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2012 Audi A7 won't start

2012 Audi A7 using Evo One. The entire setup was successful, I was able to program the remote. After install, lock3x did nothing. Looking through Remote Starter options in flashlink, and "System Control by OEM remote" was disabled by default. Ok. Set to lock3x. Reinstalled, now pressing the button turns the ignition on, but does not start vehicle. It does its starting attempt, then turns off and relocks itself. What am I missing here? I'm sure there are other options that I need to change that were not shown in the instructions. Any help would be great.


2012 Ford Explorer EVO-ALL The engine won't start.

I installed EVO-ALL on a 2012 Ford Explorer.

The wiring diagram is on page 3 of #94851 (WIRING CONNECTION) and I have completed the wiring and key programming.

When I press the lock button on the key 3 times the ignition turns on but the engine does not start.Nor does the cell.The cell won't turn either.





best regards


2012 cls class

Hello. Is there an option for remote start 2012 mercedes CLS class(tip start)?


2012 tundra g key evo one rfk942 stopped working

2012 tundra. Been in service for a year with evo one and rfk942 kit. Suddenly stopped remote starting. no parking light flashes. locks and unlocks. blue led flashes on evoall. when remote starting, red led comes on, then yellow. instrument cluster illuminates. half second later red turns off. one second later yellow turns off. No parking light flashes. no reattempts. new brake switch was installed just as a precautionary. hood switch was bypassed as a precautionary. verified firmware and options are still in module. any ideas?


2012 audi a7 evo programing successing but car wont romove start

instation and programing done succesing but when try start car pushing button 3 times whit oem key the blue led flashing when pushe lock button and noting happend


EVO One 2018 manufacture date 2012 4Runner G-Key

Just looked at the latest install guide for 4runner. Says unit compatible module 2019 and above with firmware 79.59. I have 2018 module but can't get firmware 79.59. Do I need 2019 module to receive firmware or use on 2012 4runner?


VW Tiguan 2012 not pass key bypass programing.

2012 VW Tiguan, I installing EVO-ALL, used THAR-VW2 diagram, I start with prograning procedure, 1-6 pass, in stage 7 red light tree times flashing,I reconect wires on OBDII, now it flash twice. this problem in wiring or programing? thanks.


2012 audi a7 programming issue

I just installed the Evo One in my wifes car.. I go thru the entire process with programing and i get up to the parts where the ignition cycles on and off.. The led lights are supposed to alternate from yellow to red when its completed.. Mine on flashes red.. Do i wire something incorrect?? Also when i go to Decrypt the IMMO it wont do it..


4x Lock Required to start Audi 2012 S4 with EVO-ALL+THAR-AUD1

2012 Audi S4 with Push button start, automatic trans, Installed EVO-ALL+THAR AUD1. (latest firmware confirmed with flashlink)

If the canbus is alive, the car will start on 3x lock of oem fob.

If the car is asleep, as in it sits overnight then "4x" lock is required to start the engine.

Something I've also noticed is 3x lock does not stop the engine when it has been started by the EVO-ALL if engine is started with fortin module, no amount of fob lock button pressed will not stop the engine.

The system was updated with flashlink during the install process and only setting changed was the start run time length from 5mins to 30mins.

All the wiring that is required with the THAR-AUD1 has ben double checked and as mentioend, if canbus is live it'll start perfectly fine on 3x lock, it's just when the vehcle is asleep it's like you need to press the remote 1x to wake up the canbus and then 3x to start the engine. 

The 3x lock to shut off engine after start with fortin system, I'm not sure if this is possible or correct so I'm not 100% this is a concern.

Is any of the above normal operation?


Installed Evo-One on 2012 Camry G-key with THAR-ONE-TOY4 look-unlook works, cranks but dont start

Car cranks but wont start, if I started with the key then remote started it takes over need help


EVO-ONE key bypass programming issue - Honda Civic 2012

I am trying to setup key bypass programming on 2012 Honda Civic using EVO-One using T-harness. I am only able to go up to step 4 where the red-light is flashing once and pause. but when I goto step 5 and turn the ignition on all the lights go off. I tried reflshing the unit and still same issue. can someone help me?


bypass key programing

i have a 2012 nissan versa without intelegent key im using t harness. i plugged in all plugs and connected flash link updated module. now i was KEY BYPASS PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE . i did firs 2 steps now when i go to turn on key the yellow led is solid and red does not turn on. please help also i have not connected any lock unlock wires and driver door pin or the hood pin aswell as the parking light wire.


romete key connot progrsming after press 4x the brake or use valet switch and presshols engine will start