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Opting for Fortin products and its EVO brand means opting for the most advantageous solutions in the industry, both for the end user and for integrators of vehicular electronic products.
With Fortin, you get everything you need for your remote control system integration with one brand. No need to validate multiple compatibilities with different product brands. Fortin and its EVO brand offer you the only truly integrated experience available on the market.
Since 1972, we have been delivering innovative electronic solutions to the automotive aftermarket industry, supplying tens of thousands of vehicles of all types with next-level technology, and successfully adapting to a continually evolving market.
Our products thoroughly perform under specific and extreme climatic, mechanical, and environmental constraints, matching consumers’ requirements. Being established in Montreal (Canada), puts us in the ideal location to challenge our products’ durability reliability, and efficiency.
Our ambitions are exemplified by our motto, “Driving Faster Installations.” Today, with the evolution of connected vehicles and enhanced user-centric technology design and experience, we are in constant pursuit of innovation, always adding new solutions to the pipeline.
The automotive industry is moving rapidly. Our team too. Whether it is to ensure the compatibility of our solutions with the latest vehicles available on the market or to develop new solutions or new products to better adapt to them, our team has a the most rigorous avant-garde processes to follow the constant evolution of the industry.
Through our consulting R&D units and innovation labs, we remain devoted to the development of custom in-vehicle technologies and their integration, and we offer an array of additional services and expertise.
Fortin's EVO products and solutions are available worldwide through a global network of authorized distributors and resellers. Visit our where to buy section to find our products.
Whether it's end users, installers, members of our team and partner manufacturers, everyone's safety is the basic premise that serves as the starting point for the development of all our products and solutions.
With Fortin, get premium technical support online or over the phone. Combined with multiple online tools, our experienced and easy to contact technicians can provide you with all the information you need when you need it most.


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