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2018 Ford f150, why no blue flashing light after programming

2018 Ford f150 standard key without keyless entry, evo-on, T-harness FORT2, firmware 4.01, not getting the blue flashing light or red yellow alternating at step 8 of bypass programming procedure, getting the red flashing light 1 flash per second after the last step where ignition turns on and off by itself.


Cant get passed Step 5 for decrypting key

14 Audi S4, Purchases Evo-All w/ T harness. Got the 3 wires needed to be installed (Brake switch, CAN Hi & CAN Low) along with the T harness installed. I can get the module to program but can't get it to Flash Blue On step 5. I checked & verified I tapped into correct wires 3 times. I got another module and still same thing. Any thoughts? Winter is here and would like the remote start to work :)


Audi Greg V (140Pts.)


No flashing blue on Step 5 - 2013 Q5

Trying to program my 2013 Audi Q5 with EVO-ALL or AUDT1 or EVO RS. I really don’t know because all three of those are on the box that it came in, which is confusing in itself. I’m using the T harness that came with it, and I spliced into the brake switch connector and the CAN hi and lo wires. T plugged into the key port. I flashed the EVO using the software and FlashLink. I can get through steps 1-4, but at step 5, I push key in to power on vehicle, the blue light comes on, I press and release the programming button on the EVO, the light goes out, but never comes back on to flash repeatedly as the instructions say it should.


Vw teramont 2021 evo-all

I'm trying to install an Evo-All module on a Teramont, which is the European version of the VW Atlas, model year 2021. Could I encounter any issues if I follow the instructions for the Atlas? The blue LED doesn't blink rapidly after turning on the ignition. The car schematics are identical.


Evo-all for atlas 2021 can’t programmed

I bought the evo-vwt6 kit and followed the instructions at I opted for the steering wheel heating version. I loaded firmware version 61.28. I followed the programming instructions, but on step 5, I never saw a rapidly flashing blue LED. What might I have done wrong? I read on forums that this could be a sign that it's not detecting the CAN bus. I also found discussions about VW removing the CAN bus from the steering column. Please help me find a solution to this issue.


Evo One, 2021 Mazda CX5 automatic, not getting blue led on step 4

It is set up on bypass firmware 85.12 and remote start firmware 1.26. I reflashed each firmware to the module in pro mode just be sure then reflashed the settings. It is set to the defaults with the wizard but I did switch to pro mode at one point to verify a few of the settings that were mentioned in the guide, A11 C1 and D2. Once I bring it to the car and plug in holding the button, blue led comes on and then I plug in 3 other cables (THAR-ONE-MAZ3 cable). I press ignition twice, it just cycles through the leds over and over. I've waited at least 2 minutes and it never stops cycling. I tried to read the voltage on the CAN BUS and it was 0.8-1.3V DC while this was going on. Any other things I can try to get the Dcrypt done? Thank you!


Kia n h (230Pts.)


cant get can bus communication nor get the module to program without can bus signal

I cant get communication on can bus so I tried to go engine monitorless and still can not get passed programming.


Cant figure out how to program my 2014 camaro

Evo all SN:001A07 254011 I have tried so many programming instructions but nothing works. I ether get a solid blue light when i need a blinking blue light or I get a solid red and yellow when I need a 10 blinking yellow.


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Why won't my Evo-One move past step 4 on programming?

I have verified the correct firmware, proper voltage on yellow wire A1, and correct can-bus wiring.I have constant 12v with a good ground. When I turn the ignition to run the blue led that is supposed to flash 10x's turns off. I installed accordind to the install guide provided through fortin's website.I have followed the troubleshooting guide and get stuck after confirming all 5  steps

The first 3 steps in the programming are very straight forward. If you cannot pass these steps verify the following:
1- Firmware: Ensure you have flashed the correct firmware to the module as indicated in the installation guide.
2- Power & Ground: Verify the module is receiving a constant 12 volts and has a good ground.
3- Yellow Wire (A1): Verify this wire is on the correct ignition wire. Their should be 0 Volts present during the first 3 steps.

If the Blue led does not flash common issues would be the following:

1- Yellow wire (A1): Not connected to correct ignition source.
2- Can Bus Wires: If these are reversed or connected to the wrong can bus wires the module will not program.


2016 Hyundai Accent. No immobilizer. Cannot make blue light flash for can programming

I have a 2016 Hyundai accent. Have the Can wires hooked up as shown in diagram. Grey wire is reading 3.18 VDC and Grey and black is reading 2.48VDC. Plug in wires and turn ignition to on/run position and the blue light does not flash. I am using thar-khy2 T-Harness. A1 is hooked up to E5 like in diagram. Help......


Audi Vincc (230Pts.)


Can't complete Step 5 - Blue LED don't Flash. Audi S4 2014

Anyone can help me? I'm Stuck on Step 5 while programming my EVO-ALL with the T-Harness EVO-AUDT1 on My Audi S4 B8 (2014). The BLUE LED doesn't begin flashing. CAN Connections are Good. I Measure round about 3V on the Whit 5 Pin connector between Grey and Grey-Black. Grey-Black goes to Orange-Brown (CAN-Low) and Grey goes to Orange-Green (CAN-High) like in the Guide described. I have connected these Cables at the CAN Connector near the Relays at the left bottom under the Driver footwell. S/N: 001A06905491 Thanks!


My EVO ALL unit never reachs to step-6- of the programming steps in FORTIN guide #97611

I connected my evo all unit according to the wiring diagram that I already downloaded from the website, then when I started the programming procedure, also according to the steps in the guide #97611, everything was going on normally until step-5-, then the unit never move to step-6- ( after I press and release programming button (in step-5-) the blue LED goes off and never return back flashing). I repeated the procedure one more time but I reached the same step and the unit never moves to the next step. My unit SN:001A07 283796


2017 EvoOne with TharFor3 T harness, blue light won't blink on programming

Thank you in advance for any help! I am a long time using of the EVO ALL and have done a few EVO ONE. A bit stumped on my 2017 F150 though. Using EVO ONE with the THAR FOR 3 harness. All plugged in. Following wiring diagram for the A1 and A16 (put them together) on the white 20 pin connector. When I go to program it, I can't get it to "blink blue". Therefore, I can't get any further in the programming procedure. Followed the directions in the Guide. What could I be missing? Joe