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Linkr-lt2 and Fortin rf kit?

Has this combo ever been fixed to work again? Or is capitalism still keeping the fix from ever happening?


FAQ Stack316 (290Pts.)


RFK442 evo one only able to connect 1 of the 2 remotes

I have been able to setup one RFk442 remote but when I try to program the 2nd one it does not work and get red flashing lights. Anything special to get both programmed?


How to reprogram Fortin RF 411 to new EVO-ALL

Hello, I started having an issue 2 year after installing the evo-all unit where it would not respond using the oem remote or the Fortin 411 remote. The unit work perfectly for 2 years before this and what i noticed is that i could remove the fuse in the T-Harness and put it back in and the unit would work fine for a few days and then would stop responding again. I had a spare EVO-ALL unit laying around, so i flashed it to the vehicle, programmed it to the vehicle and then tried reprograming the previously installed Fortin 411 RF KIT to the new EVO-ALL unit and i can get the module into program mode and the light on the antenna will flash rapidly but the remotes will not re-pair to the antenna. The light on the remotes flash as normal, the lights on the antenna continue to flash and the lights on the module continue to flash waiting for the remotes to be paired. Is there any way around this or am i stuck having to get new remotes and/or RF kit? Vehicle: 2014 Chrysler 200 Fortin EVO-All SN: 001A07 471052 Fortin 411 RF KIT Using T-Harness


New registration of a RF-442 kit on an installed EVO-ONE with THAR-TOY8 kit

I have followed the intruction to the letter, but the problem i run into is that to set the remote programming mode, you have to press the antenna button 5 times, hit the brake, then use a programmed remote to click the lock button (mode 1)... but I don't have a programmed remote, because it's a new install. How am I supposed to use a programmed remote to enter remote program mode when I have brand new remotes that need programmed? I have the EVO-ONE programmed to use the antenna remote, and it is also flashed to use the OEM remote, which is working perfectly. I just want the extended range because the OEM range is NO bueno BAD. Vehicle is 2018 Toyota Corolla LE with H-key


Ford Ben308 (130Pts.)


No crank on 06 Ford Focus (Evo One and RM442 Remotes)

Using the 1 key with Decryptor method, I programmed my evo one and paired the key fobs to the antenna, but when I try to remote start, it doesn't crank. It's sending power to the ignition and the anti-theft is not blinking so I think the bypass is working, just not sure why it doesn't crank. I should also add that the fob doesn't work to lock/unlock the doors, nor does it open the trunk. The antenna and module are clearly receiving commands but aren't able to do anything with them. I'm confused how this is supposed to work anyway, as the installation guide doesn't have me splicing lock signal wires to the module. Is it supposed to send the lock/unlock signal through the RX wire at the ignition cyclinder? I have a basic level of experience with electronics but I'm stumped here. Thanks in advance for your help.


Nissan Moike (580Pts.)


rf 442 programming guide for evo one

I've been trying to add rf442 to my nissan rogue , Once the atenna starts to flash I press the [+] button follow by the lock button, but the remote doesnt program. Am I pressing the wrong buttons? Thanks


1-way RF kit with 2 4-button remotes very short range

RF kit 441 was programmed on Camry 2020. It was successful, but it is very short range, only 25 meters. What is the reason?


1-way RF kit with 2 4-button remotes.

One All was installed well on camey 2020 , but the long range remote tried to program it and it was not programmed. Is it necessary to connect the cable in the attached picture

1-way RF kit with 2 4-button remotes.


Ford smrick2 (190Pts.)


Why does it only honk now when I remote start

Installed evo all with my car telematics with 944 rf kit and has worked beautifully since 2019 with the occasional horn honking when I remote start but I had to remove module and wiring from dash for some audio upgrades now all it does is honk the horn when I try to remote start. Does not try to crank everything powers up as it should then nothing. Thats on first attempt 2nd attempt does even do that. I have since go in and tried to reprogram module as t


Will any other fobs work with fortin systems?

I'm getting an Evo one setup for my car. I was curious as to if any other RF system will work with Fortin modules. Because there are some viper systems that go up to 5 mi. While the Fortin system only does 1.1. but the Fortin systems are direct integration while the viper systems throw a whole bunch of codes.


Which fortin remotes will work together?

Which fortin remotes will work together? i.e. rf642 and rf442 or do they only work with the series number? I.e. rf642 and Rf641 will work together and rf442 and rf441 will work together? Is there a guide to which ones work together? thanks jay


Evo All w/Xl202 - Do we need to enable option b2 and swap rx/tx?

2019 Chevy Express - Evo All w/ directed XL202 as the RF kit - Using the Evo ALL as alarm and RS with an existing viper FOB (and OEM remote as a backup) I noticed an option b2 in flashlink that vague and mentions changing the input/output of the antenna for different RF kits Does this mean we can enable this and NOT need to swap the white and blue on the data cable? Or do we leave that option alone and swap the wires? Or both? Trying to avoid figuring this out with trial and error before my install in a couple days.


Enable RF kit on evo-all in Audi q5 2010

Hi I installed evo-all with T harnes(THAR-aud1) and RF kit ( evo-start2 ) in audi q5 2010. The remot starter works and starts the car with pushing 3 times the lock button with oem key fob but when i send commend through applaction to start the car it doesnot work. The green light turns on in Antena but changes to orange and car doesnot start. My qustion is if the yellow wire inT-harnes of antena should be connected to the ingnition wire of the car ? if yes ,where is the ignition+ in my car ?Thanks