i'm sitting with no car until Monday and today is Saturday! So frustrating.


JEEP patriot 2008 2.4 4*4 Fortin EVO-All +CHRT5 error p0513 in memory

Good day! JEEP Patriot 2008 2.4 connected Fortin EVO-ALL via CHRT5. Everything works as it should, the only moment that confuses and I want to solve this problem is that it gives error p0513 in the memory of the car. This happens when, after autostart, insert the key into the ignition switch, turn it to the "on" position and press the brake pedal. It turns out that when the control is transferred to the standard immobilizer in the key, the signal is lost and gives an error, but does not light the lamp. The key is programmed. After updating the firmware of the unit, I reset it to factory settings. It seems that I did everything according to the instructions. What could it be? Sorry for my english-gogl translation.


Blinking amber light on start button 2016 CX-5

The module seems to work fine, I have completed every step in the installation guide. However, the start button does continuously blink amber/orange while the vehicle is running and does not stop until the engine is shut down. This only happens when started normally, not remotely. If I disconnect power to the EVO ONE, the car can be started just fine and there is no blinking light. I used the THAR MAZ 3 t-harness to install. I have been scouring the Mazda forums and have found no answer. Everyone says either replace the fob batteries (I replaced them) or visit the dealer. The mazda dealer wanted $150 to diagnose the problem, and then doesn't want to even look at it after learning the Fortin system was installed.