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Car shuts off when I press the brake PLEASE HELP

Installed the unit, was simple however for some reason after I start the car with the remote, I unlock with the remote, press the brake to put it into gear and it shuts off, I have to then restart the car. Im not trying to kill the starter, anyone have any advise?


2010 Ford Taurus brake kill wire

I have atempted to figure out how to hook up the brake kill if needed to shut down the remote start. Have the Evo-All with the T harness. i have attempted to ground the dk blue wire to see if tha will inhibit the remote start from starting. With the dk blue wire grounded right to the battery it will still start. I was going to use this wire for my brake kill, but cannot seem to get that to work. What wire do I need to hook up for a bake kill and where. Thank you all in advanced!


What are the proper functions, modes, and wiring for anti-grind and starter kill

I am looking to add anti-grind/starter kill on my 2014 Toyota Tundra. Here is the setup I am planning on using. - Function 32, Mode 4. (dark blue wire A8 set to "starter-kill") - Function 10, Mode 1. ("starter-kill and anti-grind") - Wire in a spdt relay using the normally closed circuit. With Ignition 2 and the dark blue (A8) wires hooked up to the positive and negative side of the coil respectively (posts 86 and 85) Is this correct?

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