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How close do you have a solution for the 2023 Ford F450 Super Duty?

This vehicle is completely different.. having 3 Canbus line running FD protocol. I have 4 units that are itching to get remote starter done


Volvo tripog (180Pts.)


Evo-All 2006 XC90 can-bus brake status

Is the can-bus foot brake monitoring feature available on a 2006 Volvo xc90 with the EVO-ALL? It lists it on the comparison page for the vehicle, but when you look at the instructions for installation, it says it is not available.


VW 2019 Atlas Programming/CAN Issue

Recently tried to install EVO One in 2019 Atlas Push to Start. Latest Bypass Firmware Installed. T-Harness VW6 & TB-VW Installed. In the Instructions it mentions the CAN BUS is in the Steering Wheel Module Control. This is a Non-Heated Steering Wheel and does not have the CAN Wires present in the OEM Connector. No Orange/Green or Orange/Brown Wires - Pins 3 and 4 Using WireColor - I have found and connected the Wires to the Driver Door Harness and confirmed the CAN Lines are correct. Data CAN Bus (High) Orange / Green Steering lock module. 4 pin connector or driver door harness Data CAN Bus (Low) Orange / Brown Steering lock module. 4 pin connector or driver door harness During Programming - Step 1 - Released on Blue Light. Step 2 - Connected all Cables. Step 3 - Turn On Ignition. Step 4 - Press and release programming button once and wait for Rapid Flash of Blue Light and it never gets past this Step. I have confirmed CAN Lines and Transponder Wires. Just to also confirm - We cant use CAN BUS 2 from the OBD, Correct? Any other Ideas of programming issue? SN: 002B04 136811 Thanks


370z no can bus 2018

hi sir am tray to install 370z start engin by evo all , I know you said in website your device working till 2017 and am working on 2018 all connector same what you are mention and programming not complete stoped in 5_6 and troubleshooting to check yellow wire 0 to 12 v when ignition and it worked but canbus test not complete each wire wasn't supply 120 ohm !! Any help pls


Ford Focus 2007 Manual without Can Bus

I am working on a Ford Focus Manul 2007. The guide for evo one, only list Automatic transmission and it says automatic Tranmission only.

Is there a way I can make it to work regardless. I can wire the cluth wires and find the ebrake as well. 

how about manual tach, running it to the injectors?

How do I set the evo one module and any work around it please.



Cant program '15 Kia Optima PTS

I have everything wired on my '15 KIA Optima Push to Start. When i go to program i get to the step where i push the button 7 times. The red LED never flashes 10 times and the blue never comes on after. When I hard wired CAN1 CAN2 wires, the wire diagram shows it connected to a wire in a harness in the driver side kick plate. But there are 2 wires in each pin in the harness. (2 white/orange wires, 2 white wires). DO i have to splice to BOTH of the wires in each pin placement? Or will connected to only 1 work? This is the only thing i can thing of why i can not get mine to program.


EVO-ALL Not Pairing With CAN BUS

Hello All;

I'm having difficulty getting the EVO-ALL to correctly pair with the CAN Bus.  Per the troubleshooting guide, I did double-check each connection and tested the voltage.  I believe I have an unbalance pair CAN1 connections.  One connductor tests at 4.5 and the other at .5.  Per the guide, I've tried to cycle the vechile thorugh its functions, e.g. Start, Stop, Seats, Mirrors, etc but I can't get the CAN1 conductors to measure at 2.5.  See troubleshooting guide below:

Any ideas?



NOTE: In some cases the can bus wires will fall into a single wire can system and this may prevent the module from programming the can bus. Meter the can bus wires one at a time. They should measure roughly 2.5 Volts DC per wire. If you have one wire with 4.5 Volts and the other is .5 Volts the module may not program. Stop programming and start the vehicle with the key or pts button, put the vehicle through its functions such as the radio on/off, door locks,electric seats, etc to try and balance out the can bus wires. In some cases you may need to drive the vehicle to get the Can Bus to balance back out. Once you have done this re test the can bus wires to ensure they are roughly 2.5 volts per wire.


CAN BUS Remains Live

hello having a problem with the device as the when EVO ALL is connected , the car doesn't go to sleep mode and remains draining battery with current drainage of (0.2 amps) , normally without the device it's (0.02 amps) when it's disconnected, it goes to sleep mode and current drain stops i tried all possible settings ON and OFF, nothing changed i tried to disconnect cable by cable each time untill i identified Cable (C) which is containing the brown wire C5 only when i dosconnect this cable , Car goes to sleep mode and current drainage stops the problem i cannot keep it disconnected as the module is not functioning properly without C5 being connected to it's place can you give me any tip or solution for this ? thanks


2012 soul standard key no can bus communication evo one

2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. Blue light won't flash when programming. I can read codes and voltage to the fortin module white 5 pin matches obd output at around 2.37v low can and 2.67v high. Module,flashlink all at the latest firmware. Evo one flashes successfully. Just when key on it fails to finish programming. Also wired in the fortin hood switch. Any help? Since it's such a simple install it's embarrassing to ask for help. Should work and great instructions as usual.


2004 Chrysler Crossfire aka Mercedes SLK

I know that his vehicle needs a key wrap! But.. just wondering if there is any chance that the Evo-ALL could support the CAN data on this vehicle for the convenience features only. The Chrysler Crossfire is basically the rebadge version of the Mercedes SLK


2008 Ford Mustang. Can I use obd pins 6 and 14 for CAN bus instead of 3 and 11?

Just wondering if I can use OBD2 pins 6 and 14 for CAN bus comms with my EVO-All on my 2008 Ford Mustang. Not sure pins 3 and 11 as stated in guide are communicating properly. No door lock/unlock etc.


EVO ALL CAN Bus confusion

Good evening, I am wiring up an EVO All with a Viper 4706V on a 2015 KIA Sorento. I am confused on the CAN1 and CAN 2 locations. According to guide 10841, CAN1 is located on the back of the fuse box, and CAN2 is located on the ODB-II connector. Yet, shows the opposite. And looking at the standard pinouts for ODB-II, it just shows can bus high and low on the ODB-II, no 1 or 2 spec. Anybody out there do one of these installs? Not sure which doc to trust here... Thanks, Jim


2007 Ford Escape (Standard Key) Features SupportedÉ

Could someone confirm if the EVO-ALL supports the convenience features for this vehicle through CAN-BUS Thanks,