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Searching for a better diesel module 07 ram 2500

Looking for a module for 2007 ram 2500 diesel that has adjustable crank and wait to start times. Initially installed the evo all with t harness. It doesn't have an option that waits long enough to start, also cranks too long making the starter drag.


Ram G M (13980Pts.)


dodge ram

Hello. I want to install fortin on a 2023 Dodge Ram. Can I use the instructions from Ram?


2010 ram 2500 6.7 turbo diesel. intermittantly mis starting.

i have the evo-all chrt 4 T harness have it flashed with the newest firmwhere and followed the instructions on splicing the yellow wires together and plugging everything in. the first time i used it it worked flawlessly. but now every once and awhile after sitting like when i get out of work, and trigger the remote start, it keep hitting the starter, like it will crank the engine half a turn and stop, then hit the starter again, and again, and again, and then finally crank the enigne over and start. I am afraid this is going to damage the starter. is this possibly a bad module or flash... i hooked it back up to my pc and all settings are correct.


2009 Dodge ram, I looked at the guides and install going by them but all i get is all 3 leds flash


does the brown/white (-) parking light out need to be connected?

seems to work properly without it connected i see the photo on the wiring but my plug does not look the same it only has one of each color. 2006 dodge ram EVO RS


How do I set the delay for the glow plugs to warm up?

I have the module set to diesel mode and the delay after pushing LOCK LOCK LOCK is only about 6 seconds. My truck has a glow plug monitor which tells you when its okay to start your truck, and on cold days, ie 35 degrees and below, the delay for this remote start is not long enough.


Programming for diesel

I just purchased a chrt4 for my 2010 ram 2500 diesel. The ad stated it was not programmed so I purchased the flash link as well. Will I be able to program if for the diesel delay?


2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 6.7L starter continues cranking for a couple of seconds after the engine is running

I installed the evo all with the T harness today, when I start it the starter is staying engaged too long. I installed the same kit acouple of years ago in a similar truck and did not have this issue with the over crank. I saw a previous question that says this issue is normal. Is it possible to go back to a previous firmware version as I dont not want to cause unnecesary wear and damage to my truck.


How do i connect a relay for the door unlock and lock for a dodge ram?


2006 Dodge Ram Diesel

Hello i have a 2006 dodge ram 2500 5.9 cummins. I just got the EVO-CHRT5 kit for remote start only and tried installing it as per instructions and nothing worked. I found a youtube video where some plugged the t-harness in and spliced the two yellow wires together and spliced the purple wire with the green/red from the 20 pin connection. the truck horn cherps, and fuel pump turns on but gauge cluster wont work and truck wont turn on. I have the flash like and updated it with the newest version and activated the d.1 setting for diesel trucks. Any help would be much appricated.


EVO-CHRT6 for RAM 4500 Diesel, brake pedal wont work for remote start.

When you request engine start with either the remote or the external activation wire it will not start, only when you hold the brake pedal will it engage. Once the engine is started, engine will not shut down with brake pedal or external activation wire.


Sequence of lights and sounds then solid red and lock (06 dodge ram 1500)

So i installed my Tharch5 with T harness into my 06 dodge ram 1500, everything worked out as it should have and i had no problems, untill trying to remote start! after pressing lock three times the module runs through each light and i can hear my truck begin the process of attempting to start then nothing. i believe it tries twice before staying on the red led a couple times then locking the doors. anyone having this or similar issues?


MUX Data or Ground, Dodge RAM 2007

Hello! From - pin 46 MUX Data (Purple/Brown), pin 47 MUX Ground (Purple/Orange) - What the pin should I use? Thank you!


2015 Dodge RAM 1500 diesel won't start (all LEDs flash 25 times)

Hi, I tried multiple times to get the EVO-ALL module programmed / key decrypted, and after each attempt, after plugging in the module causes all 3 LEDs to fla