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D2D or W2W Fortin EVO All with FORT1 T-Harness and AVITAL 4105L for 2011 F-150

Hi, I purchased the THAR-FORT1 Kit which comes with the EVO ALL and FORT1 T-Harness. I also purchased the FlashLink updater and will set the EVO ALL to D2D. I would like to pair all of this with an Avital 4015L remote starter for my 2011 F-150 (I do not want to use the factory remote start protocol as my truck doesn't have power locks). I would like to only use the D2D cable to connect to the Avital 4015L in order to cut down on wire clutter. I would like to know if the D2D cable is the only cable I need to connect between the these two. I was looking at the wiring diagram for the EVO ALL with the FORT1 T-Harness and on the left side of the remote starter every cable is optional if D2D is used but on the right side there is parking lights which I don't care for so I wont be hooking up and Ignition. Doesn't the ignition communicate through D2D? Wanted to know if I am on the right track here before I start the install. Thanks!


Thinking out loud about this 2008 Focus install

I saw a couple of other manufacturers have a T-Harness that works with the 2008 Focus, but not Fortin's.  I also noticed that the FORT1 is compatible with the 2008 Taurus.  So I pulled up the install sheets:

The ignition connectors appear to be the same form factor and the same pinouts, but different wire colors.  Just wondering if someone could perhaps review this and see if this would change the install options at all?  Like using the THAR-FOR1 with the EVO-ONE?  Or possibly being able to use the EVO-FORT1 or FORT4?

I do see that the Focus install has a Disarm wire connection that is not present on the others.  The other guide for reference is here

Appreciate it!


Missing wire color/location and diode install

Good day. 2013 Explorer. Install instructions show brown/wht wire from module to parking light relay negative but does not identify wire location on vehicle or wire color for vehicle wiring. Also, for the lock circuit (white/black) shows a 1A diode. Is that built into the module or is this something I must add? (A19). Finally - on the OBDII connector for can low and can high - the wire colors are NOT the same as the diagram or schematic. I did confirm the postions identified in the instructions are correct with respect to can low and can high. Just want to make sure there is no issue with tis discrepancy. Many thanks for your assistance. Mike Grima


i have installed an EVO-FORT1 EVO RS system in a 2010 ford edge and wont start.

i installed an EVO-FORT1 EVO RS system into a 2010 ford edge. i used the valet mode switch instead of the hood pin kit, and i did not connect the lights or door lock/unlock wires. i programmed the keys to the module and it cycled the ignition on and off, but when i press the lock button 3x the car does not start. did i miss something during the install? i am hoping i do not have to flash this module for factory key fob activation. also, i am not positive that i am using the proper install guide because there seems to be a few of them.


after programing keys, I press reset button , get 5 red light flashes then no blue

the red light flashes 5 times, ignition comes on but no blue light, ignition won't turn off without unplugging the unit


Evo-all 2009 ford escape - no blue-light after sitting for ~ 5 minutes - no start

Hello, Installation and programming went great. Verified firmware with the website info. Using Thar-For1 and flashlink manager for the install. Escape worked several times in a row with the remote start, but as soon as its left off to sit for a few minutes, the remote start doesn't work anymore. No blue light when the lock button is pressed. Unplugging the 4-PIN Data-link harness and plugging it back in allows the remote start to work, but after a few minutes off it stops responding again.


2011 Ford Focus Manual transmission possible with EVO-FORT1 ?

is it possible to install evo-fort1 on a manual 2011 focus?


2012 ford fusion Module won't program

I just installed evo all for1 on a 2012 ford fusion . Connected can high/ can low, immobilizer, and ignition t harness. Flashed module, followed the program instructions and can't get it to program.


2010 ford fusion no park lights and dies

T-har and relay installed per instructions. Car starts then dies (pull fuse to relay and continues to run) and park lights dont come on. Is the diagram wrong on relay connection (Guide # 95171)


what's the difference between 2010 ford fusion and 2010 mercury Milan

why is a t harness offered for ford but not mecury


Evo-Fort1 with RFK942 only locks with RF remote on 2012 Ford Focus

When I hit lock button on the RFK942 remotes, the EVO-FORT1 locks fine. When I hit unlock on the RFK942 remotes, it will not unlock. OEM remotes both work fine and EVO-FORT1 starts with all remotes. Only issue is it will not unlock with the RFK942 remotes.


DCryptor Process - 2013 Ford Focus

Hello, I have a 2013 Focus Standard Key. I am using a EVO RS FORT 1 system with flashlink 4. The car will act like it is about to start, will say no key detected. I have looked in the installation guide and we do all insturctions, then when we plug it into the flashlink manager to clone the key through the dcryptor process, it will say no key info. How do I get the module to have 'key info'? Any info helps. Thanks


Unreliable starting, and key left in door chime on 2011 Mercury Mariner (Ford Escape)

I installed a EVO-FORT1 with the T harness into my 2011 Mariner, and everything went smoothly, including programming. After a couple of starts, I intermittently have been getting no starts, where you can see the blue LED flashes from the Canbus seeing the remote, the red LED turns on, all the accessories turn on, but the engine doesn't start. Sometimes, but not always, I get the key ignition chime after driving, but only if the T harness connected to the EVO module