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Remote inop after key replacement

Customer had a locksmith replace factory keys know remote start will not work. Do I need to reprogram the module or is there an easier solution the customer can do?


Will not remote start

Installed evo all I press lock 3 times blue light will flash each time then the red light flashes ignition doesn't turn on and vehicle doesn't crank 2009 f150


evostart 2 not starting with app

hi, installed a evo one with a evostart2 car start with 3x lock. installed evostart with rfa2a ignition wire ok have power on red wire and ground on black programmed evostart several time but still doesnt work made master reset and reprogrammed still same problem. perform validation step on page 15 of the guide ignition came on and door unlocked and ignition turned off. retried still no start with start with 3x in the red coverage zone and my personal car which has evostart works coverage shouldnt be an issue except if its not the same between evostart and evostart2. evostart demand firmware 1.21 minimum i have 1.25 could it be the cause or maybe something else im pretty much lost at this time since every time i programmed i got the flashing blue then the green led. like it should tried programming with the switch and the brake pedal which seemed to have work but no luck.


remote start inop

Fortin Evo One 002B04 128202 AT loop not cut 2021 Nissan Versa Manual Transmission push button start Firmware: 7.48 A1, A2, A3, A4, A7, A8, A9, A10, B1, C1, D6 are on and all others are off including special functions RES firmware 1.25 2.1 3-1 4.1 6.1 7.1 8.1 9.1 10.1 11.1 11.4 12.1 13.2 14.2 15.1 16.5 18.1 19.1 20.6 21.1 24.1 26.1 29.1 30.1 31.1 32.1 33.1 35.1 36.2 37.1 38.2 39.2 when trying to activate (lock-lock-lock), the blue light comes on with each time the lock button is pressed and at the same time the red led next to the loop blinks rapidly. after the lock lock lock, the red light blinks twice and then goes back to blinking rapidly i have checked all the connectionsto make sure i did not miss anything


my evo one with thar-ma30 harness will not start vehicle

I have a 2017 mazda 3 manual- transmission, I have installed an evo-one unit with thar-ma30 harness.I am using the factory remote to start the vehicle. The remote responds to the unit by lighting up blue when locking and unlocking the doors. It also lights up amber when the push to start button is pressed. The remote start can be activated when the vehicle is already running and deactivated by depressing the brake but will not start vehicle otherwise. Im guessing my options are wrongly configured.


EVO-KEY programmed for 2012 Sonata (key with immobilizer) but still not starting?

I purchased an EVO-KEY to work as the bypass on a OEM hyundai remote starter. I installed the remote starter successfully however I needed a bypass. I ourjsed the evo-key and installed and was able to get it programmed as instructed. However, the immobilizer is still not being bypassed. What am I missing here? I don't have a data link so everything is hardwired.


2008 Ford Focus Crimestopper/Evo-All

I have tripple checked all of the wiring between the two units and they all match the TIP sheet i got from MPC. the Evo-All seems to go trough all of the programming steps i bring it in and do the dycriptor and it says everything is good and happy. also all of the recommended setting are set up and saved to the Evo-All. I take it back to the car plug it back in and hit the lock button three times and the cluster comes on but the security light flashes like crazy. ive treid talking with tech support on the MPC side and they are swamped and getting a responce sucks. im going to keep digging through all of these questions from everyone else and see if i can find something but this has been a huge headache. thank you. EDIT: After i plug everything back in after dycripting the key and i try to start the car from the OEM fob the yellow light on the Evo-All stays on. it does the same if i start the car with the key. BUT if i start the car with the key and hit the lock button 3 times i can here the two modules kick on and i can pull the key out of the ignition and the car will stay running then i can hit the lock button three more times and everything will shut off.


Evo-all 2014 Ford Focus. Lights and dash turn on. No start.

Put in T harness and finished programming portion for stand alone key. Pressed lock 3x to start and dash lights up, radio turns on, then everything shuts off. Engine does not start. Firmware 71.52. Something im missing?


Cracking but not starting 2016 Hyundai Sonata standard key - EVO-ONE will T-Harness THAR-ONE-KHY2

Hi i want to ask ask about EMC COM wire it's missing from my car there is nothing in it's place the car cracking but not starting because the device cannot decrypt the Security code for the car to start it I clicked lock 3X and but the key on its place the remote starting succeeded But without the key normal remot starting cracking but not starting I think the ems com it's there but not on the same place I need help


all installation ok doesn't work with app but antenna receive signal

all installation ok but not work on application but antenna receive signal


remote start inop after installing rf kit

i just installed evo-all with t harness on a 2014 rav4 push to start. Tested after install and all working. I installed a MyCar rf kit and installed/programmed per enclosed instruction and now remote start will not start car with factory remote or app. Lights come on and blink but does not start


The REquest Returned an Invalid Code

whenever i open the APP it gives me an error of "The Request Returned an Invalid Code" and the Engine start from the app does not start my vehicle. did not have this issue last year. how would i resolve?


2008 Civic will crank,but wont start

My 2008 Honda Civic will just crank,but wont start. The key chip warning light comes on during cranking. i tried doing it with the key in the ignition and still wont start. The car will start and run fine when started with just the key. It seems to have something to do with the chipped key. Any help with this?


evo-all on an escape doesn't initiate a start signal

2016 escape with an evo-all unit. the unit will not give