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Thinking out loud about this 2008 Focus install

I saw a couple of other manufacturers have a T-Harness that works with the 2008 Focus, but not Fortin's.  I also noticed that the FORT1 is compatible with the 2008 Taurus.  So I pulled up the install sheets:

The ignition connectors appear to be the same form factor and the same pinouts, but different wire colors.  Just wondering if someone could perhaps review this and see if this would change the install options at all?  Like using the THAR-FOR1 with the EVO-ONE?  Or possibly being able to use the EVO-FORT1 or FORT4?

I do see that the Focus install has a Disarm wire connection that is not present on the others.  The other guide for reference is here

Appreciate it!


Remote start needs to be enabled on a 2008 Focus?

Looking into doing an install on a 2008 Focus. Came across this thread:!-However-the-heater-fan-does-not-run-untill-the-key-is-turned-on./ Wondering if one of the Fortin guys can verify if Forscan is needed or not. Haven't come across this before.


Ford Ben308 (130Pts.)


No crank on 06 Ford Focus (Evo One and RM442 Remotes)

Using the 1 key with Decryptor method, I programmed my evo one and paired the key fobs to the antenna, but when I try to remote start, it doesn't crank. It's sending power to the ignition and the anti-theft is not blinking so I think the bypass is working, just not sure why it doesn't crank. I should also add that the fob doesn't work to lock/unlock the doors, nor does it open the trunk. The antenna and module are clearly receiving commands but aren't able to do anything with them. I'm confused how this is supposed to work anyway, as the installation guide doesn't have me splicing lock signal wires to the module. Is it supposed to send the lock/unlock signal through the RX wire at the ignition cyclinder? I have a basic level of experience with electronics but I'm stumped here. Thanks in advance for your help.


2017 Ford Focus Parking Light Diodes

Guide 72871. 2x 3 Amp Diodes and for L/R parking lights and 10 amp fuse behind glove box. I see these are optional, but what are their intended uses? or recommend use for?


when the engine stops, the focus 2015 radio does not turn off

good afternoon. installed evo all. remote startup is working. I set it for 15 minutes, at the end the engine stops, the dashboard goes out, but the radio does not go out. help please


Why does the yellow light come on when I program the first key but doesn't come on for the second key?

During programming when I put in the second key only the blue and red light come on and stay on.


2018 Ford Focus Evo One Functions to allow a rf remote to work with lock and unlock functions

I was able to get the lock and unlock wires figured out but i don't know what setting i need to turn on to allow me to be able to use the lock and unlock on the Rf remote


2018 Ford Focus Evo all Lock wiring

I'm looking at the wiring diagram to be able to use the lock and unlock funtion for my evo but im a bit lost after i cut the wires do i run the wires back to the evo or do I add a relay switch at the wires i cut?


yellow light stays on when I plug in the 20 pin, and get the key to program

we get to programming the key on y 2013 ford focus and the light stays yellow when I plug in the 20 pin and then its goes to red and yellow and it won't program.


2008 Ford Focus Crimestopper/Evo-All

I have tripple checked all of the wiring between the two units and they all match the TIP sheet i got from MPC. the Evo-All seems to go trough all of the programming steps i bring it in and do the dycriptor and it says everything is good and happy. also all of the recommended setting are set up and saved to the Evo-All. I take it back to the car plug it back in and hit the lock button three times and the cluster comes on but the security light flashes like crazy. ive treid talking with tech support on the MPC side and they are swamped and getting a responce sucks. im going to keep digging through all of these questions from everyone else and see if i can find something but this has been a huge headache. thank you. EDIT: After i plug everything back in after dycripting the key and i try to start the car from the OEM fob the yellow light on the Evo-All stays on. it does the same if i start the car with the key. BUT if i start the car with the key and hit the lock button 3 times i can here the two modules kick on and i can pull the key out of the ignition and the car will stay running then i can hit the lock button three more times and everything will shut off.


no key detected 15 focus

my focus will not complete the key recogition cyle even though ive tried to program it a few times now the same no key detected comes up evo all sn 001a07 153870 firm 71.45 stand alone start with 2 keys


Evo-all 2014 Ford Focus. Lights and dash turn on. No start.

Put in T harness and finished programming portion for stand alone key. Pressed lock 3x to start and dash lights up, radio turns on, then everything shuts off. Engine does not start. Firmware 71.52. Something im missing?


Evo-Fort1 with RFK942 only locks with RF remote on 2012 Ford Focus

When I hit lock button on the RFK942 remotes, the EVO-FORT1 locks fine. When I hit unlock on the RFK942 remotes, it will not unlock. OEM remotes both work fine and EVO-FORT1 starts with all remotes. Only issue is it will not unlock with the RFK942 remotes.