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Evo(one) Start LTE on 2000 Ford Mustang convertible not working

I installed the evo start LTE on a 2000 mustang gt convertible following the installation PDF and have not had any luck getting the evo one module to control any functions on the vehicle. It makes it through and the key setup completes successfully the red light on the unit flashes 10 times. I try to get it to start using the OEM key fob by pressing lock three times and nothing( i don't even hear any clicks or see any lights illuminate on the evo one unit). I have installed fortin units before but it was the evo-all on a 2013 nissan maxima. I remember on that install that once i selected lock from the OEM remote three times the Evo ALL unit would click a couple times and There would be a couple of lights that illuminated on the unit and it started the vehicle at that point. On the Mustang install It does not click or display any lights when you try the three lock commands from OEM remote or even any commands from the evo start app. I was not able to find the disarm - wire(Dark Green/Purple) to connect the disarm - wire on the Evo-One. I have access to wiring diagrams of the Mustang from Identifix technician site and the diagram states this wire on 1999 models only. From what i have found researching this that from 2000 models and on the only antitheft device is the PATS transponder around the ignition barrel. I believe that the disarm wire - from the Evo One unit is there just to disarm any factory alarm if the vehicle has one so im not quite sure if this is the root cause of the evo one not starting the vehicle but don't believe it is. One other area of concern is from the evo start app. The app is connected and paired and i get data back from the car such as voltage, temp, etc, but the app shows the doors on car in red and disarm icon shows in red as well. I can select lock or unlock, open trunk from app and from but nothing happens at the vehicle. Same with selecting engine start from the app. Im attaching a screenshot of wiring diagram mentioned stating 1999 models only along with screenshot of the app. I'm at my wits end with this unit and install and getting close to pulling this unit out of the vehicle completely. So any guidance, help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Ford Ferhat (370Pts.)


Ford Mustang car parking lights and interior lights goes on and off continuously

Hi, I have connected the Fortin remote starter like the picture below. When I try to start my car (3 clicks close door) it starts. After that either I wait timeout (30 minutes) then car stops or I do again 3 clicks and car stops. However, after a while car parking lights and interior lights goes on and off continuously. Besides that issue, If I start my car remotely and start driving and stop, when I remove the key from the ignition, car makes warning sound continuously like I forget the lamps turned on or I forgot the key. Here is a video My headlight switch supports Auto mode but I keep it turned off manually. Did I forget to make a required cable connection somehow? I have only OBD can low/can high connection and necessary harness connections to the Fortin module at the moment. Hope I explained the situation clearly. Thanks in advance. Best regards


Ford Ferhat (370Pts.)


After parking car, remote start does not work.


I have evo all. I reference the guide below;

I established the necessary connections. When I start car manually with the key then I stop it. If I start remote ignition immediately, it works.

But, If I park my car for a while an retry, the car does not work also no light is blink on the device.

It seems device loses the power somehow and can not get the command.

What can cause the issue?

Thank you


2013 ford mustang (manual transmission) remote start does not work.

Vehicle - 2013 FORD Mustang manual transmission. Install - EVO ONE, T-harness, mobile link updater After key bypass programming, the engine does not start even when pressing the 3 x Lock button. But, If you press the lock button 3 times, the EVO ONE module will make a tick-tick and sound 3 times. Is the harness installation wrong?


2011 Mustang Clutch bypass

What is the Trigger Wire pin for clutch bypass on a 2011 Mustang GT Fortin Evo One with the Thar-For4 T Harness? I checked regular installation guide and Thar-For4 guide and I do not see any ground out wire on the diagram. Ive considered running a relay off the starter (+) to power the relay which would be triggered by the ebrake signal and that relay would then bypass the clutch switch. The only issue I have with that is if the ebrake is up and car is in gear and someone else gets in my car it will start without the clutch. I see many of the other Fortin Guides have specific Manual install guides trigger wires with diodes for the clutch bypass. I do not see any off this for 10-14 Mustangs.


2011 Mustang GT Manual Transmission Requirements

Going to be ordering and installing a Fortin Evo One with a Thar-For4 Harness and Flashlink adapter in a 2011 Mustang GT Manual Transmission. Other than the Clutch Bypass that I am familiar with are there any other required items for the install? Also is there a certain way to program the Evo One to know it must be put into reservation mode to be started or does it read from the car that it is a manual transmission and requires it?


2008 Ford Mustang. Can I use obd pins 6 and 14 for CAN bus instead of 3 and 11?

Just wondering if I can use OBD2 pins 6 and 14 for CAN bus comms with my EVO-All on my 2008 Ford Mustang. Not sure pins 3 and 11 as stated in guide are communicating properly. No door lock/unlock etc.


What diode do I need for pin D5 Clutch 1 Clutch 2? For 2017 Ford Mustang MT

I checked the installation manual. Its showing two 1AMP Diodes for the Clutch 1 & 2. Is this something thats included? If not what diodes do i need? 1N400x?


Which install guide to follow? Standard or standalone? '12 Mustang V6

Recently purchased the Evo-FORT4, the flash link and the RF642W rf kit and I am not quite sure which guide to follow for install on my 2012 Mustang V6. Would I follow the standard or the standalone? Im not even sure what the difference in the two is exactly.


Which EVO Remote Start Standalone for a 2011 Mustang - FORT1 or FORT4

I'm a bit confused which product to order. They both seem to have the same description. I have been unable to locate anyone selling the EVO-FORT4 though... I have a 2011 Mustang V6 with factory alarm.. Mike


2013 Mustang V6 Manual Transmission will not crank on OEM 3x Remote Start

I have just put in a human support request - please pardon the duplicate.  I think I might have tried here, first.


I have a 2013 Mustang V6 Manual Transmission. I am installing an EVO-ONE with a THAR-TFOR1. Using Standalone install with OEM3x Remote starting.

Everything appears to be working... I can reserve the remote start by the foot-brake and parking-brake method. The EVO-ONE keeps the engine running until I exit the car with key in hand. When I attempt to remote start, the ignition comes on, I can hear the fuel pump, but it does not crank the starter.






which installation diagram do i need for 2013 ford mustang gt

my evo combo for.t1 came preloaded as a standalone remote starter. confused on which installation diagram to use. can you refer me to the proper one?


Need remote start on my 2016 Mustang GT Manual

I have a 2016 supercharges Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with a manual transmission my business uses as a show car (Currently $100k+ into the vehicle). I need a remote start put on it for demonstration (It isn't as much as a cool factor showing off our van). What needs to be done to get a remote start put on it? I can bypass the clutch using a 2 way toggle switch with resistors and diodes if need be (Did that before on a 2012 Wrangler). I am trying to install a state of the art system to use as a display piece at car shows with all the sensors, bells and whistles........ I am the only one to EVER sit in the vehicle let alone drive it so liability is not an issue. What do you reccomend to get a remote start done on this as it is not listed on the guide? Is there any kind of software in testing I can use as I want to get at least one show this year with a remote start installed on it? Our vehicle last year sold over 100 installs during the summer by going to shows