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looking for a no key required for Audi A4 and Q7 2017-2020 solution using thar-aud2

i am looking for a bypass soloution for 2017-2020 Audi A4 and Q7 models that do not require a sacrifice key. also want to be able to use t harness to avoid splicing the wiring in the vehicle. the customer only has one operational key for the vheicle.


RAV4 2005 Connector exist but no transponder at ignition key

I am doing a RAV4 2005, Regular Key, Regular EVO One instlation,wire t wire. I founf the connector for the transponder hanging under the steering colum but there is no transponder at the ignition switch. I looked everywhere no transponder only a key sense. The car is stock and no modifiction done on it. I pluged the tx/rx pink/red-blue on the connector but the connector dosent go any where just connected to the harness. Is it possiple this car has no transponder but the diagram is wrong. when I programed the module I get the solid red instead of the rapidly flashing one. I tried 3 evo ones product same problem. Could somebody explain how to make remote start on this car?


why is a sacrifice key required for 2012-2015 vw standard key installation?

im looking to install the evo-one system with the THAR-vw3 and its showing a sacrifice key wraped to complete the installation... im confused as to what the function is, as i thought the modual would learn and act as a transponder for the key. is there a way around this with a more direct fit system?


Does Evo-All need programming if my 2009 Kia Sportage thats not have a key transponder?

I’ve installed Evo-All on to a 2009 Kia Sportage 4Cyl wich is not equiped with transponder. Does this mean Data wires will not be needed? Also, How do remote start work if I cant use my vehicle alarm remote? How do I program the RF Kit for me to be able to use the remote to start the vehicle? Thank you!!


If there is a limit to 3 attempts to code the unit before locking up the DCRYPTOR then why isn't that mentioned?

I called and talked with support and was told that apparently I have locked up the unit by attempting to get it to work with the immobilizer 3 times or more. DCRYPTOR LIMIT REACHED FOR THIS VEHICLE I haven't seen anywhere in the manual or instructions where it indicated a limit to this process and now I'm told it will be next week sometime before I'll get a response to a email. Maybe this could be included in the next manual. I usually play with my newest toys a bit, the warning could have saved some time and effort:)


Evo-Key: does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive or would a key that doesn't have a chip work?

We have a Toyota Matrix 2005 and it's transponder key only works intermitantly. I'm considering installing a tansponder bypass like this one (and maybe a remote start while i'm at it) with the hopes that it would fix this by sending a valid code to the immobilizer every time but I'm unclear how the module behaves once a key is placed in the ignition. If, for example, a key is placed in the ignition but it couldn't read a transponder code from it would it cut the engine? Could you still drive the car? Would installing a bypass potientionally solve our issue? After installing an Evo-Key/Evo-One and it is properly set up with a transponder code from a valid key, does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive the car or would a key that is cut properly but maybe doesn't have the transponder work as well?


Transponder Bypass Programming

Installed an Evo-All, with t-harness and tb-vw transponder bypass in a 2011 VW Jetta. I am getting stuck at step 7 where the Evo-All is supposed to alternate flash the 3 led's, but all I get is the red led flashing 3 times. I have tried mul;tiple times to program and have let it sit for upwards of 30 minutes, but the results are always the same at this point of the programming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Transponder Harness Location 01 CR-V

Bought a SL-3 Bypass and cant find the apparent 5 pin connector near the ignition with a red and blue wire. There are about (4) 2 pin connectors all around the ignition barrel but no 5 pin like my instructions say?


Are relays still necessary for transponder and parking lights as it says on wirecolor?

Fortin install instruction doesn't mention but wirecolor shows 2 being used.

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