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Ford Ferhat (370Pts.)


Ford Mustang car parking lights and interior lights goes on and off continuously

Hi, I have connected the Fortin remote starter like the picture below. When I try to start my car (3 clicks close door) it starts. After that either I wait timeout (30 minutes) then car stops or I do again 3 clicks and car stops. However, after a while car parking lights and interior lights goes on and off continuously. Besides that issue, If I start my car remotely and start driving and stop, when I remove the key from the ignition, car makes warning sound continuously like I forget the lamps turned on or I forgot the key. Here is a video My headlight switch supports Auto mode but I keep it turned off manually. Did I forget to make a required cable connection somehow? I have only OBD can low/can high connection and necessary harness connections to the Fortin module at the moment. Hope I explained the situation clearly. Thanks in advance. Best regards


Where can I buy the Evo-Start2 antenna? Can you give me a link?

vehicle - 2013 mustang gt convertible (Manual Transmission), EVO-ONE install. Where can I buy the Evo-Start2 antenna? Can you give me a link?


2013 mustang v6 standard key fort1 evo all wiring ?

diagram has me confused on power source. Guide 70291 shows brown white from 20 pin going to a relay and then wiring running to purple white on wiring harness for park lights with a 10amp inline fuse added. im scratching my head confused. ive got my gray and gray/ blk ready for can, I've made my lt blue , lt blue/ blk, yellow connections , got my dark blue from 20 pin ready for override switch to be grounded, so I think getting power to it is all that is left and I'm just in a fog on what to do with brown/white from 20 pin to park lights


How to wire CAN to EVO-ALL Mustang 2013

Hi, I have an EVO-ALL + THAR-FORD1 harness. I believe I have all of the required connections except for the two CAN wires. Where can I buy the required connectors to feed the CAN wires into the white terminal in the EVO-ALL? I was planning to T-tap the wires off of the ODB2, but how can I connect it on the EVO-ALL side?


Alarm went off opening trunk. OEM remote with standalone EVO-One 2013 Mustang

My wife informed me her alarm went off when she opened the trunk using her factory remote. Any ideas on where to start looking to solve this Problem? Programming, wiring I still need to accomplish? This is a new Evo one standalone install for OEM3x Remote start. 2013 Ford mustang V6 Manual Transmission. Thanks Dan


Is there any reason I would want to connect Driver Door Pin and Trunk Release in 2013 Mustang OEM 3x Remote Start

My vehicle is a 2013 Mustang with a Manual Transmission.

I have an Evo-One with a THAR-FOR1 T-harness.  I am planning my install and do not understand why the Driver Door Pin & Trunk Release are called out on the Wiring Connection Guide??

I want to retain the factory alarm and OEM remotes' function.

Should I skip these two connections - or, are they important for some reason I do not understand?


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