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Car shuts off when I press the brake PLEASE HELP

Installed the unit, was simple however for some reason after I start the car with the remote, I unlock with the remote, press the brake to put it into gear and it shuts off, I have to then restart the car. Im not trying to kill the starter, anyone have any advise?


2011 Nissan Pathfinder - No Start w/o Key - Start then Killed w/ Key in Barrel

Fortin EVO-ONE w/ T-Harness. Regular (non-intel key) Summary: 1) I am trying to determine why I only get cranking & starting when the key is in the barrel 2) I suspect I'm not getting or decoding CAN data in the EVO-ONE. Details: I have installed the unit and, updated both bypass and remote start firmware via flashlink. I've also set the following options in remote start: 32.3, 2.3, 8.2. My first issue appeared when pairing the RF remote kit (RF442W). I had to manually apply +12V to the black (foot pedal brake) wire after 5 button presses in order to enter the "add remote" option. I thought brake status came over CAN bus. After issuing a remote start command, the red light on the Fortin comes on, the dash lights up, and hear relays clicking in the engine bay but no cranking. It fails after two attemps and flashes the 4x light code = no tack feedback. Same result with GWR wire grounded. If I put the key in the ignition barrel and re-attempt the test, this time the vehicle starts, but then shuts down after 3 seconds with the same no tachometer feedback error code. If I change the tachometer setting via flashlink (20.4), the vehicle will stay running. I have tried 20.1, 20.4, 20.5, 20.6 I pulled out my 2CH oscilloscope and probed the CAN pins (6 & 14). There is clearly data on the bus, though the CAN L signal has significantly higher capacitance (signal does not have hard edges like CAN H). According to the install guide, doors/trunk/brake/tach/etc should be coming into the EVO-ONE via CAN bus. I'm worried that I either have a fortin or vehicle CAN bus problem. For what it's worth, I disconnected the CAN bus wires into the EVO-ONE and got the same result. Additionally, I suspect there is another reason as to why I don't get cranking without the key in the barrel. Any additional steps or guidance appreciated.


Brake kill not working

Evo-All, CHR5 T-Harness, Crimestopper RS7-G5, 2007 Jeep Patriot Limited (4x4) 2.4L w/ automatic transmission. Remote start works, as does lock/unlock, from ALL REMOTES (2 factory key/remotes and Crimestoper remotes). The brake kill without the key in and turned is not working. I literally drove the vehicle around the block with NO keys even I the vehicle. Also, key take-over not working. If remote started, and key put in and turned to run, 2-way remote still chirping and showing that the run time timer is still going.

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