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What do I need to let the EVO-RS9 on 21 Challenger 6-speed manual acknowledge a pressed clutch pedal for remote start?

Everything sets and works fine. I can stay in the car and activate the remote start, it will go through all the steps twice, but no start. If I stay in the car and do the same steps, the car will start as soon as I press on the clutch pedal.


2021 Ford transit clutch bypass

So still need info on how to bypass the clutch on this using Evo one. I have made a joining harness for it and I have the wiring diagram from ford which has 4 wires: return, vpowr cpp1 and cpp2 which wire do I need to ground and do I need to use a relay and any resistor and or diodes? Thanks


2021 ford transit W/keyless clutch bypass

so ive read most of the Q&A regarding this subject but i just want to confirm weather i need a resistor inline with the A5 wire for my van model or not? also do i need a diode inline before or after the resistor or does it not matter? On a slightly off topic, when programming the key the module finished as planed so i pluged it back into the flashlink and it dcripted ok but when i went to follow the rest of the procedue for ready mode it was going as per the instructions until it asks to turn on the ignition and press the remote lock 3 times .... my remote wouldnt do anything i.e no lock sounds or any form of activity from the key fob buttons or the evo one then when i remove the key i remove the key the engine cuts out. any ideas would be perfect


How to Wire Clutch Pedal Stroke Sensor for 2020 Honda Civic Type R

Hello I have the Evo-One and Fortin THARONE-HON7 T-Harness. Everything is wired up but I'm not sure how to create a relay to connect to the clutch pedal stroke sensor.


2012 Ram 2500 Diesel Manual Transmission Remote Start

I have a 2012 Ram 2500 Diesel that I want to intall a remote start in using 3X lock function. Im going to use an evo one but I saw on the forum there is an additional clutch wire that needs to be installed? also it has to be programmed to manual mode and a sequence has to be followed in order to put it in ready mode. Is there any documenation covering the additional clutch bypass wiring because it is not mentioned in the installation manual of the truck. Will putting it in ready mode need me to press the lock button 3x instead of just one because I wont have an rf kit installed? Any other relevant information that is different from a automatic transmission install would be helpful as well. Thank you


Fortin Evo One + Honda 7 harness for 2020 Civic Type R

Hello, I'm currently having issues starting the car up currently. I have tried to reseat all the connections and double checking but after following the directions and updating my Evo One unit, my car will not detect my key fob at all. So I cannot start my car at all even with the key fob right next to the ignition start button. I can't remote start the car either, the key fob buttons do work though. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you! 2020 Honda Civic Type R (Manual transmission) Evo one + Hon7


2016 jk manual bypass

I have the evo all with the CHRT5 wiring harness hooked to the jeep, and everything is programmed, and we'll start with me in the vehicle in the clutch pressed in. How do I bypass the clutch so it will start with the remote not in the vehicle? thanks


How Exactly do you bypass the clutch on a Manual Transmission?

Hello, I have read a bunch of responses regarding clutch bypass for manual transmission vehicles. Some say to splice to the clutch switch, others say use a 180 ohm resistor. Both the T-Harness manual and the regular install manual have NO mention of manual transmission using the A5 white wire (im assuming) or where/how to install. 1) how do I tell if my clutch is Negative or Positive? 2) Do I need a resitor in line of the A5 White wire? Is this the correct wire? 3) Does it matter which wire on the clutch switch I splice to? Thanks in Advance, Honda Civic 2009 Regular Key Manual Transmission


EVO-ONE 2015 Mazda 3 Manual Transmission - Remote Start Will Not Activate

2015 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback, push-to-start, smart key, manual transmission.  I cannot get the module to start the vehicle with 3x OEM remote lock.  I've followed the instructions for manual transmission in Guide #68261.  My EVO-ONE serial number is 002B04 298695 and it is dated 09/2022.  Here's what I've done:

    EVO-ONE flashed with Firmware 85.12. Using T-Harness. Yellow loop wire NOT cut White wire labeled "for manual transmission only" on the T-harness is connected to the white wire coming out of the 20-pin connector.  These wires are just butt spliced with no other connection. DCryptor process to enable key bypass appears to have been successful from all FlashLink software messages. Remote starter option 33 is set to mode 2 for foot brake - handbrake - release foot brake Ready Mode process. Remote starter option 38 is set to mode 2 to enable 3x lock with OEM remote. Bypass option C1 is on for OEM remote status monitoring. I did not install a hood pin.  I am not concerned about remote starting while the hood is open.  Bypass option A11 is set to "off." Bypass options for foot brake, hand brake, door output monitoring are all set to "on."

To enable ready mode, I depress the foot brake, engage the hand brake, release the footbrake, and exit the car while it is still running without pushing the start button.  The car just sits there and runs, nothing happens when I close the door and walk so that the smart key is out of range.  I also tried doing this with shutting the car off before exiting and was still not able to remote start the vehicle.

When I press the lock button on the OEM remote, the blue LED on the EVO-ONE blinks indicating it is reading the CAN bus messages.

When the car is running, the yellow LED on the EVO-ONE is steadily illuminated.

At no point does the red LED on the EVO-ONE illuminate.  It does not turn on after pressing the OEM remote lock button 3x.

When I press the OEM lock button 3x after the above ready mode process, absolutely nothing happens except the car horn beeps on the 2nd and 3rd presses like it normally would.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Manual transmission remote start without using ready mode? 2018 Mazda 3

2018 Mazda 3 manual transmission. I have the evo one with the t-harness. everything works as advertised. I want to only use the oem key, which means the only way I can use remote start is enabling option 33.2. With that, I lose the following abilities: 1. use parking brake in traffic (would cause ready mode to activate) 2. walk away lock ( car does lock it self after ready mode activation, but it is based on a timer instead of proximity) 3. shutting off the car while the door is open 4. shutting off the engine before engaging the parking brake 5. stopping the car only with parking brake 6. not over working the door lock motors 7. ability to unlock the car to grab something without starting the engine (you must remote start/remote stop to keep ready mode if you want to do that) Parking the car in neutral does not concern me, but having these restrictions to enable remote start every time frustrates me. Is there a way to disable ready mode and make my installation work like an automatic transmission install? I would like to have remote start available every time. Is it possible to flash the automatic version of the settings to use on my car? Can I cut the yellow loop on the evo one? or both? I'm not sure if this will cause any electrical damage.


Clutch bypass 22 Corolla

Just wondering why we need to make the clutch bypass so elaborate on 22 Corolla hatchback push to start. we have two ignition + from the evo one going to pin 86 of the relay and wire a4 -ignition to pin 85 of the relay? And then 30 and 87 to the clutch switch. Could we not just run e6 yellow from connector e directly to the clutch switch as we have done on previous models just looking for clarification here Thank you


20008 honda civic coupe manual transmission

good day. i want to install evo one on a 2008 honda civic manual transmission. i can see there is a diagram for automatic transmission but nothing for manual transmission. my question is do i just add the cluth bypass connection? is it the thin white wire(a5) or the thick white wire(e1)? thank you so much.


Mazda 3 5dr (hatchback), Manual Transmission, RFID in keyfob.

Vehicle type:

2011 Mazda 3 (5 door/hatchback), manual transmission, key to start. Integrated key/keyfob (lock,unlock,panic), keyless entry w/RFID chip for factory immobilizer system.


Remote Starter, Factory Immobilizer bypass, OEM keyfob (lock-lock-lock to start), alarm functionality optional at a later date.


Ready to install Evo-One, Flash-Link and RFK442.


Few problems so far (have not started install yet or any flashing of Evo-One vehicle specific Bypass settings):

   I see a conflict between Fortin wiring guide #80431 and #29661. Same vehicle, Mazda 3 - Axela 2010-2013, but two different wiring schemes.  Which one is the more correct one, or, can you suggest a better one?


   On Fortins website, for this vehicle it states 'Automatic Transmission Vehicles Only'  In Guide #80431, pg 5, it gives Manual Transmission programming instructions as does with Guide #29661 pg6, both of which conflicts with Fortins webpage.. 


   With Flash-Link v4.51, when entering vehicle info, there is NO option for Manual Transmission.


   In Guide #94011, pg11 (Function #20) Engine Supervision: Tachless, Analog or Data-Link.

I see there is no option for a true Analog input; i.e Vacuum switch, or hardwire to coil (or even a much older method of wraping 6in of stripped wire around a spark plug wire). Is there not a true analog tach input?


   I also cannot seem to anything at all about 'clutch bypass'


So, Manual Transmission? Yes or No? 


   For the Flash-Link Manager software, the v4.51 does not reflect the instructions I found for possibly older software instructions of Flash-Link Manager User Guide v1 #68731, any updated Guide #?



Flash-Link Manager software v4.51 (when I click on Settings in the software it shows v4.51-1.1.15)

Flash-Link V4 module, Hardware V5, Firmware v4.08

Evo-One module date 07/2021, s/n (PM me for serial number), Firmware: for a moment it showed v1.25 then within a few seconds dropped down to v1.01


Thanks, Nick.