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Relay only needed for OEM fob remote start?

2020 Kia Forte, standard key. I saw on another site that you only have to hook up the relay if you want to remote start using the OEM remote. If we only plan to use a RF kit and their remotes, is it possible to bypass this part of the install?



Looking at the instruccions on Guide # 95081 for 2012 Ford Escape using EVO-ALL and THAR-FORD4 (standard key), it shows Brown/White output goes to a Parking Light Relays. That relay is what's already in the car or it should be added separately?


Activate aftermarket heated seats with EVO-One

Is there a way to have the EVO-One turn on an external relay that I can use to send power to aftermarket heated seats once the car is started?


2009 ford focus where does the relay install at, and now my wiring code is locked

im installing remote start for my mother in law. the issue im having is none of the instructions show where this relay installs at. and now my wire code is locked. i dont understand what im missing. i just dont think i should have to pay to look agian. just doesnt seem fair. victor


Do you have door lock and unlock interface wiring for Toyota Highlander 2007 ?

My car is Highlander 2007 without immobilizer. I need a wiring diagram for door lock and unlock function. Do I need a relay and diodes to have this work ?


Just bought a Fortin int-sl+ and Compustar cs800-s remote starter

Will i still need to add any relays or resistors for: Factory Alarm Desarm, Power Locks and Parking Lights ? on my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004 Please Help with this


Dodge j w (130Pts.)


2006 Dodge Dakota - Relay & Wire Gauge

I am getting ready to install an EVO-ONE w/ T-Harness in a 2006 Dakota. The instructions say that a relay is used. What size relay should it be? What guage wire should be used for tying into the 12v, accessory 1 and accessory 2 wires? The green wire coming from the EVO-ONE is only 18 ga.


What are the proper functions, modes, and wiring for anti-grind and starter kill

I am looking to add anti-grind/starter kill on my 2014 Toyota Tundra. Here is the setup I am planning on using. - Function 32, Mode 4. (dark blue wire A8 set to "starter-kill") - Function 10, Mode 1. ("starter-kill and anti-grind") - Wire in a spdt relay using the normally closed circuit. With Ignition 2 and the dark blue (A8) wires hooked up to the positive and negative side of the coil respectively (posts 86 and 85) Is this correct?


How do you hook up door locks in 2004 Toyota Highlander?

There is the Purple unlock wire, Gray lock wire, and the brown wire. In order to lock the vehicle it says you need to break the brown wire, and in order to unlock the vehicle, you need to send a pulse the brown in addition to the purple. I was looking around and wirecolor says to use a relay. I hooked the relay up to break the brown wire using the door lock to pulse the relay and isolated the brown wire with a 3 amp diode. The unlock works perfect, but in order to lock i need to press it 3 times in order for it to lock. does anyone know the proper way to set this up as I must have something wrong


Are relays still necessary for transponder and parking lights as it says on wirecolor?

Fortin install instruction doesn't mention but wirecolor shows 2 being used.


What relay to use during Subaru Legacy EVO-ONE installation

I am following Guide # 46701 for a 2012 Subaru Legacy. It says one relay is required for installation, but dosen't give specs as to what kind of relay. Would a relay such as these work?

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