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My 17 transit starts when red connecter plugged in

17 ford transit, evo all ver 71.52. service # 001a06761904. this was purchased from 12v solutions and havent been able to help with my issue. intial harness install and module programming went well. when i installed the cl6 smartphone app module, the vehicle started once from the phone app then would not turn off from the app, or pressing brake. i had to disconnected all the connections on module. now, vehicle starts as soon as i connect red plug. b4 i return for a refund, thought id ask here


Horn and RF Kit with Drone

I have installed a Evo-one with t-harness on a 2015 Transit Cargo van. There is no horn chirp with lock or with alarm going off. Do i need to hook up a wire to horn or do i need a siren? Also i have purchased a RF kit and Drone, is there a way to hook up both? Thank you


No key detected message, Ford transit connect

After programmed evo-all fort1 in ford transit connect 2015 all of my original keys stopped working and I have a message "No key detected". Programming procedure went exactly the same as in the guide. Car doesn't start with the 3xlock also. any Idea what is the problem ?


Request for updated install instructions - US 2015-2019 Ford Transit 150, 250, 350

There is a 3rd party selling a prewired 3x factory remote start based on the Evo-All so it would seem that the Evo-All can be wired as a stand alone (can-bus) remote start but there are no instructions for this application / US version of the Ford Transit.

See link:

Install Video:

In the installation video (2m37s) the Evo green wire (door status?) is connected to the vehicle Purple/Green described as the vehicle lock wire.  Can this connection be explained? 

Also, if this is workable what would be the external trigger wire (ground to start/stop)? 

For the Evo-All and Thar-For1 T harness would the following be correct?:

Yellow/Black from T harness to [A1] Yellow  on 20 Pin connector
Connect [C4] Can Low Grey/Black to Can Low on OBD II
Connect [C3] Can High Grey to Can High on OBD II
Ground Black from T harness

Looking for instructions on any other connection needed ie. lock wire (&diode) and external trigger






2019 Transit 150 evo-all fort1 harness will not recognize keys

Installed evo-all sn: 001a07052020 with fort1 harness without PATS. Attempted to program. Keys are not recognized. Attempted can programming only. Keys are not recognized. Remote start will not work.


Transit Evo-All locking-up

Hi Guys, I have an EVO-All in a 2016 Ford Transit with the 2-key bypass programming setup. Everything works great for programming and remote start does function. Problem is, randomly, the module appears to freeze or lock-up. If the vehicle is remote started, I will get to my destination, pull the key out and the vehicle stays running. I have to disconnect the 4-pin power lead to the Fortin module to turn the vehicle off. Other times, the system simply does not respond to the 3x lock button until I pull power and reinsert. This is randomly, sometimes once a month or so, sometimes twice a week. No pattern that I can conclude. I have opened the dash and reviewed all the wiring, all pins and connectors are good and tight. Also re-did the two-key programming. Problem still occuring at random, keep in mind I use the started multiple times per day as this is a work vehicle, 95% of the time the remote started works just fine. When the unit is locked-up and running the Red and Amber LED are on, solid. When locked up and not running the Amber LED is on, solid. Thank you in advance everyone!


Transit Programming w/o PATS

My 2017 Transit has no PATS installed so no key programming is necessary (or possible) and there is nothing to plug the immobilizer connector into. The instructions included with my EVO-ALL and FOR4 harness do not address this situation. My dealer (Lessco) will not answer any questions. If I simply leave the 4-pin plug disconnected, can I still "progam" the EVO?? If so, how?


Is 2019 Ford Transit the same wiring as 2018

Wondering if EVO-ALL wiring would be the same for 2019 Ford Transit, as it was for 2018 Ford Transit?


2017 ford transit cargo van locks not working after setting for a long period of time.

Hello i have installed a evo-all and viprer 5706 2 way alarm on my 2017 ford transit cargo van using thar1 harness. after setting for a long period of time or overnight the doors will not unlock with the viper fob and its a 2 way fob indicating the doors are unlocked but i have to ude factory fob to unlock them. if i go into astore for a short time the viper fob unlocks doors with no prblem. The evo-all is programed in can bus only becuase the van has no immobillizer. I noticed in the qustions ans answers sectioun that someone was having a similar problem and tech said you may have to add a relay to wake bcm. If this is the case were would relay be wired in and what would trigger it the alarm or module and were would connections be made? Just FYI when i remote sart the van after setting overnight doors unlock with alar fob just fine every time so im assuming this is my problem. any information would be greatly appreciated Tank You Eric


Transit 2016 Evo One Connect Diagram no RX TX

Ford Transit 2016 no connector RX TX - no immo How Connect Evo One ?? Try Regular Installation and Thar For1 not working No Diagrams for this wersion -why ??


Ford transit 2016 not starting

Look at the Video.. you see it all. nothing happens on the dash at all Using Evo-all , with RFA2A and RF641W remote


2017 Transit Remote Unlock - Stops Working After 20 Minutes

I'm trying to use the EVO-ALL with a cellular modem to remotely unlock the vehicle. The EVO-ALL has been flashed with the latest firmware and was successfully programmed to the vehicle for CAN bus only (blue LED flash pattern displayed). Everything unlocks properly if the EVO-ALL purple/white wire (unlock) is briefly grounded within 20 or so minutes of the vehicle ignition turning off. If the vehicle is locked with the OEM keyfob (lock button pressed twice) and 20 minutes elapses with the ignition off, the EVO-ALL stops unlocking the vehicle. Grounding the purple/white wire causes the EVO-ALL's blue LED to briefly flash, but nothing happens on the vehicle. Based on the two diodes coming off the EVO-ALL white/red wire (ignition/accessory), I'm thinking this wire should be providing voltage momentarily prior to unlock, but no voltage ever appears on it. If this wire is used only for remote start, then this wire isn't relevent in our scenario. Any ideas?


Nothing happen after programming

Hi, I bought a Evo All with FORT-1 Harness for my 2016 Transit. All wires plugged and checked twice(except for light wire cause I dont want them to light up). When I do the programming sequence, all the light flashes has they need. but when I at the point of remote starting within the 5 seconds, it does not.. and then the blue light flash 10 times then the dash turns off and no sign of the Evo.. when I press my remote, I have no lights going on the EVO at all. Also, during programming, the dash says No Key detected. For info, I already installed a Evo in my 2015 F-150 and worked great..