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2020 Subaru Forester install questions

1. In this thread from a while ago, it was said that enabling 3x lock is not recommended for a 2019. Does this still apply? EDIT: May have been fixed in firmware 1.24 AKA 0.60? 2. Guide 98941, page 7. I'm probably over analyzing this, but I assume for the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green wires, the illustration is saying to connect the respective wires together. Is that correct? I figured there would be a black circle on it if that was a case. I initially thought this was a spliced wire from the factory. 3. Will there be issues if I use an Omega RF kit and have to use firmware 0.44? Thanks all!


Help with Omega RF install

I bought two of these.  One for an EVO-ONE, one for EVO-ALL.  I managed to get the EVO-ONE working on a 2020 Hyundai Kona.  I cannot get it  to work on EVO-ALL with multiple vehicles (2010 Ford Fusion, 7.71.52 and 2014 Chrysler Town and Country, 7.58.01)

The instructions both in the box and on the Fortin website did not work.  Here is what I figured out to get the antenna into pairing mode:

Unplug antenna if you already connected it

Unplug data link (black connector) from EVO-ALL

Hold programming button

Insert data link

Release button when lights are blue and red

Connect antenna (On this antenna, it flashes once.  If I hook up the antenna from the EVO-ONE install, it flashes 6 times)

Ignition on

Ignition off

Ignition on

Antenna is lit up solid

Within 5ish seconds, press the brake pedal 4 times (antenna should flash with each press)

After the 4th press, it should be flashing rapidly

At this point I was hoping I could program the remotes but they still did not respond.

So far, when I asked Omega support they responded with "Was the evo-all set for Omegalink/Crimstopper rf kit and did the box for the olrf15sst have the white label stating it was compatible?" which is Yes and Yes.  They then followed up with "Just the RF kit protocol and the adapter should be fine. Try holding the start button for 3-5 seconds when you program it."

I get the same behavior with either their adapter or the RF-A2A

Any other ideas from Fortin?  Hopefully my new steps will help.  I reached out to Omega also for clarification about the antenna blinks

EDIT: Omega has been more responsive but no luck so far.  I did try updating the firmware on the Chrysler to 7.74.39 with no luck.  I flashed back to 7.58.02.  Now I no longer get 1 blink when I plug in the antenna in any scenario, only 6 blinks.  (5 blinks is a 1 way antenna, 6 blinks is 2-way according to Omega).  I also am no longer able to replicate my steps above because of this.  One thing is they were not sure if the antenna is supposed to light up when programming an EVO-ALL.  It sometimes does for the EVO-ONE.


Thinking out loud about this 2008 Focus install

I saw a couple of other manufacturers have a T-Harness that works with the 2008 Focus, but not Fortin's.  I also noticed that the FORT1 is compatible with the 2008 Taurus.  So I pulled up the install sheets:

The ignition connectors appear to be the same form factor and the same pinouts, but different wire colors.  Just wondering if someone could perhaps review this and see if this would change the install options at all?  Like using the THAR-FOR1 with the EVO-ONE?  Or possibly being able to use the EVO-FORT1 or FORT4?

I do see that the Focus install has a Disarm wire connection that is not present on the others.  The other guide for reference is here

Appreciate it!


Remote start needs to be enabled on a 2008 Focus?

Looking into doing an install on a 2008 Focus. Came across this thread:!-However-the-heater-fan-does-not-run-untill-the-key-is-turned-on./ Wondering if one of the Fortin guys can verify if Forscan is needed or not. Haven't come across this before.


Omega RF Kit Install Question

I'm about to install some Omega kits and came across this discussion from a few months ago:

Earlier in that thread it was stated "...the blue connector on the Fortin AUD1 harness is only for Fortin RF-KITs."  But the current instructions on page 3 state to use the RF-A2A. Doesn't that provide the same functionality?

Unless the splices go to different wires under the tape for some reason, the wire scheme on the Omega adapter is the same as the RF-A2A.  The Omega antenna cable switches the blue and green wires on each end but I thought the Fortin also did that?


my evo all module will not stay connected to the flashlink manager

I kept stalling out on step 7 Evo All standalone install w/ THAR-MAZ1 2016 mazda CX-5, so I decide to check it out on the flash link connector. It sporatically recognizes the unit then it doesn't. any ideas?


Changing options after installation

Hi all, Just wondering if there is a general rule as to what needs to be unplugged if we need to change options on a module (EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE) without removing it from the car? Just the 4-pin cable? Remove all of the cables? I'm going to be adding an RF-kit and will need to change that setting. Thanks


No Yellow Light on Step 5

2016 Mazda 3, STAND ALONE THAR-MAZ1 THARNESS INSTALLATION: can't get past programming step 6. Yellow light never turns on when vehicle ignition is activated, blue light just stays solid. Removed batteries from fobs to ensure correct placement, did not solve issue.


Relay only needed for OEM fob remote start?

2020 Kia Forte, standard key. I saw on another site that you only have to hook up the relay if you want to remote start using the OEM remote. If we only plan to use a RF kit and their remotes, is it possible to bypass this part of the install?


Question about diagram in 73971

Hi all, Looking at the install for a 2020 Kona, diagram 73971. On page 6, lower left corner on the steering wheel, there are a couple of "7" dots. Based on what I'm reading, the top 7 should be removed and the bottom one should be changed to 8 because it refers to the location of the horn. If not, can you clarify? Thanks, Josh


Other RF123 (130Pts.)


Omega OL-RF RF Kit not working with EVO-ALL



I was just wondering if you can help me troubleshoot connecting my Omegalink OL-RF-42-SST to my EVO-ALL. I am using this guide here to help me program it:

I made sure that the Omegalink kit says "Compatible with EVO-ALL" in the big white sticker as previous versions were only compatbile with the EVO-ONE.


I used FLASHLINK to enable H (Supported RF Kits) and H3 (Crimestopper, Omega OL-RF). 


I connected the Omegalink antenna to the blue female connector of my THAR-AUD1 T-Harness. 


Used the programming guide, got the EVO-ALL to the stage where red/blue programming light is on, turned on ACC and got all red/blue/yellow lights on and the unit into programming mode. 

But when I press lock on the OMEGA RF remotes, nothing happens - no lights flash on the EVO-ALL unit. 

I've tried a few times but it's still not going.

I noticed that there is no blue light on the omegalink antenna - it only flashes 6 blue pulses when first plugged into the blue female harness but after that the lights remain off even in programming mode.  


I have also tried toggling on/off B2 Extended unit’s inputs/outputs for RF kit (Datalink Remote starter) in the options list with no success. 

Do you have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Is it possible to get a DCRYPTOR reset on my EVO-ALL as I have also tried resetting the device with no luck and now it says: Dcryptor limit for my EVO-ALL has been reached, the serial is: 001A07470256




09 focus remote start works great! However the heater fan does not run untill the key is turned on.


Idle Mode without an RF kit?

Is idle mode available with an EVO-CHRT4 that can be activated with just the OEM remote somehow? Thanks


Troubleshooting reverse lights

Hi all, At some point, my reverse lights stopped working this summer. I don't recall if it was before or after I installed my EVO-ALL. As a way to test if it is a module issue or something else, can I unplug the main power connector to "bypass" the module? Thanks


Antenna cap popped off of AX-RF2. Options?

Hey guys. I've been using my remote start for about 6 months now and it's been a terrific experience. On Saturday afternoon I discovered that the cap that covers the antenna somehow came off and is nowhere to be found. So now all I have is a spring that loves to catch on everything in my pocket Not sure if there are supposed to be other parts in addition to the spring or not but I'm wondering what my options would be for a replacement cap or a replacement remote? Thanks!


How to jump a car with a remote start installed?

Is it advised to disconnect some harnesses from the EVO unit in case your car needs to be jumped/boosted to avoid damage? Maybe the 6 pin for the EVO-ONE? Bypass connector for the EVO-ALL? Also, would it matter if you were the booster or boostee? Thanks!


Unable to unplug black 4 pin connector

I am unable to find/activate a release for the 4 pin black connector plug on the EVO-ALL. Any more tugging and the wires will pull out of the plug. What is the trick?


EVO ONE programming light blinking and other questions

So I got my EVO-ONE connected to my 2009 Mazda 5 with a FTX 44 2w remote. I was able to remote start it once and that was it. Along with that, I have some other concerns 1. When I try the remote start, the remote flashes green like it is going to go. The EVO-ONE programming light on the back flashes 4 times, which may indicate valet mode according to the guide, but the yellow LED isn't on. EDIT: Just tried turning off valet mode for kicks and now it works. Does the yellow LED not stay on when in valet mode? 2. No blue lights when locking or unlocking. Is that an issue? 3. The doors try to unlock twice when I push the unlock button. There is a pause of about half a second in between 4. I can only unlock the drivers door. A second unlock press does not unlock the rest of the doors Otherwise I think I got it. Thanks for all of your help with this!


Mazda guides still not correct?

Really appreciate Matvey's info from this thread. Made me double-check a few things. I have a 2009 Mazda 5 and am using an EVO-ONE 1. Guide 24761 also shows the white wire from the main harness as the parking light wire. Wondering if that is incorrect and should be updated to something else? 2. The CAN wires are also labelled incorrectly. They should be the same as 22061. I can send a pic to wirecolor to show this also if you want


How to trim the extra wires?

Wondering what other people do with the extra unused wires from the harnesses. I've been trimming them different lengths, taping the ends, and then taping them all together. Is there a different, possibly better way people think is better? Thanks


EVO-NIST1 - Shuts down if you don't open the door

Hello, I recently install an EVO-NIST1 on a 2010 Maxima with a Fortin 2-way RF kit. I noticed when testing sitting inside the car, if I remote start the vehicle and press the brake the car will shut off. Pressing the unlock button on the RF remote doesn't seem to help. If I open and close the door the handoff seems to function as intended. Is it necessary for the EVO to see the door pin signal before it will allow the handoff to the vehicle? Is there a setting I can change? Thanks!


Connecting an AX-RF2

I found a guide for the AX-RF2 / Fortin FTX44 (here for reference) and am a little confused.  First of all, mine didn't come with the RF-A2A so I'm looking at wiring it in.  The 3rd picture shows the do-it-yourself method but does not show the need for a fuse.  Am I correct that one is needed?


Also, is there a manual for this remote somewhere?  I only found one for the FTX64 on Crutchfield's website


Thanks for your help as always!


Can you use the Flash-Link with an AX-ONE?

Wondering if you can flash an AX-ONE with EVO-ONE firmware if you hooked it up to a FLASH-LINK? Thanks!


Any updates to 2009 Mazda 5 install?

I have a 2009 Mazda 5 Sport.  As far as I can tell there is not a 3x Lock option if I want to use my OEM remote.  According to this it appears the EVO-ONE has remote start functionality for my car but the EVO-ALL doesn't?

What would I need to start the car with the EVO-ONE?

And the EVO-ALL could only act as a bypass, correct?


Install guide mistakes

I found a few issues with the Mazda install manual (my car is 2010 mazda3): 1. Main harness white wire incorrectly stated to be connected to parking lights +. Instead this wire needs to go to second accessory, otherwise the heater will not work when remote started. 2. Lock and unlock wires need to be manually hooked up 3. Horn needs to be hooked up 4. Hood pin needs to be installed and hooked up 5. A separate RF kit needs to be purchased and an antenna needs to be hooked up to the main unit. I am just wondering what's the point of having vehicle-specific installation manuals if they have so many errors in them? (I added this question so that others can see what they need to do to install on Mazdas)

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