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mycar2 wont connect to evo one

installed evo one with toy14 harness into 2021 rav 4 hybrid. cannot get my car2 tellematics to connect to the evo one i have done the steps to learn it to the evo one and after i press the brake side red light flashes and then rapid flash.


2018 Ford f150, why no blue flashing light after programming

2018 Ford f150 standard key without keyless entry, evo-on, T-harness FORT2, firmware 4.01, not getting the blue flashing light or red yellow alternating at step 8 of bypass programming procedure, getting the red flashing light 1 flash per second after the last step where ignition turns on and off by itself.



intalling EVO CH5 on my 2009 Chrysler Sebring. When i go to progam it to the vehicle i press the black button and plug the black connector with igition off. All 3 LEDs flash at the same time and will not go to just blue like it says it is supposed to program. I cant find the trouble shooting section to find answers


Changing options after installation

Hi all, Just wondering if there is a general rule as to what needs to be unplugged if we need to change options on a module (EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE) without removing it from the car? Just the 4-pin cable? Remove all of the cables? I'm going to be adding an RF-kit and will need to change that setting. Thanks


Nissan Moike (580Pts.)


rf 442 programming guide for evo one

I've been trying to add rf442 to my nissan rogue , Once the atenna starts to flash I press the [+] button follow by the lock button, but the remote doesnt program. Am I pressing the wrong buttons? Thanks


horn confirmation

i only get horn confirmation  when i hit lock or unlock 2x. i would to get the confirmation on the first click and also is there any shorten the horn chirp?


Evo-One 2018 Ford F150 Programming Issue, Blue LED does not turn OFF on unit

2018 F-150 STD-key w/o keyless. After pressing the program button 8 times red and blue LEDs are solid. Putting key near ignition does nothing, inserting the  key, then removing it, the ignition turns on, then red LED blinks and ready for next step. I cant seem to get the blue light to come off during step 6 without inserting the key, not sure why.  I've tried multiple firmwares but they all do the same. I've also verified my wiring.


Does EVO-ONE Support Kia's New Anti-Theft Update

Hey guys,

So Kia has released a new firmware update for their cars in order to deal with the rise in car thefts. The update is applied at the dealership. I've been thinking about getting the update, but I need to make sure my Evo-One will still remote start the engine after the changes are made.

I have a 2020 Kia Forte with a push-button fob. From what I've gathered, after the update, the BMS must receive the unlock command from the KeyFob in order for the engine to start. If the car isn't unlocked and I were to try to start it, it would end up panicing for 60 seconds.

I know the EVO-One already unlocks the doors over CanBus, but does it support the update Kia is applying to our cars? Will it still remote start the car after changes are made?


Is therea way to program with only 1 key

Chrysler Pats 04 + , requires two keys to program, customer only has 1 key . Am I able to program with only 1 key?


2016 Honda CRV Push Start Takeover

Is there a takeover setting for the 2016 Honda CRV Push Start? After remote start car turns off when door is open. I turned D3 open door shutdown to off. However, still turns off upon opening door. Which leads me to believe there is no takeover feature for this vehicle.


Kia n h (230Pts.)


Can't program keys or enter valet mode

Evo One won't program key fob or enter valet mode on my 2013 Kia Soul Standard Key Aoutomatic car.


Can i get my evo one factory reset.

I would like to factory reset my evo one, so i can properly program it. Is there a way for me to reset it?


2008 Toyota Yaris without transponder

Hi guys. As you can see, I am trying to install an EVO ONE with KIT RFK411. I already have all the installation done but I have not been able to carry out the programming since this car does not have a TRANSPONDER. I am using this schematic: evo-one_ig_reg_bi_toy-yaris_2006_wokl_a_104141.pdf

Can you tell me what I should modify in the firmware, what programming should I do and what do I do with the TRANSPONDER connections? Thank you very much in advance.