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Thinking out loud about this 2008 Focus install

I saw a couple of other manufacturers have a T-Harness that works with the 2008 Focus, but not Fortin's.  I also noticed that the FORT1 is compatible with the 2008 Taurus.  So I pulled up the install sheets:

The ignition connectors appear to be the same form factor and the same pinouts, but different wire colors.  Just wondering if someone could perhaps review this and see if this would change the install options at all?  Like using the THAR-FOR1 with the EVO-ONE?  Or possibly being able to use the EVO-FORT1 or FORT4?

I do see that the Focus install has a Disarm wire connection that is not present on the others.  The other guide for reference is here

Appreciate it!


ford focus 2015 what to use better

ford focus 2015 which is better to use EVO-FORT1 or EVO-FORT4. Both fit, I understand correctly. Thanks!



Evo All with Fort-4 wont program 2012 F150

I'm having a hard time getting the programming finished on a fort4 evo all on a 2012 f150. Im doing it as a standalone remote start and have 2 keys. I've used the flashlink and made sure its flashed for the truck and standalone. When i go to program initially i hold the program button then plug in the power cord and let off at the blue/red light. I then plug everything else in and start the key process with 2 master keys, it wont ever get to the flashing blue/red 10x doing it that way and the truck will stay powered on even after i remove the key. If i keep the red plug unplugged and try the programming i can get the red/blue to flash 10x but it never goes to the last step of flashing the can bus. I try to plug in the red plug after the 10x flash and it goes back to truck will stay powered on with no key in the ignition. Any ideas?


Which install guide to follow? Standard or standalone? '12 Mustang V6

Recently purchased the Evo-FORT4, the flash link and the RF642W rf kit and I am not quite sure which guide to follow for install on my 2012 Mustang V6. Would I follow the standard or the standalone? Im not even sure what the difference in the two is exactly.


Evo-FORT4 won't program

I am trying to install an EVO-FORT4 with t-harness on a 2012 Ford F150. Programmed to firmware v71.47 After connecting t-harness and plugging in the OBD connector, I try to program the EVO. While holding the program button, im plugging in the power connector and releasing the program button when the red and blue lights illuminate. Then connecting all remaining connectors. Then I insert key 1 for 3 seconds, then key 2, then back to key 1. The red and blue lights stay illuminated and no other lights illuminate. / Any ideas on what is wrong?


2011 Escape. Successful program, no Start.

Programmed using two working transmitter style keys. Program followed the sequence exactly. Yet nothing happens when lock lock lock or lock unlock lock is pressed. (Other than the doors locking and unlocking). I followed the installation guide 77081. Which says ORANGE/ WHITE wire for IMMO POWER is "not connected", as well as the PURPLE/YELLOW (KEY SENSE). Is this correct? Also, this is the Fort4 harness, not the Fort1.


2016 Escape No Lock after start

Hi, My evo-all (FORT4 T Harness) is installed and working with my fob. However, I would like my car to lock and arm or at least lock after it’s started. If I enable D2 the car gives me the error (no key detected) and does not crank. If I enable D5 (Lock Door After Start), the car will start then the “Door Ajar” message pops up, horn begins to alarm and the car shuts down. My configuration is exactly as the install guide suggests, the lock and unlock wires are tapped and the door switch wire is spliced into the module (properly polarized). I have not installed break lights or any other optional functionality. Any suggestions? I need rap functionality and arm disarm of factory alarm so reattaching the door pin wires to each other is not really an option. Door ajar sensor works works correctly without those options enabled and works properly any other time.


No Start 2012 Ford Fusion SEL

I purchased a Fortin EVO-ALL FORT4 for my wife's 2012 Ford Fusion SEL. I have tried programing the unit with 2 keys which did not appear to work. I am now using a single key along with the flashlink DCryptor software. Programing on the car side seems to complete as described in the directions. I have connected the unit to the PC via the flashlink and ran DCrytor sucessfully. When reinstalled on the car I press the lock button 3x and car does not start. The blue light on the unit blinks the first 2 time i press the lock button. The 3rd time the red light flashes 5 times and car does not start. I have udated the firmware to 71.[47] and I have made sure D1 and D1.10 are both enabled. I have also tried enabling D2 to bypass factory alarm. When tested, the unit does not attempt to unlock the car before starting. I still end up with the red light flashing 5 times Here is a list of the settings I am using. Please advise how to proceed. Thanks A1 - A11 = ON A12 - B3 = OFF C1 = ON D1 = ON (D1.6 & D1.10 ON all other D1 options are OFF) D2 = ON D3 - H6 = OFF EDIT: After going back over the instructions i turned off A5 and D2. Directions also stated that 5 blinks of the red light meant that the hood was open. The hoodpin wire was grounded out. Corrected the problem and now the car starts after 3x lock


1 amp diode wiring evo-all fort4 2016 ford escape

installing evo-all fort4 t-harness on 2016 ford escape, the instructions list a 1-amp diode as not included and the wiring diagram shows it used on the white/black wire connecting to the door lock. There already appears to be a factory installed diode on the white/black wire at the base of the t-harness connector, is a second user installed 1-amp diode also required to be wired, or was it pre-wired with the t-harness and the manual incorrectly lists as not included?


I bought the evo-fort4 for my 2010 focus, do I have to buy the flash link tool as well for this remote starter to work?

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