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Ram G M (14180Pts.)


dodge ram

Hello. I want to install fortin on a 2023 Dodge Ram. Can I use the instructions from Ram?


Is evo-one compatible with gasoline 2023 Ram 2500?

Install instructions only list diesel pushbutton start.


2012 Ram 2500 Diesel Manual Transmission Remote Start

I have a 2012 Ram 2500 Diesel that I want to intall a remote start in using 3X lock function. Im going to use an evo one but I saw on the forum there is an additional clutch wire that needs to be installed? also it has to be programmed to manual mode and a sequence has to be followed in order to put it in ready mode. Is there any documenation covering the additional clutch bypass wiring because it is not mentioned in the installation manual of the truck. Will putting it in ready mode need me to press the lock button 3x instead of just one because I wont have an rf kit installed? Any other relevant information that is different from a automatic transmission install would be helpful as well. Thank you


2014 ram chart 7 problems

When programming when I get to step 7 when I turn the key the blue light goes out. When I turn the key off blue comes back on solid. I've verified the yellow ignition wire has power and the network is working.


2014 ram 3500 will not remote start. Manual transmission

I followed the instructions for the thar-chr7 what else am I missing? flash link does not have an option for manual transmission I did not cut the yellow wire


I bought the evo-all, tharchar4, and flash link4. What more do I need?!?

I've purchased the Evo-all, thar-char4, and flashlink4, Can someone explain it in caveman terms how I can get my command start installed and working? 2012 Dodge Ram 1500


Ram joe tom (410Pts.)


Can bus faults after 3 trouble free years

Is there any warranty on a the evo device that stopped working out of the blue? My 2014 ram broke down a couple of nights ago and the dtcs state the can bus was not ok. U0001 I removed the can high wire from evo and all issues went away and cleared. I love my remote starter and fob, is there anyway to get this module repaired or replaced ?


Resistor required for parking lights at BCM on 2015 RAM

Per the instructions for 2015 RAM it says to tap into the connector at the headlight switch for the parking lights output and add a 1k ohm resistor. I previously had a different remote start module where i tapped into the parking lights output at the BCM and it didnt require a resistor. Can i tap into the bcm for the parking lights output with the EVO-ALL and if so do i still need to add the resistor?


no start intermittent

truck will not start with oem key fob. all electrical components non functional in truck. requires disconnecting battery to get truck to function again


2007 Ram 2500 Diesel Manual Transmission nothing happens

i have a 2007 2500 diesel with a manual transmission, i have the OEM key programmed but when i go to Remote start, all i hear is a relay click 3 times...also everytime i press the lock button on the key, the blue light is lighting up.... i have to make the comment, that when i program the EVO-ONE on flashlink, the "settings" that are saved on the EVO-ONE shows different than the ones i have programmed/saved. is there a "lockout" or something that i must do? for instance: i saved the turbo timer to be on for 4 minutes on the fortin flashlink, when i check to see "current settings," it shows that it is off. and so forth.


Stops unless I hit push to start button twice

2019 Dodge Ram Tradesman 1500, new style, 5.7L, auto, Tip start, . Evo One w/THAR6 harness.Using factory lock/unlock/alarm remote, 3X lock to start then unlock to enter the truck.All soldered and heat shrunk connections. Installed back in June, worked great until last week. Starting one week ago, would shut off when I hit the brake even tho I pushed the start button before touching the brake. By accident I found out if I pushed the start button twice before hitting the brake, it would keep running as it had been doing the previous 6 months, what could have changed?...........Mike **EDIT* Now a few weeks later, it won't keep running even when I hit it twice, stops immediately when I hit the brake....any ideas?........Mike


What is needed for remote starter on 2004 dodge ram

I have evo all and evo int sl + what connections do i need to make for the alarm and remote starter to operate. I am getting lost in a wiring mess.


Does EVO-ONE need a clutch wire for 2014 Ram 3500 diesel manual transmission?

After researching my options for a manual transmission I've determined the EVO-ONE coupled with the THAR-CHR6 was the best configuration for a stand alone system retaining original smart tip key. (Please correct if there is another option) According to another Q&A discussion regarding a RAM 3500 manual diesel, it was mentioned by Antoine Marion that a "clutch switch wire" has to be connected. After referring to Guide # 98581 for the EVO-ONE I did not find any information regarding the clutch switch. Shouldn't this be handled through CAN bus or does it need the clutch wire bonded with an output on the EVO-ONE?