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2022 Nissan kick check engine light

I installed a evo all stand alone with a rf kit on a 2022 Nissan kick everything works but the check engine light came on some communication codes faulty gas gauge and other things, I got it erased but every time I remote start the car it comes back on if anyone knows how to fix please let me know thanks


After installing all warning lights came on in the display

After installing and following all instructions and diagrams my dashboard was lit up a christmas tree with all the warning light coming on


Check engine light on after remote start, low fuel warning light, AWD malfuction

On DEC.8, 2021 I posted my question "H-KEY 2020 TOYOTA RAV4 LE EVO ONE WITH T-HARNESS REMOTE STARTER INSTALLED - SYSTEM MALFUNCTION" and got answer. I did what recommand to do, evnen hardwiring CAN HIGH/LOW  two wires and use RAV4 CAN connector plugged in ECU, no luck.

My rav4 remote start problem more like this after a few weeks oberservation

    Use OEM remote or RFK442 remote, the low fuel yellow light show up after remote started, When going in the car, key in the key cylinder and turne to ON position, press brake, key taking over. The yellow low fuel light disappear, and fuel display needle moving up to level. After a few times remote starting, when you try another remote starting, the check engine light show up, and screen also shwing "AWD System Malfuntion. 2WD Mode Engaged, Visit you r dealer"

The CHECK ENGINE light was P2067: generic fuel level sensor "B" circuit low. I am wondering that low fuel level sensor B dosen't powered up  when remote started, then ECU set the CHECK  ENGINE light. I reset it by OBDII, but it keep coming. If no remote starting, RAV4 going normal by the OEM key and no warning light.

Is this could be a communication issue between EVO ONE and RAV4 ? The IGNITION signal from EVO ONE should go power up fuel level sensor B when remote starting, but it doesn't. 

Any idea? Could you please look at 2020 RAV4 LE AWD(Canadian version) wiring diagram, see how.

Thanks in advance! 



2015 Highlander Check Smart key System light

2015 Highlander Push to start, I'm gettting the warning for check smart key system. I've changed battery's in the keys. Anyone have this issue? Do I need to update my module?


Why my evo all activate my check engine light on my chrysler 200 2015?

After few minutes running check engine light came on and says the codes are unknown. Codes are for Mitsubishi Mirage.


Check engine light

Check engine light after install Evo all on 2018 Chevy traverse LS 

P0496 Code


Missing Fire and engine light blinking

1. 2010 RAM1500 GAS EVO-ALL Installed with RF641/ The installation was straight foward. It is done successfully 2. Sometimes remote engine starts with strange noise (It looks like it is trying cranking and missing fire???). Eventually, it started. This issue was started about 2 weeks ago after the installation. It happened 2 times so far. After this issue was happening, Engine light is blinking and disappered / RAM Manual says that it is Emissions error???(MIL). I have not checked OBD yet. 3. Most of the time, it works fine. No issue at all. But, after remote engine started successfully, Tire pressure error came on and disappeared when I put the metal key 4. What is the problem? 5. I think my RAM need some delay before cranking. Can I re-program with Diesel delay option for GAS?




I have Evo-All + RF kit 912 on Jeep Wrangler 2012.

All works fine, very happy, but when Remote start the jeep I have an error on dash.

With obd computer the error is: B2102 - IGNITION RUN/START INPUT CIRCUIT HIGH"

I can clear the error, but at next remoted starts it come back.

With standard key the error dont appear.

Any idea to solve?




remote works-check engine and esc lights now on

After install, the Evo-All Thar-CHR6 works great. No issues. However, the check engine and ESC lights immediately turned on. There are NO codes in the ecm, but the lights won't clear/shut off. Truck runs fine and everything with the remote start works as should. Anyone else have this issue. It's a stand alone unit and I don't have a trailer brake control. 2014 Ram 1500.


Installed EVO ALL on 2015 Infiniti Q50 and got a check engine light

Hello, I installed the EVO-ALL NIST4 standalone remote start on my 2015 Infiniti Q50 and it works/starts up fine, but there is a check engine light. The code reads P0463 Fuel tank level sensor - high input. The check engine light turns on when I use the remote start and when I start the car regularly with push to start. Can anyone help me fix this, please? Thank you.


If check engine light is on

If check engine light is on already.can I still install evo all standalone remote start in 2011 Cruze.


Will thar fort2 work with check engine light on

Installed thar fort3 with compustar on 2015 f150 and if doesn't work alarm works but it won't start, tried it as standalone and it still won't start. My check engine light is on because my truck is modified, i was told on here that it won't start because my check engine light is on. If i change it to thar fort2 will it start with check engine light on? Does thar fort2 have the same limitations as thar fort3 installation? Also i used another evo all when i was testing can i use the evo all with another ford f150 same year without reflashing it? Or do i have to reset it and reflash it?


Clutch problem ( check engine light) wrangler 2018

Check engine light comes on every to often because of clutch bypass using mr20 relay. Need scan tool to remove then ok for a few weeks then comes back in again. Wrangler 2018 standard key evo one + t-harness